How to unclog your nose

how to unclog your nose

A stuffy nose can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and downright annoying. Your nose drips and it’s difficult to speak and breathe well—but when you try to blow your nose, little to nothing comes out. A stuffy nose is actually the result of inflamed blood vessels in the sinuses, not as many people think, caused by too much mucus. These inflamed blood vessels contribute to that stuffy feeling, which as allergy sufferers know, is no picnic! There is relief to be found, however. Don’t feel condemned to constantly dab at your dripping nose all day—here’s how to unclog your nose for some quick relief.

-Turn on a humidifier. A humidifier converts water into moisture and releases that moisture into the air. Breathing in this moist air can help soothe your inflamed blood vessels as well as thin your mucus. If you haven’t done so already, invest in a humidifier for your home—the difference it makes to your allergies can be tremendous!

-Breathe in steam. Steam, moist air, does a powerful job in clearing sinuses, even if just for a short while. The best way to inhale steam is to set aside a bowl of hot water (not boiling—you don’t want any hot droplets to hit your face) and a towel. Put your face over the hot water and cover your head with a wet towel, which will create steam. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil for an even more soothing experience. No time to set up a steam pot? No problem. Another alternative is to simply take a hot shower, allowing enough time for the bathroom to get steamy enough.

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-Eat spicy food. If your throat isn’t irritated, you can try eating some spicy food to clear up your passages. The most effective would be a hot and spicy soup of some sort. The spice facilitates an easier flow of mucus—that’s why you often get a runny nose and watery eyes after eating spicy foods.

-Use a Neti Pot. A net pot is used for nasal irrigation i.e. the clearing of the nasal passages. Mix together a saline solution from warm sanitized water to irrigate your nasal canal with. Follow instructions to wash out excess mucus from your nose.

-Lie on side that is unclogged. If only one nostril is clogged, lay on the opposite side. This will remove pressure from your clogged side and give some relief.

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