How to turn off airdrop

Got a new iPhone X and wondering where is AirDrop Settings on it? Well, Enabling or Disabling Airdrop on iPhone X is little different than previous iOS because of new Control Center Apple has built in iPhone X with revolutionary iOS 11. In iPhone X, the control Center has moved to the newer location. So, let’s first find out the Control Center on iPhone X and we will move towards enabling or disabling Airdrop on iPhone X.

How to Disable AirDrop By Turning Off Bluetooth

Another way that you can turn off AirDrop without using the Restrictions menu or changing the setting for AirDrop is to turn off Bluetooth on your device. AirDrop relies on the Bluetooth feature of your iPhone for its file sharing, so if BlueTooth is turned off, AirDrop isn’t possible. This can be a preferable alternative if you do occasionally want to use AirDrop and don’t want to turn it off entirely.

You can turn off Bluetooth by opening the Settings menu, selecting the Bluetooth option, then tapping the button to the right of Bluetooth. My Bluetooth is turned off in the picture below.

turn off bluetooth to disable airdrop

Note that turning off Bluetooth will stop other Bluetooth devices from communicating with your iPhone as well, including your Apple Watch, or any Bluetooth headphones or speakers that you may be using.

 How to Turn On|Turn Off AirDrop on iPhone X

#1: Simply 3D Touch on the any toggles (WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular or Airplane) to spread more option

Got a new iPhone X and wondering where is AirDrop Settings on it? Well, Enabling Airdrop on iPhone X is little different than previous iOS

#2: After you have done so, you will see the AirDrop toggle on bottom left of the screen

Got a new iPhone X and wondering where is AirDrop Settings on it? Well, Enabling Airdrop on iPhone X is little different than previous iOS

#3: Tap onAirDrop toggle

#4: It will show three more options:Got a new iPhone X and wondering where is AirDrop Settings on it? Well, Enabling Airdrop on iPhone X is little different than previous iOS

  • Receiving Off: Completely Turn off AirDrop Feature on iPhone X
  • Contacts Only: Airdrop visible only for those who are on your contact list
  • Everyone: Airdrop feature visible to everyone

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How AirDrop works

AirDrop will only work in certain situations:

  • Both sender and recipient are using a recent model iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS7 or iOS8.
  • The sender and recipient have to be within about 30 feet of each other. So, if your child only uses an iPad at home, this shouldn’t be too great a concern.  But if your teen rides the bus, subway, goes to the mall, movies, or generally spends any time in public near other people – keep reading.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled on both devices. NOTE: You don’t need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.  In fact you don’t even have to be connected to anything for this to work.  Using AirDrop creates a temporary direct Wi-Fi connection between the two devices.  Here’s a more complete technical explanation.
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In addition to photos, you can also send videos, websites and even your location using AirDrop.  The recipient can either accept or decline the content.

Decline or Accept a photo in AirDrop(Not all air-dropped photos are naked body parts!)

How to prevent strangers from sending photos to your iOS device using AirDrop

There are three options for AirDrop sharing:

  1. Turn AirDrop off.
  2. Make your device discoverable to Contacts only (only people listed in your contacts who have a Valid Apple ID.)
  3. Make your device discoverable to Everyone.

You’ll change these settings from the Control Center.  To do so, swipe up from the bottom of your device to reveal the Control Center. You’ll see your current AirDrop setting.  If you see AirDrop: Everyone, click on the setting to reveal the choices.  Change to either Off or Contacts Only.

Change AirDrop settings in Control Center so strangers can't sext you messages! Change AirDrop settings to Contacts only so strangers can't send you photos

Now what if you want to prevent your child from changing this setting? You can’t restrict AirDrop to Contacts Only. The only way to lock AirDrop is to turn it off completely.

How to completely disable AirDrop

1. From Settings, go to General > Restrictions.

2. If you’ve already set up restrictions, you’ll be prompted for the passcode.  If not, choose Enable Restrictions and enter a passcode.  Be sure to use a 4-digit passcode that you will remember and your kids will not guess.

3. Turn off AirDrop.

Use restriction settings in iOS to disable AirDrop

I’m so glad I read Allison’s post.  While a very funny account, I would hate to think about the shock my teen daughter would receive if something like that happened to her! And if you’re wondering if teens know about this? Oh yeah:

Of course AirDrop is not just used for sexting.  Just like text messages and apps like Snapchat, most of the time teens are sending funny pictures and selfies.   The important difference with AirDrop is that no contact information – username, phone number or e-mail address – is needed.

Check your iDevices and those of your kids to make sure AirDrop sharing is only between friends and family members listed in Contacts and not with anonymous strangers!

More about AirDrop

How to Fix Airdrop Not Working Issue

In this post we will look at all possible ways that you can troubleshoot your own Apple device and fix the issue of airdrop not working. We are going to find the solutions to the following questions of yours.

