How to take off acrylics

A Word Of Caution

Before we begin it must be said that you should always primarily visit your nail technician to have your fake nails removed and have any other nail related issues attended to (provided they are not of medical nature, otherwise you should visit your doctor). Below we have two unique methods on how to remove acrylic nails depending on what your prefer doing.  

how to remove acrylic nails

Method One – Things You Will Need

  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Nail Clipper
  • Olive Oil
  • Glass Bowl
  • Moisturizing Lotion
  • Clean Towel
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Water
  • Orange-wood Stick
  • Nail Buffer
  • Nail File

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1. For the first step you want to begin by cutting your acrylic nails as short as possible without hurting yourself. This will make the job quicker and easier as there is less acrylic nail to deal with.

2. Fill up a small glass bowl of acetone nail polish remover before getting any lotions or substances on your hands.

3. Buffer your nail with a file to remove the gloss from your nails. Make sure to move around the nail a lot, in an even fashion, and not to focus on one spot. Clean off the dust once your finished with this part.

4. Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly around the skin that is touching the nail bed in order to protect your skin from the acetone nail polish remover. In this scenario a bit too much is better than too little.

5. At this point dip your nails into the bowl of acetone nail polish remover until the glue that binds your acrylic nail to your natural nail bed starts coming off. This process can take up to 15 – 20 minutes.

6. Once the acrylic has gone all mushy and jelly like after 15 – 20 minutes remove your hands from the bowl of acetone. Gently try to remove the acrylic nail from your natural nail, if you meet some resistance dip them back in the bowl of acetone for another 5 – 10 minutes. NEVER FORCE OR PRY YOUR ACRYLIC NAILS OFF. This can damage your natural nail and lead to INFECTION and all sorts of other nasty things that will take weeks for your natural nail to recover from. So don’t rush the process. 

7. QUICK TIP: For the above process I like to use the kitchen roll and keep wiping the dissolved acrylic layer of my nails. This way I don’t damage my natural nails by using excessive force. I do this until I have reached the natural nail.

8. Once you have removed the acrylic nails wash your hands thoroughly under water and to remove the petroleum jelly and acetone nail polish remover from your hands.

9. For any left over glue on your nail use a buffer to remove it.

10. Apply cuticle oil (or olive oil) to your nails and massage it into your nails and hands. This will help moisturize your nails after being dried out by the process of removing acrylic nails.

Your nails will look rough for a couple days. You can buff them a little to reduce the roughness.

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how to remove acrylic nails at home

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