How to thread a needle

I can no longer see well to thread my sewing needles. Is there something to help me out?

If you’re having trouble threading your  machine needle and your machine doesn’t offer a built-in threader, consider using a self-threading needle. It’s made by Schmetz Needles and offers an eye with a slot on one side. If you can see the slot, simply pull the thread into it. If you’re not able to see the slot, hold the thread tautly against the inside portion of the needle and slide it down the needle shaft until it slips into the slot. Keep in mind that this needle is more fragile since the eye portion is not complete.

For hand sewing needles, look for slotted needles with the opening at the top of the eye. Simple pop the thread into the slit and pull down on it to snap it into the needle eye.

Another option for threading both hand and machine needles is to purchase a separate needle threader. Some brands come in sets offering different configurations for varying needle types. For example, if you’re a needleworker, select the needlework threader to use with heavier stitchery threads or narrow ribbons. Other threaders offer a simple wire loop to slide through the needle eye and pull the thread through. Most threaders can be used by sight or feel.

So what do you need?

Just a simple sewing needle, scissors and some thread. Nothing fancy!

how to thread a needle

Now there are a lot of different types of needles but really they all do the same thing – push the thread through the fabric.

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General purpose, medium sizes sewing needles are called Sharps and most packets contain numerous sizes. Just eyeball the packet and choose one with an eye that your thread will fit through.

Threads come in a rainbow of different colors and of course different types. Once again since you are just starting out, purchase an all-purpose thread. These are usually made from polyester and can be purchased really cheaply. Try and get a color that matches the garment or project you are going to sew. Matching color thread hides everything and is a beginner’s best friend.

Scissors? Well, any old scissors will do. Just make sure they are sharp enough to cut thread cleanly.