How to take a screenshot on galaxy s5

Method 1:  Use Screen write to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 5, including multi-screen website pages

Update:  If you want to take a screenshot for multiple screens (e.g., one screenshot for a webpage that fits several screens), you can use scroll capture feature in Galaxy Note 5, Please follow this guide if you want to use scroll capture on Galaxy Note 5.

Screen write is part of air command as shown below.

You can access Galaxy Note 5 air command in 3 different ways:

  1. If the S Pen is in the S Pen slot, simply remove S Pen from the S Pen slot.   By default, air command starts automatically when you are removing S Pen from the slot. Of course, you can turn off this S Pen detection feature.
  2. if the S Pen is not in S Pen slot, tap the semi-transparent dot (with an pen icon inside illustrated in the screenshot below) for air command. This is a new feature in Galaxy Note 5.
  3. if the S pen is not in S Pen slot, hover the S Pen over the screen, then tap the S Pen button once.

Tap Screen write as shown below with your S Pen will take screenshot on Galaxy Note 5 immediately. By default, you can only use the S Pen, not finger, to tap screen write.

Once Galaxy Note 5 screenshot is taken with screen write, you will be prompted to edit and save the screenshot as shown below. You can save the screenshot to Gallery or your scratch book.

Of course, you can discard the screenshot if you want by tapping the back button.

take_screenshot_on_galaxy_note_5_1_air_command_screen_write take_screenshot_on_galaxy_note_5_2_screen_write_edit_save

Method 2:  Use Home + Power buttons to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 5

If you prefer hardware buttons for taking screenshot on Galaxy Note 5, you can use Power button + Home button.

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This is the traditional method of taking screenshot on all Samsung Android devices. Some vendors may implement  this feature with volume button + power button if the device does not have a hardware Home button.

To use this hardware button method to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 5, you need press and hold Power button and Home button simultaneously.

The two key points of this methods are:

  1. Press and hold. You need press the 2 buttons and then hold the buttons without releasing them until the screen is captured.  You will hear the shutter sound when the Galaxy Note 5 screenshot is taken if you are in sound mode.
  2. Simultaneously. You need press and hole the two buttons simultaneously. If you press Home button too early, you will get Google Now (by default). If  you press power button too early, you will get the power options.

So, if you fail to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 5 with this method, you may practice a bit. Once you master this method, it is quick and easy.

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