How to tell if a boy likes you

how do you know if a guy likes you

It may seem silly to need an instructional manual to answer a question as simple as how do you know if a guy likes you, but we have all been there. If you are not sure about the feeling being mutual, looking for these signs, will help you get your answer.

Emotional Momentum Is Consistent

When you like a guy and he’s on your mind a lot, you want to pick up the phone and text him. Depending on how confident you feel about him responding in the beginning, you may or may not do so, in favour of him texting you first. Everyone experiences those nervous moments of ‘putting yourself out there’.

However, when you’ve started talking to a guy and had a few fantastic dates if he really likes you, chances are he will be the one to contact you, daily even. He might text to say good morning, to ask how your day at work was or to set up plans for the weekend. He’ll also actually call you, just for a chat. Even if you have conflicting schedules and haven’t been able to catch up, the point is he’ll constantly keep things firing with you.

There are no week-long silences within emotional momentum, except perhaps in the case of unexpected, serious life issues. You won’t find yourself grasping for reasons or excuses as to why he didn’t respond to your last text and you certainly won’t be wondering when, or if, you’ll see him again. You’ll know, through his effort at consistent contact, that he wants to make it happen.

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Emotional Momentum Is Measured By Time

So, the thing about consistency is, it’s best measured over time. A guy might, for example, contact you non-stop for a week, which tells you that he likes you right now. The proof is really in the pudding though, when he’s been keeping up emotional momentum for a month or more.

Even if you’ve only seen each other four or five times in a month, a guy who likes you will keep texting and calling, in order to progress by getting to know you. He won’t just leave things up in the air until it’s possible to find the time to see each other. Again, you won’t have to second-guess his actions or random messages, because he’ll be consistently in touch with you, in a meaningful way.

Emotional Momentum Initiates Cold

Check in with yourself, in terms of how often you initiate contact with your date. Does he only reply after you send a text? Are you generally the one calling him to catch up? When you’re having a conversation, are you always the one asking questions and trying to engage him, in order to get to know each other?

If a man is initiating phone calls, texts or plans – without any signals or prompting from you – more than 50% of the time, it’s a strong sign he’s trying to keep up emotional momentum. Why? Because he can’t stop thinking about you! If you find yourself initiating contact the majority of the time, take a step back, give him a bit of space and see what happens next.

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