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Feeling trapped on your cell phone carrier’s network? Want to move your phone to another company but can’t?

The latest generation of smartphones can be expensive, but it is fun to keep up with the cutting edge of technology. For many, the best way to get the latest and greatest gadget is with carrier based payment deals. But there is a massive downside to this – carrier locks.

If you have bought a smartphone in the last few years using a deal pushed by a cell phone network, then you know the pain of the carrier restriction.

With a carrier restricted phone, you end up stuck to one network, unable to take up great new deals or sell your phone when the next upgrade comes out.

There’s an easy solution. I am going to show you how to defeat that dreaded carrier lock and access the full use of your new phone.

With a freed up phone, you will no longer be trapped to one single network.

Also when you travel, you’ll be able to use local SIM cards, which is important if you are a frequent traveller. Most importantly, you will be able to change your phone or data plan whenever a new deal comes out.

Networks are now competing against each other for your business. New deals with more minutes and better data quotas come out every day. Not being able to change networks to take advantage of those deals puts you at a massive disadvantage – and ultimately – causes you to spend way more money.

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Why Do Carriers Stop Me From Unlocking My Phone?

Unlocking your phone is not all sunshine and good times though. Carriers are holding you down for a reason…profits. Because of their money-hungry policies, they have done their best to make the process of removing the carrier restriction difficult.

Finding the right way to unlock your phone can be a minefield, where taking a wrong turn can end in disaster. The problems you encounter when trying to release your phone could ruin your day.

collection of SIM cardsThese device disasters can range from voiding your warranty, scams, physical damage – or worst of all – the device could stop working completely.

Sounds risky right?

Luckily, I have done all the hard work and made all the mistakes before so that you don’t have to. Do not fall for a scam or brick your phone, so pay close attention.

There is one guaranteed, sure fire way to unlock your iphone without all of the risks. It is not well known or heavily publicized. But in my own extensive experience, it never fails to successfully and safely release any version of the iPhone.

Are you ready to find out the best way to remove that pesky carrier lock from your phone?

Then pay attention because I’m about to take you on a deep-dive into how carrier restrictions work and how you can get rid of them forever.

How Exactly Do “Carrier Locks” Work?

iPhones are typically locked to their original carriers

By now, you may be wondering exactly how carrier locks work. Before we go any further I am going to give you the basics. It is always important to understand the enemy after all!

Carrier restrictions are a ‘feature’ built into new phones by manufacturers. This custom firmware, which is integrated into the phone at the hardware level, can be used to create a variety of locks by network providers.

They do this to keep you stuck in a contract for a defined period of time.

Thus making enough profit from you to justify the discounted price of the phone. There are three broad categories of restrictions that can be applied:

  1. Country Lock: This is not a common type of restriction these days, especially not with flagship phones like any version of the iPhone. This lock stops you from using any SIM card from outside of a particular country. This type of restriction is particularly bad if you like to travel overseas!
  2. Network Lock: The network restriction is by far the most commonly used. It keeps you tied to a particular network so that you cannot change between providers and remain a captive customer. Having a network lock on your device impacts the resale value.
  3. Subscriber Lock: For the very best deals on phones, you may even find a subscriber lock. This is by far the most restrictive and results in you only being able to use a particular SIM card in the phone. Selling a device like this is close to impossible.
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Wondering how I know so much about carrier restrictions on phones?

I have gained this knowledge through years of working in the mobile communication industry and from actually seeing this phenomenon spread.

I can still remember the very first (very ancient by today’s standards) phone that I purchased with a carrier restriction. I knew I got a good deal because of the lock, but figured that with my technical skills, I would figure a way around it. Boy was I wrong about that!

For weeks I was stuck in a struggle with the phone, trying to unlock it without ruining it. I had to get way deeper into how the phone worked than I ever wanted to and spent hours trawling through countless online guides and forum posts.

Needless to say I did succeed, but not without massive effort. Once I figured it out I helped as many others as possible. However, every time a new model was released, the options for safe unlocking diminished as carriers and manufacturers tightened the loopholes.

Now, for cutting-edge phones there is one guaranteed way to remove a carrier restriction.

Here’s how to access the full potential of your phone with this legal, quick and safe method. First let’s take a quick look at the other common methods people try.

The most common ways to unlock any version of the iPhone

Now that you understataking photos with your iPhonend the intricacies of carrier restrictions, let’s get down to business and review your options for removing that pesky lock.

I’ll share the best option that’s guaranteed to work every time – However, I also feel a duty to show you all of the options, including the ones to avoid. My hope is that you can then avoid falling for some of these other methods, which can look great on paper, but really won’t work.

The interesting thing is that some of these bad options did work a long time ago, but have been made redundant by carrier or manufacturer innovations. If you read one guide on phone unlocking methods, make it this one.

Right when phones started getting ‘smart,’ software unlocking was the go-to method. At one point in time, I used it successfully myself.

These days, software unlocking is a massively dated choice. Since the heyday of this method, just about every manufacturer and carrier on the planet has stopped this from being a viable option.

It used to be that you could install custom software, or flash the firmware to release your phone, but now it is something you should avoid at all costs. Any software methods still being promoted are unlikely to work and you will waste your money.

Furthermore, this is one of the easiest ways for you to void your warranty or end up with a useless brick of a phone. You should never mess with the software and firmware on a modern phone. It is a recipe for disaster.

Hardware unlocking is the riskiest option out there, as it involves actual physical alterations to your phone. This method first became popular when phones were far less complex that they are now. It involves physical alterations that circumvent the hardware that allows carriers to set their restrictions.

