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In order to initiate a cast to your Chromecast device using Plex while on a normal computer, you’ll need to use a browser—specifically the Chrome browser. It is not currently possible to cast from the Plex Media Player or Windows Store apps. The main requirements to do so:

  1. Use the Chrome browser
  2. Open the web app

Google does not support casting from other browsers besides Chrome.

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Stop Casting

It isn’t currently possible to simply disconnect from an existing Chromecast session with Plex Web App and let it continue on its own.

If you wish to end the Chromecast session, access the Google Cast extension and select Stop Casting.

Playback will end on the Chromecast and will continue locally in the Plex Web App.

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Stream Terrarium tv on Chromecast via AllCast

You can also stream terrarium tv on Chromecast via All Cast app. All Cast is a 3rd Party app that you can use to stream anything from your smartphone on any device that supports Casting like Roku, Chromecast etc. You can also make private network of devices to stream videos on different device. But here, we are going to make thing simple for you.

Make sure, Android smartphone & Chromecast connected with same Wifi network when using 3rd party app for streaming Terrarium tv on Chromecast.

Here is what you need to do for streaming Terrarium tv on Chromecast via AllCast:

1. First of all, you need AllCast app and Terrarium tv app. AllCast is free application available on Play Store and you can download terrarium tv apk here.

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2. After installing AllCast app, open it and it will search for the streaming device around you. If Chromecast is already ready to use, you will see the name of your Chromecast device in the list.

3. Now, open the Terrarium tv app and look for the movie or tv show you wanted to stream on Chromecast.

4. Like always, you are required to select the link that you wanted to stream. After that, you will see options like Play, Play With Subtitles, Play With etc. Select the option Play With and here you will see AllCast app.

stream terrarium tv chromecast

5. Select the All Cast and then choose the Chromecast device through which you wanted to stream terrarium tv (in case you have multiple Chromecast device at home).

6. Once it gets done, you will see video on TV via chromecast.

It is super easy and you can do that in just few minutes. Just follow the steps and get Terrarium tv on Google Chromecast.

There is another app that let you stream Terrarium tv on Chromecast.

See how you can Stream Terrarium tv on Chromecast via LocalCast app:


  • Airtame 2 works with WPA2 Enterprise networks and in environments using two separate networks. Chromecast lets guests at home stream without connecting to your home WiFi.
  • Airtame 2 offers a free platform for managing an unlimited number of devices from the Cloud. Chromecast does not offer a device management tool.
  • Chromecast can only be managed one-to-one on the local network. Airtame 2 can be managed in bulk and remotely via the Cloud.
  • Airtame 2 does 2-click screen mirroring from a computer app that works on any device. Chromecast does 6-clicks desktop casting through the Chrome browser.
  • If you want to easily watch movies and entertainment at home, you should buy a Chromecast.
  • If you want a streaming solution optimized for your professional needs, Airtame 2 is the Chromecast alternative for businesses and schools.

Casting vs mirroring

Chromecast and Airtame 2 use two different technologies that can be difficult to tell apart at first glance. The key takeaway is: Chromecast takes content from the internet (called casting) and Airtame 2 takes content from your computer’s screen (called mirroring).

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With the Chrome browser and the Chromecast app installed on your computer, the Chromecast device can pull content from your online media subscriptions ( e.g., Netflix, HBO, and more) and cast it to the TV.

The benefit is you can use your computer or smartphone for other things as soon as you have started the stream on your TV, since it’s not taking any local content from your computer or tablet. And because Chromecast primarily does media streaming, they can offer the Chromecast Ultra with 4K streaming, rather than Full HD, which is the maximum streaming resolution most casting devices have available.

Desktop casting on Chromecast is a feature that was previously in beta mode, but is now available through the Chrome browser. This means Chromecast can cast your full computer screen, so long as you have the Chrome browser installed on your computer. Note that casting is not available at 4K with Chromecast, but is downscaled to 1080p.

Airtame has always offered full screen mirroring from Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook. The Airtame software captures your entire computer screen and sends it to the Airtame device over your WiFi network.

The benefit of mirroring through the Airtame software is that it takes 2 clicks to start a stream and because mirroring is its primary use, the device is optimized for stability and user-friendliness. For a lot of people running native software, such as Excel, Powerpoint, and Photoshop, mirroring is a must-have.

In terms of clicks, it is quicker to get up and running with Airtame 2, rather than Chromecast:

Chromecast number of clicks to start casting:

1: Open chrome / 2: Settings / Menu / 3: Cast / 4: Drop-down / 5: Cast Desktop / 6: Choose device

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Airtame number of clicks to start mirroring:

1: Open Airtame app / 2: Click “Start” next to the screen you need

For more information on the difference between mirroring, casting, and streaming, check out our article on How Screen Mirroring Works.

Chromecast backdrop vs Airtame Homescreen

What about when you’re not streaming? Luckily, both devices have alternatives to a blank TV screen.

With Airtame’s customizable Homescreen, you can customize what’s shown on your Airtame-powered screens when no one is streaming to them. Homescreen also allows for an easy and intuitive overview of all your Airtame devices. This gives the Airtame Homescreen a practical use. It is a digital signage solution that’s useful for a range of different needs.

Airtame currently has four beta apps – Google Slides (allowing you to present public presentations as homescreens); Trello (where you can connect and present project or team dashboards); World Clock (presenting up to four different time zones); and Unsplash (showcasing beautiful photography on your screens, based on a selected descriptive tag).

When the Chromecast device is idle, you can set a backdrop to show personal photos, news, art, satellite images, and weather. The advantages are that the default images are quite eye-catching, plus you can sync your Google+ photo albums. The drawback is that there is not much room for customization of the content that appears.

Mobile support

On Android, you can either cast your mobile screen using the Chromecast app or stream to the TV with any cast-enabled app. On iOS, Chromecast can only stream from certain apps that have built-in casting.

Airtame 2 offers AirPlay iOS mirroring in public beta for full screen mirroring from iPads and iPhones and plans to develop Android mobile mirroring in the future. You can also download the mobile app for Android and iOS, which streams content through an app optimized for presentations, using your PowerPoint, Keynote, and Office documents.

The presenter gets a private view of current and upcoming slides, while the audience sees only the presentation.

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