How to sell your car


There are a variety of circumstances that may force you to sell your vehicle as soon as possible. This is easier said than done, as selling a car isn’t a simple task. These ordeals often take months to complete, and trying to expedite the process may not necessarily work in your favor.

If you’ve recently thought to yourself that it’s “time to sell my car,” you’ll want to continue reading our guide, where we’ll maximize the chance that you will sell your vehicle quickly. We’ll provide pointers for selling your car on the open market, and you should hopefully secure a deal in no time…

Understand the Value of Your Vehicle


Customers aren’t going to have much patience for a flip-flopping seller. They’re going to want as many specifics as possible, especially when it comes to the car’s value. You’re going to want to have established an asking price for your vehicle, and you may displease a customer by initiating a bidding war.

Of course, you’re still going to want to secure the best possible deal for your car. That’s why you should refer to a number of car-selling tools prior to putting your vehicle on the market. Several websites will provide fair used car values, and you can even refer to previous and similar sales on eBay.

It’s important to realize that if you’re looking to sell your vehicle as quickly as possible, you might have to eat a bit of money. By pricing your car competitively, you’re more likely to generate some interest. Just make sure that you’re not giving your car away… you still want fair value for the ride. Remember that potential buyers are going to haggle over a price regardless of your pre-established value, so it’s better off to aim a bit high.

Prepare Your Vehicle


You’re going to entice potential buyers by displaying a clean vehicle. Customers may be turned off by a messy interior or a salt-stained body. By simply vacuuming the vehicle and taking it through a car wash, you’ll make the ride a lot more presentable.

Some sellers go as far as hiring a cleaning service for their interiors, and some even pursue detailing work. These are probably unrealistic options if you’re looking to move the vehicle quickly, and if you can do an adequate cleaning job yourself.

At the very least, you should assure that several crucial aspects of your vehicle are operating properly. In particular, the engine should at least be competent, as you may find yourself earning less for the vehicle if the motor isn’t working. The air conditioning/heater are also essential features, and any bizarre noises may cause a prospective buyer to pause.

Make Yourself Available

Dead Car Give Away

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of selling a vehicle. If you want as many potential customers as possible, you’re going to have to be relatively flexible with your schedule. You’re going to have to work around your potentials customers’ available time, and you shouldn’t expect them to work around yours. There are endless options out there for car buyers, and they can simply move on if they’re unable to view your vehicle.

Now, “being available” doesn’t mean carving out a five-minute window and quickly meeting with the customer. They’re going to want to give the car a test drive, and you should really adhere to their “demands” if you hope to sell that car quickly.

This means you’ll also want to be prepared to sell the vehicle when you’re showing it to prospective buyers. Have the title (and any accompanying paperwork) ready to go, assuring that you can finalize that deal as soon as possible.



No one is going to know that your car is for sale if you don’t advertise… and we’re not talking about putting a ‘For Sale’ sign on your window. We mean posting on CraigsList or purchasing an ad in a newspaper. You can even utilize social media, posting your vehicle listing to any of your sites.

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These advertisements could play a significant role in how many customers inquire about your car. You’ll want the accompanying photos to highlight the best attributes of your vehicle, and you’ll want to assure that the pictures are flattering. When you’re describing the vehicle in the text of the advertisement, make sure you solely focus on the vehicle’s best qualities.

You can also make the advertisement eye-catching or humorous, which will at least generate some clicks on your post.

Other Options

There are several alternative options, meaning you don’t have to stress as you attempt to quickly sell your vehicle…

  • There are plenty of businesses out there that will be interested in purchasing your vehicle. A dealership may be willing to take on your car, regardless of the condition, if they believe they can make some money off of it. However, you’ll have to remember that these dealerships may not offer as much money as you could get from an individual, private buyer.
  • Furthermore, if you’re going to be pursuing a replacement for your current ride, you could consider trading it in. You’ll often secure a much better deal from a dealership if you use those earnings towards another one of their cars.
  • If you simply want to get rid of the vehicle, you could consider donating. This will eliminate all of the stresses that accompany selling a vehicle, and you may even find some tax-deductible opportunities out there. Plus, doesn’t it feel good to know that your car is going to a good cause?
  • Can you just simply not afford the vehicle anymore? Visit a local bank and explore whether it’s beneficial to refinance your vehicle. While you may find yourself with a higher interest rate, the loan period will be elongated, giving you significantly more breathing room and lower monthly payments.

Easy, right? Of course, we say that with sarcasm, as selling a vehicle still takes plenty of time and effort. But, by following the pointers above, you should be able to sell your vehicle as quickly as possible.

