How to sneak out

Kobe Gonzalez, Staff reporter

My name is Kobe Gonzalez. I am an 8th grader at Dobie Junior High and I’m here to tell you about the last day of school and a little about the first day of summer.

The last day of school and first day of summer were wild. When I got out of school, I literally ran out of school and got on my bus. When I got home I had planned to go to my friends JT’s house with my friends Blake and Jacob.

JT lives in this really big neighborhood called Saddle Creek. A lot of people from Dobie were in that neighborhood at the time so everyone went to the pool. When I say everyone I literally mean everyone.

When we were there it was fun; everyone was having a good time, people that had a girlfriend were hanging out with their girlfriend. Once everyone got bored we went to another friend’s house to hang out even more.

Once we were there we watched a movie, but her parents didn’t know we were there so she locked the door. Once everyone heard her parents pulling up the driveway we all zoomed out of the house. All of us were trying to be quiet so she didn’t get in trouble.

After we somehow snuck out, Blake, JT, and Jacob decided to go back to JT’s house. Once we got there we go on our phones and were up all night.

When we go bored we decided to sneak out but we didn’t realize that JT’s house had a security system. So when we opened the front door the system said loudly “FRONT DOOR OPEN.” When we heard that, we ran up stairs and went to bed.

When we woke up we thought we were in the clear because JT’s parents hadn’t woken up. When JT’s mom got home from getting us food she said, “So guys what’s this notification about the front door being opened at 4:31 am?” At that moment we knew we were in trouble!

After that day Blake, Jacob and I were not allowed back to JT’s house. That was my last day of school and first day of summer. It was overall a really good two days.

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10 Tips to Help You Sneak Out Of Work, Whenever You Want To

You will need to follow certain things to ensure that you sneak out of work, whenever you want to. Below are 10 tips to help you master the act:

  1. Devise the Entire Plan. Making sure that you sneak out of work without getting caught require you to plan the whole thing beforehand, perhaps weeks before the actual day. This will give you enough time to be able to go through all the details multiple times. It also allows you to change some aspects of the plan, if needed.
  2. Be Very Knowledgeable of Other People. Since you are planning a sneak out, you need to be 200% sure of other team members’ and your boss’s plans for the day. BE sure to know what every other person in your office, especially on your floor is doing at the time of your departure. You would not want to go through the pain of sneaking out only to meet your boss standing right on the entrance door.
  3. Pick the Perfect Time. While this depends on many factors, you will need to know how you can pick the perfect time to sneak out. You might need to do multiple attempts and that is why you should start a little early and not leave it to the last try. You know how often your boss checks on your station and when s/he involves you in meetings and discussions. Work with probabilities here.
  4. Know Your Escape Route. Your escape route is s important as your timing. Make sure you have all factors of your escape route planned. Plan your each step and be sure to have enough practice of doing so. It would be ideal if there were multiple entry and exit points to your office, so you can avoid the one commonly used by your boss and/or team members.
  5. Make Sure Your Escape Route is Clear. Not only do you need to know your escape route, you also need to make sure it remains clear. Do not assume that you have seen your route once in the morning and it is still clear. If you are taking a backdoor exit, make sure you will not end up seeing a colleague taking his/her smoke break.
  6. Know Your Office’s Weak Points. You need to be vary of the weak spots at your workplace. These are areas where your chances of getting caught are the greatest. It can be the glass door to your boss’s room from where s/he can view every person walking past. Keep a check of such spots and time your move to sneak out perfectly.
  7. Have an Accomplice with You. If there is a colleague who is truly close to you, someone you can call your friend, you might consider telling him about your escape. Having an accomplice will not only help you clear things out and escape with ease, but also cover up for you at work in your absence. Just make sure this accomplice is someone you can really trust and not someone who will tell on you.
  8. Keep Your Cool at All Times. All through this whole process of you sneaking out, you need to maintain a cool and calm demeanour. If you start panicking, you will find yourself out of office without your car keys, prompting you to head back in and increasing your chances of getting caught. Plan your moves, move calm, and collected. Make sure you have everything you need when you head out to avoid ruining your escape plan.
  9. Never Let Your Behaviour Deceive You. You might have a great thing to go to, but please do not show that on your face. Act naturally otherwise your team members and especially your boss (who is much more experienced than you!) would definitely get a hint and will be on your case. Never stammer or sweat if they ask you something and never hesitate to answer their questions or show anger. Acting differently will make them suspicious of your behaviour and that will pretty much destroy your plan.
  10. Always be Ready with an Excuse. Whatever you do, you need to keep an excuse ready for your defence in case you get caught. Make sure it is a believable and natural excuse and not something that will make you even more suspicious. If you get caught right outside your office, make an excuse that you are just heading out to get yourself a coffee and even offer them one just to make it look natural. You can always buy some time, depending on how long you want to be out for.
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Hopefully, these tips will help you sneak out of your office like a pro. Let us know if you have any other tips to share with our readers. Do check our other blog post on How to Ask your Boss if you Can Leave Work Early – Like a Pro. This blog post has received over 1 Million views and is something that you would like to read!

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