How to unblock someone on facebook

How To Unblock Someone On FacebookLearn how to unblock someone on Facebook with these simple steps. Blocking a friend or an ex who’s been bothering you on Facebook isn’t permanent. You may have wanted to keep them away from your social media account for some time, but if you change your mind, you can still undo the action.

How To Unblock Someone On Facebook Using Your Desktop

If you’re using a laptop or a PC, follow these steps to unblock a friend on Facebook using your desktop browser.

Step 1: Open Privacy Settings

Open Privacy Settings | How To Unblock Someone On Facebook

Open Facebook on your browser and log into your own account. You will see your timeline displayed with the different settings and options visible on the upper right corner of the page. To start unblocking people, you need to access your Facebook blocked list.

Click on the “Quick Help” icon or the question mark encased in a circle beside the Notifications button. Once opened, you should go to “Privacy Shortcuts.”

If you’ve just started using Facebook and need help navigating, you can learn how to use the social media app here.

Step 2: Open Blocked List

Open Blocked List | How To Unblock Someone On Facebook

The Privacy Shortcuts options include options like Privacy Checkup, Who Can See My Stuff, Who Can Contact Me, and How Can I Stop Someone From Bothering Me? Click on the last option, then click on “View All Blocked Users.” You will see all the people you’ve blocked before on this list.

Step 3: Unblock Your Friend

Unblock Your Friend | How To Unblock Someone On Facebook

Now that you have the list of blocked people, look for the person you want to open your profile to again. Once you’ve located the name you want, click on unblock. He or she will be able to open your profile, send you messages, and like or comment on your photos.

How To Unblock Someone On Facebook On Your Mobile Phone

The majority of people are mobile nowadays, with most of them using Facebook apps to connect with their friends and loved ones. Check out the instructions below on how to unblock someone on Facebook using the app.

Step 1: Open Account Settings

Open Account Settings | How To Unblock Someone On Facebook

Launch the Facebook app on your phone and log into your own account. Then, tap on the icon with three horizontal lines on the upper right side of your timeline. This will open your Facebook settings. Scroll all the way down and click on Account Settings.

Step 2: Open Blocked List

Open Blocked List | How To Unblock Someone On Facebook

To see the list of blocked people on your Facebook mobile app, tap on the Blocking option in the Account Settings. You’ll see all the people you’ve blocked since the beginning in that list.

Step 3: Unblock Your Friend

Unblock Your Friend | How To Unblock Someone On Facebook

Scroll through your list of blocked individuals and look for the person you want to unblock. Once you’ve found him or her, tap on unblock. By unblocking that person, you will give them access to your wall and the contents of your profile.

How To Unblock Someone on Facebook Messenger


From your timeline, tap on your profile picture in the upper right corner of your screen. Then, scroll down and look for People. From there, tap on “Blocked People” to see the list of people you’ve blocked on Messenger. Tap on “Unblock” next to the person’s name to complete the process.

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With an iPhone or iOS device, find the profile picture on the top left corner of the Home page. Tap on “People,” then “Blocked” to open the list of people who may have bothered you in the past. Find the person you want to unblock and tap on it, toggle back “Block Messages” to allow him or her to send you messages again.

Now that you’ve learned how to unblock someone on Facebook, you may want to know if you’ve been blocked from your friend’s account. Watch this quick video to find out if you’ve indeed been blocked.

Unblocking someone on Facebook won’t automatically add him or her to your friend list. But, that person will be able to see your posts, photos, and other stuff on the social media site. If you do want to add him or her to your friend list, you have to send them a friend request. You will become connected once the request has been approved.

Do you have more questions on how to unblock someone on Facebook? Let us know below!

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How To Block Someone On Facebook


  • Go to the profile of the person that you want to block on Facebook.


  • Now click on the 3 dotted icons at the top right corner of their profile. From the menu that gets expanded out, click on the option Block.


  • You will be asked to confirm the Block that’s about to be set. If you block this person, they will no longer be able to see you on Facebook, chat with you, tag you in a picture or a post, see the things that you post on your timeline, add you as a friend etc. If you are still sure that this person deserves nothing but a block, click on the Confirm button.
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How To Unblock Someone On Facebook


  • You need to click on the Down arrow at the top right corner of your Facebook page as shown in the following screenshot. As next, click on the option named Settings.


  • Now from the left pane of the webpage that pops open, find and click on the option that says Blocking.


  • In the right pane, you will see a section for managing blocks. Find the subsection that’s named Block users. You will be able to see all the users that you have so far blocked on Facebook right under the Block users field. Find the person that you want to unblock. There will be a link that says Unblock associated with that person. Click on that link.


  • This will again lead to a confirmation window. Click on Confirm button only if you are so sure that you want to unblock this person. Because once you unblock this person, you will not be able to block him/her again in another 48 hours. That matters a lot as anything can happen in 48 hours.

So that’s how simple how you can get rid of someone so annoying  on Facebook. And once you feel like they have changed or you change your mind about them, you can unblock them as well. Hope you found the article useful.

