How to tag someone on facebook

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Tagging Individuals On Facebook

Click here to be taken directly to the step by step instructions on how to tag Facebook pages for a business or individual.

Read on for more information about the value tagging can bring for your social media strategy.

When you think about social media marketing there is one major component that stands out to any successful social media presence for a business. And while most people immediately jump to the return on investment or ROI of increased sales as the measure of success, we focus on aspects that will lead to this increase in sales and growth… social media engagement. Social media engagement includes individuals: Commenting on your posts, liking your posts and sharing your content. Engagement really matters and any social media strategy that does not have an active engagement plan as part of the overall strategy is highly lacking. 

Why does engagement matter? Because it is what makes your presence “social” instead of just coming across as you trying to push your way in. Social media marketing only works when your business or brand seamlessly ties into a community online and appears to be an active part of the community. Marketers are often caught up in the “marketing” of their products and services and forget that what makes social media different is that you get to talk directly to your customers and they get to talk back. It’s a two way conversation or it should be. The more engaged your audience is the more likely they are to share your business with others the more likely they will purchase your services or products.

One way you can increase engagement on your business Facebook page is by tagging other Facebook pages and individuals (who have liked your page). Trust me when I tell you this is a powerful way to encourage engagement. Making your presence social is the key difference that will lead to more people seeing your content, becoming a part of your community and hopefully someday becoming your customers.

Strategies For Tagging Others On Your Facebook Page

When you choose to tag someone on your business page, it is important that it fits into your larger content and digital marketing strategy. You do not want to tag a bunch of people or businesses just for the sake of tagging. You want to have the tagging appear to be fluid, natural and a part of your normal conversations.

A few ways you can begin integrating Facebook tagging include:

  • Tag people when you share something that includes them, this could be sharing a photo, video, link with a mention of the person or business or anything else that is about someone other than yourself.
  • Think of strategic posts that mention your business partners and tag them. This can be a post that is offering congratulations for a success they have achieved, a post that is about something you both do together as partners, articles they produce or sharing something relevant from their Facebook page.
  • If you start a strategy to tag partners you should integrate a plan as to when and how often to tag partners. Perhaps it is a rotation and you will try to tag them in a post once every 3 months. Mentioning partners more than once will help grab their attention and let them know you are serious about your social media relationships and leveraging them to build your business while you help build theirs too. Tagging partners more than once will also help remind them to tag you and promote you too. Revisiting this strategy regularly to identify who is responding and who is not responding is important as you will want to adjust who you continue to tag and who you choose to stop tagging.
  • Discuss Facebook page tagging with your business partners and ask them to reciprocate. This is so simple, but it is often forgotten. If you have close relationships with partners, let them know of your plans to start tagging them and ask if they will reciprocate. You can even go as far as offering pre-written posts for them to us to talk about you and tag you (if they are open to you writing content for them.)
  • Make sure to leverage events, meetings and any other type of activity that could produce photos and videos as a chance to tag your partners and associates. Events are a great time to tag people because they usually bring a lot of people from different backgrounds together.
  • Make a list of partners, associates and others you would like to recognize on Facebook and begin to actively look for ways to tag them. Watch their Facebook pages for posts to share, news and events that may be worthwhile to share with your audience.
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How To Tag A Facebook page or Individual From Your Facebook Business Page

It’s easy to tag a Facebook page or profile. Just follow the 4 steps below and you will have it mastered:

  1. Type the @ sign in your post
  2. Immediately after typing the @ sign (leave no spaces) begin typing the name of the page or person you want to tag. As you begin to type the name after the @ sign a drop down of pages and individuals following your page will appear.

    Tagging a Business Facebook PageTo tag another page or individual type the @ sign and their name immediately after the @ sign to see a drop down menu of options of pages or individuals you can tag.

  3. Once you see the drop-down menu with choices that match your intended business or individual, select the page or person you want to tag and it will appear in your post highlighted in light blue. This indicates that you have successfully tagged the page.

