How to write a letter of interest

An interest letter or cover letter is typically written for a job application. It is often found to be coupled with a CV or Curriculum Vitae of the job applicant. Creating a Simple Cover Letter with precision is crucial, as it carries immense importance in fetching a job for you. If the Cover Letter has not been written in a professional style as well as format, you would find it difficult to get selected for the final round of interview for a job. To create a letter of interest, you need to find some good cover letter samples.

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Simple Letter of Interest Sample

Simple Letter of Interest


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When to Write Letters of Interest

You might be more familiar with the letter interest as a “cover letter.” This is the letter you send along with your resume when applying for a job, stating how you found out about the opening and why you would be a good fit.

Letters of interest are like cover letters, except they can be sent even when the company is not actively hiring, and when they haven’t specified a certain job opening to apply for.

This practice is common enough to warrant whole Business Letter Of Intent Template lists. That said, letters of intent are also used in areas outside the job market:

  • In real estate. A letter of intent to purchase, for example, is where the prospective buyer is informing the seller of their willingness to enter into a business transaction. This is the step of first contact and always comes before any official acceptance and contract signing.
  • In college admissions. Unlike the non-mandatory letters of intent in the job market and in real estate, many elite universities actually require these letters and call them “personal statements,” “statement of interest,” or “statement of purpose.”
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These are important first-impression kinds of letters, so make sure you do your research and find a good Free Letter of Intent Template to help you out.

Letter of Interest for QESP

Letter of Interest for


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More Useful Letter Templates

To give you a basic grounding in all sorts of practical letters of interest, these templates cover letters for interest in

  • a job promotion within your company (professional and tactful way to broach the subject with your supervisor);
  • an internal job posting;
  • a job application (with or without a preceding job offer from the establishment);
  • an internship opportunity;
  • a graduate school program;
  • project participation; as well as
  • generic letters that can be adapted for your use. offers whole lists on these and other letter samples.

If you’re looking into buying at the slightly bewildering world of real estate, you might be interested in finding a good Real Estate Letter Of Intent Template to do the job.

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