How to tan faster

Tanned skin can give you a sexy, radiant look. Therefore, many try to get a tan fastly. However, tanning is quite dangerous because this causes some serious skin damage as well as gives you more wrinkles. In this article, we will provide you with the best way of how to tan faster without burning effectively.

How To Tan Faster

The best way of how to tan faster without fastly burning is looking for a beach or a private pool and then let the sunlight work. You can wear a bikini or get naked (your private area). Others enjoy moments under the sunlight in an outdoor party with their friends. It is also a good idea for those trying to get a tan. However, there is some advice you should know.

Step 1: Preparation Before Tanning

Exfoliate the dead skin cells to help your skin absorb sunscreen better as well as create a chance for some sunlight penetrate into the skin. It will also boost the tanning process more quickly.

Step 2: Tanning Safely When Outdoors

Never forget to apply sunscreen: Sunscreen is the best choice for those trying to get a tan because this solution allows some the sun’s rays which can penetrate into the skin, which provides you with some tanning action but protecting you from other harmful rays from the Sun (UVA and UVB).

To get a tan fastly, you need to use an oil or a lotion with a low SPF ( between 4 and 15) to get some protection while tanning. All kinds including oil rub, rub-on lotions, or aerosol sprays or mists with the right SPF levels are good for your tanning.

Never forget to apply some lip balm which contains SPF 15. It will keep your lips from some damage from the sun (dry, chapped lips). If lip balm is not available, you can use some extra-virgin oil (coconut oil, olive oil) to reduce any risks caused by tanning.

Pick up water-resistant sunscreen:It is important to save your skin. Before swimming or the body starts sweating; therefore, you should apply the sunscreen about 15 minutes to let it absorb into the skin.

Step 3: Get A Sun Tan Naturally

While tanning, you turn your body frequently to get the sun’s rays. You turn your back, then your left side, your stomach, and finally your right side. To avoid tan lines, you need to make sure that skin areas in your legs and arms frequently.

You can lie on a swimming float in the water when tanning. This way is quite effective because water will attract and reflect the sunlight, so laying on the water can help you get the sun’s rays as much as possible.

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Step 4: Care Your Tan

After tanning, you need to wait 5-5 hours to let the tan to absorb. Then you take a shower to get rid of your suntan lotion. Massage your skin with a moisturizer to keep it still damp. You should keep the skin well moisturized to make the tan darker as well as make the colour last longer.

Some Caution You Should Know When Getting A Tan Outdoor

Avoid tanning during peak hours:

The time from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m is the sun’s strongest rays. Therefore, you easily get sunburned in those hours.

Plan your time under the sun slowly:

  • You just spend about 15 minutes to get a tan per week. This solution will help your tan progress more gradually without getting sunburned.
  • Never forget to wear your sunglasses. When tanning outside, there are much high UV rays which injure your eyes.
  •  Protect your hair with sunscreen for hair is also a necessary step to prevent it from burning
  • Should now be under the sunlight over one hour (just 30-1 hour for tanning)

What To Do After Tanning?

  • Apply some aloe-based moisturizer or coconut oil or a right lotion to keep the skin smooth and soft as well as recover some damage caused by the sun’s rays.
  • Drink more water (2-3 glasses of water or 1-2 glasses of fruit juice) to keep the skin hydrated as well as prevent dehydration.
  • Add more fruits and vegetables into your diets to get the healthy tanned skin.
  • Do exercise regularly to get a healthy body including a firm and sexy skin.

How to Tan Faster Using a Tanning Bed

What Is a Tanning Bed?

A tanning bed is a machine that uses ultraviolet rays to darken one’s skin. Initially used by a German researcher to study the effects of UV rays on people’s bodies, it was discovered that UV rays gave the subject a cosmetic tan. A tanning bed is usually an enclosed machine, equipped with long, low-pressure bulbs and a section where a person can lie on. The person is then exposed to varying levels of UV rays from the bulbs, depending on how tan he or she wants to be.

Tanning Beds vs Sun Tanning

Tanning Beds Vs Sun Tanning | How To Tan Faster In A Tanning Bed | Tanning Lotion | indoor tanning Tanning experts agree that, especially for newbies who are starting their tanning journey, sun tanning is not a good idea. The rate and intensity of UV rays penetrating the atmosphere make tanning a dangerous hobby to do, especially if you stay too long under the sun. Moreover, you can still get strong UV rays even in the cloudiest of seasons.