  1. Why is airdrop not working?
  2. Why is airdrop failing to send?
  3. Airdrop problem in iphone.
  4. Why is airdrop so slow?

And many other similar questions related to airdrop issues on iPhone, iPad and Mac powered devices. Let us now look at the possible issues and how we can solve them.

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 1. Making AirDrop Discoverable

Airdrop has three options in its settings, these are responsible for Airdrop to be visible to other devices around. The 3 options mentioned are – Off, Contacts Only and Everyone. Out of the three, Contacts Only is the option which is very complex to use. The reason is, it has to verify which contact knows which contact, else it wont connect. If you are somewhat is a personal or private space, then try to change the setting to Everyone and try again. Or you can also simply try to turn off and turn on the airdrop.


  • Open Settings and tap on General.
  • Select AirDrop.
  • Tap and select the option of your choice.


  • Navigate to the Control Center and tap select AirDrop.
  • AirDrop settings will now show you three discoverable options.
  • Select your prefered one from it.

Did it solve your problem? Yes? Great! No? Not a problem. We have more solutions for you, keep reading.

2. Checking Wifi and Bluetooth Status

AirDrop feature is highly depended on both Bluetooth and Wifi technology for its functioning. Bluetooth is used for discovering other devices in the range of 30-feet. Wifi technology is used for the actual file transfer. So, for Airdrop to work the way it is supposed to do, you will need to have both Bluetooth and Wifi turned ON.

Let me guide you through the process of sharing a photo using Airdrop when either of Wifi or Bluetooth is turned off.


  • Select a photo and tap Sharing.
  • If the Wifi or Bluetooth is turned off, AirDrop will automatically turn on those services.
  • Select the AirDrop option and the sharing will start.


  • Open the Finder Windows and click the AirDrop item in the sidebar.
  • Airdrop will automatically turn on the Bluetooth if it is disabled.
  • Click the Turn on Bluetooth button.
  • But if the Wifi is not turned on, the AirDrop interface will not show any option to turn it on.
  • You will have to manually turn on the Wifi by navigating to the System Preferences.
  • Select Network and then select Wifi and click the Turn Wifi on button to enable that Wifi.

This is the most common issue due to which AirDrop stops working or has a major delay in file transfer. I hope that this solution has fixed your issue of airdrop not working on your device.

If this solution also was not able to solve your issue then make sure to read the third solution which can help you solve your issue of AirDrop.

3. Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb

Both the Airplane Mode and the Do Not Disturb Mode disable all the wireless transmissions sensors. That means, the Bluetooth and Wifi will automatically be turned off if the Airplane Mode or the DND mode is turned on.

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To turn off the Do Not Disturb Mode on your iPhone, iPad and Mac, follow the steps mentioned below.


  • Navigate to the Control Center in your iPhone.
  • Find the Settings option in that menu.
  • Now select the Do Not Disturb and toggle it off.


  • Click on the Notification menu bar and that will present you with the Notification panel on the Mac.
  • No matter where you are in the Notification panel, scroll up, even if you are in the top on the menu.
  • This action will present you with the Do Not Disturb settings. Toggle it off, if it is already turned on.

To turn off the Airplane Mode on your iPhone, iPad and Mac, follow the steps mentioned below.


  • Navigate to the Control Center in your iPhone.
  • Find the Settings option in that menu.
  • Now select the Airplane Mode and toggle it off.

That should solve the issue, if not do not worry. I have more solutions for you to try. Keep reading.

4. Is Personal Hotspot enabled?

If the personal hotspot is enabled in your iPhone or iPad or Mac, then Airdrop will not function. This is because the personal hotspot and Airdrop both require the Wifi for functioning. If one of the service is enabled, then the other service cannot function. So make sure to turn off the personal hotspot if it is enabled.

Steps to disable the Personal hotspot is as shown below.


  • Select open the Settings from Control Center.
  • Navigate to the Personal Hotspot option and toggle it off.

Method 4: Check Personal Hotspot

This is a step that people may forget to check: Personal Hotsopt. It lets you share the cellular data connection of your iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) when you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network.

However, Personal Hotspot being used may stop AirDrop from working, because the Personal Hotspot feature is relied on WiFi, too. You can try to temporarily turn off Personal Hotspot.

1) Go to Settings > Personal Hotspot.

2) Tap the button next to Personal Hotspot to turn it off.

3) Reopen your AirDrop and try it again.

Method 5: Check Do Not Disturb Mode

The Do Not Disturb mode helps you to silence calls, alerts and notifications that you receive on your iOS devices. If you are in the Do Not Disturb mode, your AirDrop will not be working. You can try to temporarily disable the Do Not Disturb mode.

1) Swipe up from the bottom of the device screen.

2) Tap the moon icon to turn off Do Not Disturb mode. The button will be lit up if it’s on, and it becomes grey when it’s off.

3) Try AirDrop again to see if it works.

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