How to transfer photos from iphone to mac

How to Transfer Photos & Videos from Mac to iPhone over Wi-Fi?

To wirelessly copy photos from Mac to iPhone what you need is the wireless transfer app and your local Wi-Fi network. You can go to download the free wireless transfer app as suggested above in the first paragraph of this article. As to local Wi-fi network, it means you can simply power on your wireless router at home or work, without connecting it to the internet. This wi-fi transfer app help you quickly access different devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC and other smartphones or tablets. Your photos and videos will be moved or migrated from one devices to another through your own local wi-fi, they never leave your local network.

The iPhone wireless transfer app can help you send files from iPhone to other devices or receive files from other devices. When you run the transfer app on iPhone, it will default to the Send Files mode which allows you to quickly pick up photo & video and share with other mobile phones or computers. To send photos and videos from Mac to iPhone, you need to switch to the Receive Files mode, you will then get a local IP address. with this URL or address, you can quickly access your iPhone from a web browser on computer and transfer photos and videos from Mac to iPhone wirelessly over your Wi-fi network.iphone swift wireless transfer app to receive filesNow open a web browser on your Mac and access the above file transfer link. In this demo, we will use the stock browser on Mac, Safari, to access iPhone file transfer URL address. You can then access your iPhone in Safari browser on Mac, see below screenshot.

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transfer photos videos from mac to iphone wirelessly via wifi using swift transfer app

To send photos videos from Mac to iPhone, simply click on Upload Files button, then browse to your media library, photo albums, videos albums on your computer, select any photos or movies and upload from Mac to iPhone wirelessly through Safari browser on your Mac. Alternatively you can simply drag and drop any photos and videos from your Mac to the file transfer window in Safari browser to instantly send them to iPhone over wi-fi.

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