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Comparatively, indoor tanning is safe, as long as, you pay attention to the type of tanning bed you’ll use, and how long you’ll stay under. Older models tend to emit high-level UVB rays, which could quickly cause sunburn and tanning itch. In contrast, modern tanning beds emit more UVA, which is safer.

Tanning Bed Types

Tanning Bed Types | How To Tan Faster In A Tanning Bed | Tanning Lotion | tanning bed There are at least, three types of tanning beds in salons today:

  • Low-Pressure Tanning Bed — These beds use low-pressure fluorescent bulbs that emit 95 percent UVA and 5 percent UVB. The bulbs emit light as if you’re actually under the sun. While it might take a few more sessions to achieve the tan you want, if you’re a first-timer, it is recommended for you to use this type of tanning bed. That way, you can gradually work on your base tan.
  • High-Pressure Tanning Bed — High-pressure tanning beds allow you to control the amount of UVA rays emitted. The higher the amount of UVA rays, the more vitamin D you get, and the quicker you turn darker. This is because UVA rays penetrate deeper into the epidermis. A high-pressure bed can help you achieve your base tan, six to eight times faster, than with a low-pressure bed.
  • Combination Tanning Bed — This tanning bed is popular in tanning salons as it appeals to almost every tanning enthusiast. This type of tanning bed has the flexibility to set the bulbs in a low-pressure setting or a high-pressure setting. A combination of tanning bed gives tanners the option of setting the level of intensity, depending on what they want their tan to look like and how frequently they schedule their sessions.

Tips to Tan Faster

Tips to Tan Faster | How To Tan Faster In A Tanning Bed | Tanning Lotion | low pressure tanning bed

If you want to tan faster, here are some tips you can easily follow:

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  • Determine your skin type, and how long you should be staying in a tanning bed to achieve a particular color.
  • Prep your skin ahead of your session. Exfoliate at least, a week before. Before the session, slather on moisturizer or drink water to keep your skin from drying up.
  • Wear the right tanning gear. Some people prefer wearing bathing suits or underwear.
  • If you can, move your body slightly for an even color. Try to move your chin from side to side to color the spot under your neck.
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Tanning Precautions

Tanning Precautions | How To Tan Faster In A Tanning Bed | Tanning Lotion | high pressure tanning bed

Tanning also has it’s hazards. That’s why it’s important to heed these tanning precautions:

  • Apply tanning lotion to reduce the chances of getting sunburned. Avoid using makeup or perfume that could react to the tanning lotion.
  • Protect your eyes. Wear a pair of goggles specially made for tanning.
  • Moisturize after tanning. An aloe-based moisturizer should do the trick to soothe your red or inflamed skin.

Watch Melissa of Maui Tan as she shares how to tan faster in a tanning bed: 

A tanning bed is a great tool for you to get the sun-kissed tan you want. Moreover, a little knowledge can improve your chances of getting your tan fast and safe. For example, wearing the right apparel and practicing skin care, before and after your session, will not only help you get a tan faster, but it will also help you keep the color you want until your next session.

Want to know more about indoor tanning and how to tan faster? Ask us your questions in the comments below!

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Southern California is known for its surf, Mexican food and residents who are gloriously tan; dream of being one of them? So many of us have laid out only to find ourselves tomato red. Here’s an easy guide on how to avoid sunburns and gain a golden glow instead.

Laying out for a whole day straight is a fast way to get lobster skin rather than a glowing tan. You have to train day-by-day to run a full marathon, right?

Flip over every 10 to 15 minutes; this will give each side a break from the rays and a chance to soak up the sunshine it just received.

The best way to tan is gradually. We recommend laying out for about an hour a day, just enough to built up the tan safely without BBQ-ing yourself. Too much sun is very dangerous and increases your risks of getting skin cancer, so make sure not to overdo it.

Did you know that your skin tans faster if it’s hydrated? Just one more reason to drink lots of water! Make sure to have a bottle with you and drink plenty of water before and throughout your tanning session.

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