How to share calendar on iphone

If your business has embraced Google Apps as part of its workflow, then you probably know about the ability to create and share calendars with others. Shared calendars help keep teams organized and allow users to subscribe to public events.

Most people crave the ability to access their shared calendars from their mobile devices. Whether you’re scheduling personal appointments or work-related events, being able to access a shared calendar keeps everyone in the know in order to avoid scheduling conflicts.

For Android users, shared Google calendars automatically sync with your device after a little initial setup. After entering your Google account information, you can choose to sync your personal and shared calendars. It’s that easy! But what if you’re using an iOS device?

How do I sync shared Google calendars with my iPhone or iPad?

Not to worry! If you’ve got an iPhone or an iPad (the setup process is the same on both devices), you’ll have to go through a few more steps before your shared calendars will start showing up in your native calendar app or on a third-party calendar program.

Here’s how to do it, as explained by Tech Radar:

1. Enter Google Account Information

First, you’ll need to enter your Google account credentials so your device can synchronize with Google’s cloud. To do that, go into your iOS device’s Settings menu. Then select Mail/Contacts/Calendars and hit Add Account.

Sync Google Calendar | Ripple IT

Once you’ve added your Google account information, you’ll be given the choice to sync emails, contacts, calendars, and notes. Make sure the Calendar option is toggled on in order to ensure syncing will take place.

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2. Choose Which Calendars to Sync

Next, you’ll need to select which calendars sync to your iOS device. To set that up, go to After signing into your Google account, you’ll see a list of all your personal and shared calendars.

Your calendars will have check boxes next to each of them. Make sure you check off which calendars you want to sync across all your devices. Shared calendars need to be selected individually, as the default setting is Off. At this time, you can also deselect any calendar you don’t want synchronized.

Sync Shared Calendars | Ripple IT

Click Save and you’re set! At this point, you just have to wait for the calendars to sync in the background on your device.

What about when a new calendar is shared?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to repeat the previous steps whenever a new calendar has been shared with you (if you’re not on an Android device). Although shared calendars may not be automatically marked for syncing across your devices, knowing these steps will make adding future calendars a snap!

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