How to wear a blanket scarf

With winter making its way through, it’s about time we approached one of the hot talks in fashion: it’s about time we focused on how to wear a blanket scarf, the most sought-after accessory of the winter. For warmth or for style, the blanket scarf is the symbol of the cold season and learning how tie a blanket scarf will be as useful as getting pro with fitting snow chains in the middle of a blizzard.

From precious warm mohair to ribbed effect, bald patterned or soft pastel nuances, blanket scarves can be your best friend when it comes to spice up winter looks. Not only that, but maxi scarves are your best friend too when it comes to pack a bag for one of your winter trips around the world: they are practical, stylish and can simply transform any look from day to night.

The knot is the easiest way to tie a blanket scarf, it takes a flash and suits most looks without making you look to full and heavy around the shoulder/neck area. Fold your extra-large scarf in half to obtain a triangle, then with the triangle positioned on your front, wrap yourself with both ends so that they both fall on your front too. All you have to do to is to knot them together.

If you want a tidy and neat look that is also edgy, the western style is the coolest one amongst the different ways to style a blanket scarf. Starting from the knot, grab the triangular piece so that it ends on the front, leaving the knotted part behind. It will all have to look like a cowboy big triangle, so make sure you tuck extra bits behind. This style is perfect to make a dress look a little bit more casual: wear it even with your little black dress to add your own personality and to make sure you keep warm on those winter outings.

There’s no much teaching involved for this classic way to style a blanket scarf: simply fold the rectangle in half, side to side, and throw it on your shoulders. You will look effortlessly chic. It can give edginess to any look, so use this as a ‘blanket’ option when you are struggling to put together anything interesting.

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You can easily transform your blanket scarf into a cape or makeshift mini coat just by placing around your shoulders and tucking one of the ends on one side. It’s easy and you will look straight out of a magazine cover. This style is perfect with jeans to recreate balanced proportioned: don’t go for excessively bold prints or you’ll end up with a poncho effect.

If you’re looking for a stylish and elegant way to wear blanket scarves, try to wear them like a coat by draping the scarf over the shoulders and then add a belt around your waist to keep it in place. Use a plaid blanket scarf to give a more casual, easygoing vibe to your look.

Soft black and white scarf

For this style you need to sort of make a log of your scarf, rolling tight, then fold it in half: place the scarf around your neck, and have the ends passing through the loop. It’s a warm and funky way to wear a blanket scarf: this stripy mohair maxi scarf is perfect or this style.

The loop is the best ways to style a man’s maxi scarf too. It’s easy to sport on any look, but be aware of the fact that a maxi scarf is something that will make you stand out rather than blend in. Choose a funky print to achieve even a bolder look. Who said that men can’t accessorise for winter? Maxi scarves are the perfect answer to add a personal touch to your outfits without going all out with eccentric clothing: the right touch of coolness in exchange of warmth.

Man wearing a red beanie

If you are about to jet off to one of this winter’s hot destinations, make sure you pack a blanket scarf together with your muffles and beanies: it will protect you against the chilliest of mountains winds allowing you to be stylish and cute even when covering up is required.


Now you have all of these new ways to style a blanket scarf, I’m going to tell you my favorite blanket scarves to get this fall! Mine is from a local boutique from last year, but I have so many must-have blanket scarves to share with you here!

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How to: Six easy and quick ways to tie and style a blanket scarf for fall and winter plus my picks for the best blanket scarves for the season to keep you warm

This in-between weather is perfect for blanket scarves. I love wearing a fun colored scarf with a neutral (and easy) outfit. I’m wearing the perfect Lucky Brand Jeans with the slightest but pretties wash details. I’m also wearing a neutral, soft BP. long sleeve tee and these BP. Booties.


I’m also wearing my JORD wood watch that I already blogged about (plus an EXCLUSIVE discount code for my readers). I also recently shared my obsession with cozy flannels for fall and details about our trip to Florence.

Talk to you guys later!

As a Stylish Outer Layer

Convertible styles and belts help elevate scarves from an accessory to a full-on layer of its own. We adore these cozy, oversized pieces and how they can easily switch styles for a more versatile look!

You could rock seasonal shades such as olive and rust or go for a pop of print with a cozy plaid. Finish it off with skinny jeans and boots for a fall-perfect getup. It’s one of the easiest ways to wear a scarf.

Take a look at our round-up of gorgeous chelsea boots styles!


Hooded Rib Cowl | Infinity Scarf | Hood Scarf

As a Hood

Protect yourself from chilly temps and harsh winds with a scarf that also works as a hood! You could get a scarf that has a hood already built into it like the Free People and Amazon piece do, or you could simply use an infinity scarf to achieve the same effect. This is one of our favorite ways to wear a scarf in cold-weather temperatures where it’s too windy for a hat.

Whichever you choose, pair with sturdy outerwear for a toasty and protective ensemble.


Plaid Blanket | Knit Scarf | Brushed Blanket Scarf

As a Travel Blanket or Pillow

Don’t be concerned by the large size – oversized scarves are very style forward and easier to bring on your travels than you may think!

To save space in your luggage, wear the scarf on the airplane and use it as either a blanket or pillow. Circle scarves are great instant pillow makers as well! This is one of the lesser known ways to wear a scarf.

Find out why a circle scarf for travel is one of the most popular styles!


Pashmina Shawls | Wrap & Scarf in One | Soft Wrap & Scarf

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As an Evening Wrap

These elegant wrap scarves will take you from casual to classy with ease. Wear them around your neck as you sightsee during the day and then wrap around your cocktail dress as a way to stay warm in the evening.

If your travels call for some comfy heels, here are practical styles to choose from!


Micro-Check Cape Scarf | Striped Cape-Scarf | Cape Scarf

As a Sturdy Cape

For more coverage in the arms and a slightly toastier feel, a cape scarf is a fabulous choice. What’s great about these pieces in particular is that they have arms holes built in so that the whole piece stays right in place. This also makes it one of the easy ways to wear a scarf. Not to mention they’re super stylish!

Take inspiration from these fall fashion trends and update your look with one or two new pieces.


Mini Square Scarf | Square Scarf | Tie Skinny Scarf

As a Hair Accessory

How cute are these? Hair accessories are one of the most understated yet ultra cute ways to wear a scarf and play up your look. You can tie these into your ponytail or wear as a retro headband instead for a look that’s sure to stand out.

You could also easily use these as a decoration for your travel bag! Simply tie these around the handle for a detail that’s uniquely yours.

Use these cute hair ideas to update your vacation do!


Floral Scarf | Reversible Wraps | Reversible Knit Scarf

As a Two-in-One

“Reversible” is probably one of the best words a light packer can hear. With two different prints and colors to rock, you get two stylish scarves out of just one handy piece. More options and more packing space, what’s not to love?

This reversible clothing is super cute for travel!


The Chrysalis Cardi

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