  • Mass follow limit: the account gets banned after 500+ follows in 24 hours, and it will require providing an ID to unblock it;
  • Request acceptance limit: no more than 1500 in 24 hours;
  • Adding friends to group limit: no more than 600 in 24 hours;
  • Adding friends to group limit (for the group): no limit;
  • Adding friends to page limit: 2500-3000 in 24 hours;
  • Adding friends to page limit (for the page): 10 000 in 24 hours;
  • Joining a group/page limit: 25 in 24 hours.
  • Likes limits: 5000 in 24 hours;
  • Messages limits: 150 at time.

All Facebook limits are floating, and different accounts will get different numbers. So increase the number of actions gradually, until you notice the first signs of a pending ban.

Facebook Bans

Keep an eye on the following metrics to bypass the restrictions:

  • Checkpoint for adding friends: 30-60 minutes;
  • Limits to inviting friends to your page: 12-24 hours;
  • Limits to inviting friends to a page (for the page): 24-48 hours;
  • Limits to inviting friends to a group: 12 hours (block time increases when restrictions are exceeded);
  • Ban for joining groups/pages: 2 weeks;
  • Posting limits: first ban: 24 hours, second ban: 3 days, third time: week. *This refers to all the communities that are related to founder’s account. For example, if you’ve been banned in group A, you can’t publish anything in group B, too.

The listed bans are for the first violation, in case of repeated offenses block times will be prolonged.

IP address restrictions and bans

  • Simultaneous accounts limit: 10 accounts for one IP;
  • IP-address blocking: 24-72 hours.

New account recommendations

New accounts need to strictly observe all the actions limits. The best you can do with a new account is to leave off active promotion of the account for a time, and allow them to get trusted by filling up the account and publishing posts.

You need to be careful about how you start the promotion, and stick to the action plan. Here’s an example:

  • First 1-2 weeks of active promotion: 10-20 subscriptions in 24 hours;
  • Next 1-2 weeks: increase subscriptions by 10-30 every week;
  • This tactic will allow you to start the second month with 50-60 subscriptions every 24 hours;
  • Stick to this number for a month, and if it doesn’t get the account banned, gradually increase the number to the desired 400-500 subscriptions every 24 hours;

Keep in mind that of late new accounts get banned very quickly, and you have to take it slow if you want to use them for a long time. Holding an account back for a period of several months and up to one year yields the best results.

See also:

Getting your account blocked on Facebook

Facebook has the following policy on its users communication: it aims to connect large amounts of people who meet, or are likely to meet in real life, but contacts between people from different regions or countries are not encouraged. On top of this, consider the increasingly restrictive actions to prevent spam and inappropriate content and you have the Facebook ban algorithm.

Frequent reasons for banning personal accounts:

  • Fake name and picture;
  • False bio information;
  • Spam;
  • Using one and the same text in newsletters;
  • Inappropriate or offensive content;
  • Changing email or password (fraudulent actions);
  • Using several accounts.

Frequent reasons for blocking commercial accounts:

  • Payment information from one country, while you reside in another;
  • You logged in to Ads Manager via proxy;
  • You haven’t advertised anything for a time, and then you started advertising a lot;
  • You’ve created lots of ads in a very short time (this can get you banned);
  • You’ve created a large number of rejected ads in a short period of time;
  • Facebook’s blocked the Ads Manager, and you set up a new one.

In most cases your ID is required to remove the ban, so it is better to get an old account unblocked, rather than create news accounts, as the latter can evoke additional sanctions.

How to get an account unblocked

In most cases the moderators block the access to an account for a time, the duration of which depends on the violation frequency: from several hours to a week for new accounts, and up to a month for regular offenders. So the first option is to leave the account for a time, and start working with other ones.

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You should also keep in mind that Facebook doesn’t like unblocking accounts until the blocking time is over, but you can try to contact support, as there’s a chance that they will help you lift the block.

Besides, there are some specific ways to bypass the block: you can publish posts in Instagram via a mobile app. This way you can publish images.

In Android and iPhone: How to Unblock Someone On Facebook

The iPhone and Android users don’t have to log in every time they want to access their Facebook account. Facebook has its own application that is available for free download from Apple Store and Play Store for iPhone and Android respectively. Users are required to download the application on their device and access their account directly by signing in once.

Well, if you want to unblock your friends on Facebook in Android and iPhone then follow the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: Download Facebook app on your device.

Step 2: Once you log in with your Facebook account

  • In iPhone: You will see the option at the bottom-right corner of your screen with 3-lines in iPhone
  • In Android: This 3-line tab will be available at the top-right corner of the screen

Step 3: Simply scroll down to find the “Settings” and Click on it.

Step 4: You need to click on Account Settings which you will find at the top of the pop-up menu in iPhone and at the bottom if you are using Android

Step 5: Now you will see the option of “Block”, simply tap on it and you will be redirected to the page where the list of all the blocked contacts is available.

