How to set up firestick

When not loaded, a Firestick may look like an ordinary device. But when you install Kodi on Firestick, you literally unlock a universe of content from all around the world. So you not only get to watch your favorite TV shows and movies but also stream live sports and events.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to download Kodi app on your Firestick and install it without breaking a sweat! So read on.

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How to Download Kodi On Firestick

Before you begin, go to Settings>Device>Developer Options and turn “ON” ADB Debugging and Apps from unknown sources. Then you must download and install ES File Explorer so you can install Kodi on Firestick device. Here’s what you need to do:

Install ES File Explorer on Firestick

Install ES File Explorer On FireStick

To download Kodi on Amazon Firestick you need ES File Explorer app. To do that, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Fire TV, choose Settings then System and finally, Developer Options.
  2. Make sure to turn on Allow apps from unknown sources.
  3. In the main menu of Amazon Fire Stick, click on the Search box.
  4. In the box therein type ES Explorer.
  5. Now choose ES Explorer app icon for downloading and install it.
  6. Initiate the ES Explorer app

That’s it! You have successfully completed the first step to get Kodi on Firestick. Now you must put Kodi on Firestick using the ES Explorer app that you just downloaded and installed. Here’s what you need to do to get Kodi for Firestick.

How To Install Kodi On Amazon Fire Stick Using Downloader

using kodi on fire stick

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Access your Fire TV, go to Settings then Device and Developer Options.
  2. Make sure to Allow apps from Unknown Sources
  3. Now head to the Amazon Fire Stick main menu, select Search.
  4. In the box type Downloader.
  5. Choose the Downloader app icon to initiate download the installation will start.
  6. Downloader app.
  7. In the Downloader app main menu, enter the desired URL:
  8. Hit ‘Go’.
  9. The concerned installation file will now start downloading.
  10. In the meantime, Kodi app download will be in progress and once completed, select install to get it set up on Amazon Fire TV.
  11. Voila, you can open the Kodi app on your FireStick!
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After you are done installing Kodi on Fire TV Stick, simply return to the home screen and scroll down to Your Apps  & Games. You will find the Kodi icon on the list. Click on the icon to launch Kodi on FireTV Stick.

How To Install Kodi On Firestick With PC

With our assistance, you can even setup Kodi on Fire Stick device with PC. All you have to do is follow these quick and simple steps:

How To Install Kodi On Firestick Using Windows

If you have a Windows PC then this is what you need to do:

  1. Go to Settings>System>Developer Options and enable Apps from unknown sources and ADB Debugging
  2. Return to home screen and go to Settings>System>About to note down your IP Adress
  3. Now download Adblink for Windows from
  4. Download ARM APK file from
  5. Launch Adblink and click on New button
  6. In the Description field, type in a random name for your reference
  7. In the Address field, enter the IP of your FireTV
  8. Click Save and then Connect
  9. You will now be able to see your FireTV IP address in Connected Devices
  10. Click the Install APK button and then select Kodi APK
  11. Click Open, then Confirm
  12. Now go to Apps to locate the Kodi app

How To Install Kodi On Firestick Using Mac

If you have a Mac then here’s how you can install Kodi on Firestick using Mac:

  1. On your Firestick, go to Settings>System>Developer Options and enable Apps from unknown sources and ADB Debugging.
  2. Return to System>About>Network and note down your IP address (you will need it later).
  3. Go to the Download AdbLink for OS X page and click on the Begin Download button.
  4. Go to and download the ARM file under Android icon.
  5. Now launch AdbLink on your Mac and click the New button.
  6. In the Description box, enter FireStick.
  7. In the Address box, enter the IP address of your FireStick.
  8. Press Save
  9. Under Current Device, choose FireStick
  10. Press Connect. (You will now see FireStick under Current Devices)
  11. Click the Install APK button.
  12. Navigate to Kodi APK installation file you just downloaded.
  13. At the confirmation prompt, click Yes to allow adbLink to install Kodi on FireTV Stick.
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Once you have Setup Kodi on FireStick, simply go to Home>Apps>Kodi to launch Kodi on your Fire TV Stick device. Do remember though that you will still need to install the Best Kodi addons for 2017 to be able to stream your favorite content using Kodi on Fire TV Stick.

How To Update Kodi On Firestick

It is important to update Kodi over the said device with the latest version to be able to download the best addons. Luckily, updating Kodi over Fire TV Stick is a quick and simple task. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. On your Fire TV, go to Settings>System>Developer Options and enable Apps from unknown sources.
  2. Return to the home screen and click on Search.
  3. Enter “Downloader” in the search bar and hit the Install button to install it on FireTV
  4. In the box, add URL and hit the Download button.
  5. Click Install at bottom of screen to update Kodi on FireTV.

That’s about it! You have successfully managed to update Kodi over your Fire TV Stick and you can now enjoy “Amazon fire stick with Kodi” combo. Needless to say, so you now install the latest Kodi addons on your FireStick without any hassle and stream your favorite content right on your FireTV.

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