How to train rottweilers

Are you thinking of adopting a Rottweiler puppy? Well, that’s great, congratulations!

Rottweilers are naturally very adorable and loyal dogs. They are always looking for ways to impress their owners. This is a trait that makes Rottweiler obedience training very easy.

Rottweilers are also very intelligent dogs which makes your training sessions easier and fun.

A rott puppy that is well trained is a happy dog because he gets to understand his place in the family. This gives your furry friend a sense of security and belonging.

Invest and sacrifice your time to train your Rottweiler puppy as this will help him to quickly adjust to his new environment.

Here are a few training secrets on some of the best ways to train a Rottweiler.

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1. Timing is everything

Dogs are very intelligent animals. Training your Rottweiler puppy should begin as soon as you bring him home.

Puppies learn very fast and the best way to start training your Rottweiler puppy is through short and fun training sessions.

Remember that they are still very young. Your puppy’s concentration span is definitely still very short. Do not bore him with very long sessions of training.

Just a minute or two in a day should be enough when your puppy is below 6 months of age. If you exceed and try going for longer training sessions, your Rottweiler puppy’s attention span might not be able to manage it.

You better make small steps of progress other than none at all. Start with short and fun sessions and continuously increase the training duration even as your puppy gets older.

best ways to train rottweilers

4. Teach the right commands

The training commands need to be structured in the right way. Short commands are easier for your Rottweiler puppy to remember compared to lengthy commands.

Let the commands be just a word or two in length. Your voice should be friendly and firm. Shower him with praise once he obeys your commands or tries to do so.

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Remember not to hit or yell at your puppy. Your puppy simply wants to please you so remind you that by obeying your commands, he is impressing you hence the yummy treat rewards will come his way.

rottweiler puppy training

5. Consistence is key

Always be consistent in your training. This is one of the most untold training secrets.

Reward your canine friend immediately and make use of simple commanding words.

Organize your training sessions when your Rottweiler puppy is alert and relaxed. This will make it even more effective.

The worst times that you can ever schedule a training is when your puppy is sleepy or hungry or wants to use the potty.

These are the kinds of distractions you should avoid because you want him to fully concentrate on the session.

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7. Do not yell at your Rottweiler

Yelling and scolding your dog is simply a no-no. It is a myth and a wrong mentality that hitting your dog helps you to establish dominance over him.

Simply be kind to your puppy and avoid all manner of physical punishment during his training sessions. Yelling and hitting your dog will only make him fearful and will eventually discourage him from learning any new commands that you want to teach him.

Dogs do not even understand most of the angry statements that we humans tend to rant when angry. They can however quickly pick up your facial expressions and gestures.

If he is on the wrong simply command him using a short command that he understands like “STOP!” while giving him a stern facial expression.

This will show him that you are displeased and as we mentioned, Rottweilers are people-pleasers. He will do anything possible to get back to your good books. When he does, do not forget to appreciate and show him some love.

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training rottweiler puppy

8. React immediately

During your training sessions, use the same tone of voice and volume that you use when giving a command to your Rottweiler.

If your puppy is on the wrong, tell it to him on the spot that you are not happy or rather let him know of your displeasure.

Remember that a puppy has a short memory. It would therefore be very wrong to punish your dog for peeing on your favorite rug, 3 hours later. It is possible that he might not even remember his mistake. Such a dog should never even be punished at all because it is as good as useless.

Come up with a schedule that is consistent and logical. This will come in very handy when it comes to training your Rottweiler puppy.

A timetable will help you establish a pattern and routine that your puppy will soon get used to following. This will also go a long way to instil some discipline in your dog.

He will also learn how to be patient because he knows for instance he cannot have a meal when it is not mealtime, unless he earns a treat for being obedient.

Understand his gestures when he needs to use the potty for instance, or when he wants to sleep. This will also help you know his biological clock and it will help you come up with a practicable training session for him.

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10. Give your Rottweiler enough physical exercise

Physical exercise is very important for your dog. It goes a long way in boosting his memory and retention abilities. This will consequently have a positive impact on your training sessions.

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Always make sure that you give him thorough exercise, at least an hour to relax then begin your training. A worn out Rottweiler is better behaved and responds to your commands easily.

Research shows that lack of enough exercise is one of the leading causes of aggressiveness in dogs. You definitely would not wish to have a destructive dog in the house.

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how to train a rottweiler puppy

12. Practice some patience

Training a dog does not have to be a daunting task. You only need to have some patience as you do so. There are some dogs that are naturally smarter than others though all dogs are naturally intelligent.

Exercise some patience when training your Rottweiler even when he doesn’t seem to be following your commands. Try and find out whether he actually even understands what you are saying before coming to the conclusion that your dog is ignoring you.

Research shows that 90% of the time the dog does not understand the command yet we just assume he is being rebellious.

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14. Give your Rottweiler dog a balanced diet

A good and healthy diet is essential for the healthy growth of your Rottweiler. When he is still a puppy, make sure that you give him quality dog foods to enable him build his muscular and bone structure.

Once your Rottweiler reaches adulthood, maintain his physique by giving him plenty of physical and mental exercise. Maintain his condition with a good and healthy diet as well.

Give him plenty of fresh water as well to keep him hydrated at all times. This is very crucial especially during the hot weather to avoid him overheating and getting dehydration. Once your dog’s diet is on check, then he can also be a good student during your training sessions.

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