Step 6: You will see the icon of “Unblock” right beside the name of username. On this page, you will choose the contact name that you want to unblock and click the “Unblock” tab beside the contact name.

Step 7: Once you click the “Unblock” button available beside the contact name that particular contact will get unblocked and you can start chatting and sharing your posts with them. However, if you want to re-block them again, then you need to wait for 48 hours to re-block them again.

That’s all! I hope this article on “How to Unblock someone on Facebook” is helpful to you! Feel free to ask, in case you have any queries on this post by commenting below.

Will the person know I’ve blocked them?

Firstly, it is important to realise that the person you blocked isn’t notified. They don’t get told you blocked them, the same as if you unfriended them. There are no notifications.

However, if the person did a little digging, they could find out that you blocked them. So, for example, if they were expecting to be blocked, it wouldn’t be too hard to confirm that it happened.

This is because when you block someone, they can no longer see your timeline on Facebook. At all. If they remembered the web address of your timeline – for example – and they typed that in, they’d see a Facebook error message saying it couldn’t display the timeline. However if they log out of Facebook and login to a different account, or create a new account, and type in your web address, then your profile will appear (albeit they’d only see information that you have made public.)

This would indicate to the user that they have been blocked by you.

Easy steps to block someone on facebook

Facebook has many options to secure your data and protect you from any critical issue. Blocking one of essential option among that option. Follow the easy steps of how to block on Facebook and avoid the annoying person.

  • Login to your FB and click at the top right corner of FB page
  • There come out a list. Click on the ‘’Setting’’ option.
  • Then click on the left side of FB page ‘’Blocking’’ option.
  • There show you a page ‘’Manage Blocking’’.
  • Write the username you want to block on the second option of ‘’Block Users.’’
  • Now you are done with the process!
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However, the person already in your friend list and you want to block him. Then go to the FB page of your friend. In the cover photo of your friend, there is an option of blocking. Block the person, and he won’t be your friend list.

There you find many options of blocking such as Block messages, Block app invites, Block event invites, Block Pages and so on. So it means not only person but also pages, messages app and many other things you can block from FB.

Another way you can block someone

If you think it is a bit difficult for you, there is the second option for you. Follow the following steps how to block on Facebook.

  • Find the person on FB you want to block
  • Go the FB page of that person
  • Click on the option on the cover page.
  • There pop out two option ‘’Block’’ and ‘’Report.’’
  • Click on the ‘’Block’’ option and chill!

The questions may come in your mind

Knowing about how to block on facebook someone still you have some questions, right? Find the answer to your question below:

How can I block without them knowing?

Block the unknown person or your listed friend they never are notified. Even if you unfriend someone on FB never notify him. You can be assured about this matter. Then they won’t be able to find you and bother you.

Does the blocked person send me a friend request?

There is no possibility to send you the friend request again unless you unblock him. The blocked person cannot  do the things are:

  • Can not see your post on timeline
  • Can not tag you
  • Can not invite you any group or events to join
  • Can not add you as friend
  • Can not start conversation with you

How can I unblock the person?

Unblocking the blocked person is easy. Before this, you have to go to the blocked list. Follow the steps of unblocking someone.

  • Go to the settings and ‘’Blocking’’ option on the left side.
  • See the ‘’Block Users’’ option.
  • Find the blocked person you want to unblock.
  • Just click on the unblock option right after the username
  • Now You have unblocked him.

How can I see my blocked list on FB?

To see the blocked people list go to the settings. Click on the ‘’Blocking’’ and find the list from ‘’Block Users’’ second option. There is the list of people you blocked them. This way you can see them easily. But remember if you search the blocked person, you can not be able to find him. This is because the way the person can not see and tag you, the same way you also can not do so. You were only able to find him on the blocked list.

How do I know if someone blocked me?

If you can not find the person, you are searching and even can not text him that means the person blocked you. Or disabled their profile. There is an option to find the person who blocks you. For more info see youtube tutorial.

How to block from messenger?

To block someone from iPhone or Android:

  • Open the messages of person you want to block
  • Tap on the top right corner icon of the conversation
  • There pop out several options.
  • Scroll down
  • Tap Block at the bottom

Please remember

For new facebook users those journey is tiny or who are thinking of opening a new account a little message for them. Always be respectful to other users and your friends. Do not add someone who you don’t know. At least try to know him by his page and then add him. Never annoy anyone or do not try to do something wrong. There is the possibility to get blocked. Even if you think someone was disturbing you, block him immediately and avoid the bad situation. There are many examples of misusing the social media and destroyed their life forever. Learn facebook privacy along with how to block on Facebook.

A bit more

The face has given the opportunity to connect with people across the world. It is the biggest platform of socializing. But when the people take the advantages of it and misuse it, this the worse thing. So, know about it appropriately and take action against the individual who is bothering you. The action does not mean complain or any verbal abuse. Smartly block without letting him know. This is the good enough penalty as well. Therefore, keep the knowledge of how to block on Facebook and use facebook without any complication.

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