How to sync contacts from iphone to mac

Transfer Sync iPhone Contacts with Google

iPhone users, if you’re currently using an iPhone as your primary smartphone, but planning to make the switch to Android for whatever reason it might be, shifting all those iPhone contacts should be your top priority. Since Android is Google’s mobile operating system, you’re supposed to transfer iPhone contacts to a Google account.

Likewise, if you currently own a Google Home, you should be excited for the upcoming Google Home Hands-free calling feature. Google Home is supposed to launch complete free call feature to the United States and Canada. In order to take advantage of this free call feature, you need to make use of Google contacts. If you don’t have contacts on Google account, you should seriously consider transferring phone contacts to your Google account right away.

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Well, if you’re confused regarding how to get this done without running into issues like losing some of your contacts, stop worrying, as we’re going to do what we do best, and that’s nothing but helping you guys out. So, without further ado, let’s take a detailed look at how to transfer and sync iPhone contacts with Google.

Alternate Method: iPhone Contacts Sync App For iOS

We at Technical Tips strive to provide you with multiple options to get something done, and that’s exactly why we’ve decided to include this alternative method. Honestly, this is much more easier than the first one, and it will suit to everyone who doesn’t have a computer in their reach.

Well, head over to the App Store and download Contacts Sync App for your iPhone. Once installed, go to the Sync section of the application. Contacts Sync will now prompt you to sign in to the Google account that you wish to sync your contacts with. Once done, tap on iCloud Contacts -> Gmail.

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That’s it for now, as the app will start syncing all the contacts. However, the free version of the app lets you sync up to only 40 contacts. If you have more than that, you’ll have to make an in-app purchase of $4 to sync as many contacts as you’d possibly want. Well, if you want a much easier method to transfer all those iPhone contacts to Google, you’ll certainly have to spend some bills.

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