    Tagging a Facebook PageAfter you select a page to tag the page name will show up in your draft post with a blue highlight to indicate that you have set a tag in your post for that page.

  4. Publish the post. You will see the tagged page in dark blue once you publish the post. This is how you know it is tagged. Click on it and you will be taken to the tagged Facebook page.

Facebook status with a business page taggedAfter you publish a post with a tagged page, the page that is tagged will appear in dark blue print. Any user may click on the tagged name and they will be taken to the Facebook page of the tagged business.

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Final Thoughts On Facebook Tagging For Businesses

Remember when you tag on Facebook, you are linking to another business or person’s page and that can lead people to click and leave your Facebook page to go to the tagged page. It’s important to balance your desire to connect along with your desire to keep people front and center. We evaluate any post that we are planning to use tagging to make sure we are ok with traffic potentially leaving the post on our page. We also strategize to balance tagging with not tagging to ensure that we are not always driving people away. Strive to keep content balanced because too much of one thing is typically not a good thing. Tagging should be used as one of many strategies to engage with others.

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Building a social media strategy and implementation plan is an important part of leveraging tagging effectively. Being successful on social media means crafting quality content and balancing your different messaging objectives with your overall presence. Having a strategy and plan in place that helps guide when, why and how to tag people and pages. This will strengthen your efforts and garner much greater results than randomly tagging people when it works out or you remember to tag them.

If you would like help building a real, actionable social media strategy and implementation plan that will help guide your Facebook posts to get more engagement, leads and sales contact us today for a free quote. We are happy to help you Connect. Engage and Grow!

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Tagging with the “@” symbol

On some social media sites you might see names preceded by the “@” symbol.  The “@” symbol signifies that someone is tagged.

For example if you want to get someone’s attention on Instagram you can tag them in a comment by entering their username preceded by “@” – such as “Hey @JeanBeanNH what do you think of this?”  The person with the username “JeanBeanNH” will know that you have mentioned her on your Instagram post.

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You can also tag someone in a photo with the tag feature in Instagram.

Twitter also uses the “@” symbol.    On Twitter, you can type “@” before someone’s username and that is pretty much the same thing as tagging someone on Facebook.  You’ll see it when replying to or mentioning another Twitter user in a tweet.

Here’s an example where Jimmy Fallon (or likely one of his staff members) has tagged/mentioned Shaun White and Sara Bareilles.

Jimmy Fallon's tweet with tags

While Denzel Washington is mentioned in the post, he is not tagged so there is no link back to his Twitter feed.  Perhaps he doesn’t have a Twitter account? Playing it old school!

Learn about Twitter privacy for mentions, replies and tags –

Facebook Tagging and Privacy

On Facebook, there are some Privacy settings you can set to limit who can see posts and photos where you are tagged.

See, if your Facebook friend posts a photo, and you are in that photo, then usually only her friends (or whichever audience she chooses) will see the photo.  But, if she TAGS you in the photo, then potentially YOUR friends will see it too.

But you can limit the visibility of photos and posts that you are tagged in.  Just take a look at the Privacy settings page  and click on “Timeline and Tagging”.

For “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?” you want that to say “Yes”.  With this setting enabled, you will be notified when you are tagged and can choose whether an individual tag will show up on your Timeline.  (For example you can preview a photo to make sure you look good before all your friends see it!)

Next take a look at the setting “Who can see posts you’ve been tagged in on your timeline?” Your choices here are the standard audience settings such as Everyone, Friends, Friends or Friends, Custom or Only Me.  This is the most private option, as your friends will not see posts that you are tagged in (assuming you did not tag yourself; we’re talking about posts by other people here).  You can also choose a custom audience as I’ve done in the example below.

These are my suggested settings for Timeline and Tagging for those who want to take some control over tags on Facebook.

Facebook Options for Timeline and TaggingClick for a larger view

More about tagging from Facebook:

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