Many years ago, I experimented with this option and did have success. But with modern phones, I would not even think of attempting this complex procedure and anyone who offers it to you is either a genius, or ripping you off.

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An iPhone is an intricate machine and no dodgy phone shop or backyard operator can be qualified to alter it. This method is almost always expensive due to the labor needed and very unlikely to work with new phones.

Not only does hardware unlocking fail most of the time, I guarantee it will void your warranty and possibly wreck your expensive new phone.

We have finally arrived at the number one, fail safe way to unlock your latest phone. Although in the past other methods have had brief windows where they have worked, IMEI unlocking is timeless and guaranteed to keep on working time after time.

The IMEI number is a unique number assigned to your device and is also the key to releasing it from carrier clutches.

Carriers who still restrict handsets do so with the IMEI, which is stored in a centralized database. When you put an unsupported SIM into an IMEI locked phone, it asks you for a password. If you can get this password, then you have yourself a device that can be used freely.

You might think that to get this, you would need to interact with your carrier and pay an exorbitant fee, but you would be wrong.

It is possible to remove the IMEI restriction on your phone using a third party service for a fraction of the price your carrier charges.

Interested to find out how this works? You better be, because it is the only viable option.

This ONLY Unlock Method That Works Every Single Time is the only service available today that cheaply and without fail will release your handset, removing the carrier restriction that is present.

Once you have used the IMEI code service and paid a one time fee, you will be 100% free to change your carrier and use any SIM card that you want in your device. This service is completely web based and as long as you know the IMEI number of your device, you will be able to pay for the code.

Finding the code itself is easy and free, as long as you follow the instructions of the unlocking service.

It cannot be overstated how useful having an unrestricted phone is. I would never again accept a phone bound to a single network and you shouldn’t either.

Here’s why I use this particular IMEI unlock service:

  • Legal: The great news is that unlike other methods, using an IMEI code on your handset is completely legal and risk free. While other methods like those mentioned earlier in the article are likely to void your warranty, you can use an IMEI code and still maintain your manufacturer warranty. Considering the already low price of these IMEI code services, it would be silly to risk losing your warranty with any other method.
  • Easy to Use: Getting your unique IMEI code to unlock your phone could not be any easier. There is no additional software and no cables needed. All you need is your phone’s IMEI code, which you then provide to the unlocking service – they do the rest for you. It is so easy that you can follow the steps yourself on the provider’s website.
  • Completely Online: Everything is available online these days and IMEI unlocking services are no different. You do not need to visit a shop or trust your expensive handset with a stranger. Everything is done using an online interface and happens very quickly. Even if you only thought of unlocking your phone a day or two before you leave on vacation, you still have time to use an IMEI code service!
  • Immediate Results: When using an IMEI unlock service, you can expect almost immediate results. For most handset models, especially modern variants, you will receive a code to remove the carrier restriction from your phone almost instantly upon providing the correct details and paying the service fee. It is almost never too late to unlock your phone.
  • Cheap: The greatest thing about IMEI unlocking is that the service is dirt cheap. I can still remember when unlocking phones was a real art form and those who could do it charged accordingly. Today, IMEI code services have made the process so easy that they can offer you very competitive prices. With the savings on carrier costs and the increase in the resale of your handset you can expect after unlocking, it would be silly not to do it.
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Now is the time to act, so let’s look at how you can order an IMEI unlock code today and enjoy free and unrestricted use of your iPhone.

Get Your Guaranteed iPhone Unlocked Today

By now, the benefits of removing the carrier block on your phone should be obvious. You can change SIM cards at will both domestically and overseas and also increase the resale value of your handset.

You can escape the clutches of the carrier and regain your freedom. Previously, achieving this freedom was a real effort with expensive and dodgy services making big promises, but rarely delivering.

However, now with online IMEI unlock services, you can safely and easily unleash the potential of your brand new handset, even if it has a carrier restriction.

Ordering your IMEI unlock could not be any easier. They explain in easy to follow steps on their own website, but I will also outline it for you here as well.

  1. Go to the or OfficialiPhoneUnlock
  2. Follow the guide on how to locate your phone’s IMEI number (the unique number that identifies it). This step is totally free and has easy to follow instructions.iPhone about screen to get carrier and imei
  3. Select your type of device from the menu, and enter your IMEI number into the order form.
  4. At this point you will need to process the payment for your imei. Once you have paid, all you need to do is sit tight and wait for your phone to be unlocked. Easy right?
  5. Once you have the email confirmation, remove your old SIM and insert your new SIM. When you turn the device back on, it will detect the new SIM and ask for your code. Put the code you were sent in and enjoy!

By now you are probably itching to get out there and get rid of your carrier lock. There is no need to search the internet for an IMEI unlocking service though, because I have you covered.

I have looked at all of the major services out there and through trial and error have found the very best option. By using the service that I recommend, I personally guarantee you will get the very best service and a flawless buying experience.

You shouldn’t just take my word for it though. gives its very own guarantee. If your code does not work as advertised, they will work with you to fix the problem, or provide you a full refund without any drama.

They really go above and beyond, providing top level service which is why I won’t hesitate to recommend them.

You could try some dodgy method to unlock your phone using hardware modification or software, but I think by now I have been able to show you why these options are not worth it, especially when they can void your warranty or destroy your device.

The only option that you should consider is using an IMEI unlocking service like You can do this with your carrier, but it is much easier and cheaper to use a third party service and save yourself all the hassle. is quick, convenient, cheap and safe for those in the US, UK or Canada.

OfficialiPhoneUnlock is the best for anyone outside of those countries of the US, UK and Canada.

It doesn’t get any better than that right?

Click here to get the best deal on IMEI unlocking for any version of the iPhone right now!

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