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How Do I Sell a Used Car to Get the Best Value (craigslist cars vs trade in)?

Image of cash on table

If you’re deciding between selling on craigslist cars vs trade in, selling your used car privately is usually the best way to get the most money. However, if you calculate the cost of the time and effort spent trying to sell your vehicle privately, trading it in to a dealer at a lower price is another popular option.

Every new and used-car dealer, including prominent used-car brands like CarMax, take trade ins and purchase vehicles every day. Any brand or type of vehicle from Fords, to Fiats to Ferraris, can be traded in.

Some dealers require that you attach the trade in to a new or used-vehicle purchase, but many will simply buy your car outright with no obligation to purchase another car, SUV or pickup.

CarMax is well known for buying used cars and making the process painless. After a simple inspection and valuation of the vehicle, the dealership will make you a written offer on your used car, which is good for seven days, although it is not negotiable. The entire process takes about 30 minutes and no appointment is necessary. Don’t forget to bring all of your paperwork with you.

This option also includes leased vehicles. Many lessees looking for early-lease termination options choose to sell the vehicle to a dealer. Every lease has a buy-out value at any given time. When possible, call the finance company and ask for that number before visiting the dealer.

If the dealer’s trade in offer is more than the buy-out figure, which is determined by market conditions, the number of payments remaining and certain terms and conditions of the original lease contract, you get to keep those additional funds. If it is less, the lessee will need to make up the difference.

Unlike selling a car to a car dealer, selling a car privately or through Craigslist cars can takes weeks or even months, and the process will require you to deal with strangers.

How Do I Increase My Car’s Resale or Trade in Value ?

Image of car wash

Whatever you decide between selling on craigslist cars vs trade in, here are four easy steps to ensure you get more value for your vehicle:

  1. Make Small Repairs: Most used cars have a few small issues or minor repairs that owners have chosen not to fix, including things like a broken console lid, old windshield wiper blades and a finicky power-window switch. These aren’t big problems, like a broken transmission, but they can affect the car’s value. Before trading in a vehicle, resolve these issues.
  2. Clean the Car Thoroughly: A clean vehicle will give the impression that it’s been cared for and will therefore be worth more than cars that have had a hard life. Run it through a car wash, vacuum the interior carpet, toss all the trash that’s accumulated in the cubbies and cupholders. If possible, remove any stains from the upholstery and wipe down the wheels.
  3. Reverse Most Modifications: Unmodified vehicles are usually worth more, especially to a car dealer, than one that has been modified. To get the best value for your car, most modifications, including a lowered suspension and aftermarket accessories like a special steering wheel or gauges, should be removed, and the vehicle should be presented as factory stock. Sometimes, expensive, high-end custom wheels can add value.
  4. Time of Year and Location: Both timing and locale can impact a used car’s value. For instance, selling a convertible sports car in Maine in the midst of winter isn’t the best way to get the highest value for the car. An SUV with all-wheel drive, however, would be in greater demand given the same circumstances. So when it comes time to sell, consider your vehicle’s attributes, your location and the season.
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Can You Sell on Craiglist Cars Safely?

Image of police showing risk in craigslist cars vs trade in

Here are seven quick tips to consider if you’re going to use Craigslist Cars to sell a used car.

  1. Don’t negotiate over the phone before the buyer has even seen the vehicle. If you lower the price that easily, the buyer will no doubt try to get you to lower it again when you meet in person.
  2. Always meet the buyer in person; it’s usually best not to go alone. Bring a friend. It’s not only safer, but some buyers may be hesitant to negotiate in front of another person.
  3. Don’t forget to bring all the cars paperwork with you. Bring along any receipts for recent service, too. It’ll prove you’ve cared for the car.
  4. Put a lot of pictures of the car in your classified ad. Include photos of the interior and engine.
  5. Describe the vehicle completely and honestly. Mention if it has had any recent service or repairs. Use clear language.
  6. Get the car washed before showing it to any perspective buyers. Clean both the inside and the outside.
  7. Cash is best. Always ask for cash. If the buyer wants to pay with a certified check, ask to meet at the bank and have the check issued in front of you.

How Do You Determine Trade-in Value?

Image of finance calculations for trade in value

The easiest way to determine the trade in value of your used car or truck is to use the same tools the dealer will use to establish that price. This could help you decide on craigslist cars vs trade-in. Websites owned by Kelley Blue Book, NADA and others offer pricing tools that are easy to use and quickly offer an estimated trade-in value for any car.

Kelley Blue Book has been offering used car values for more than 90 years, and many dealers use the website to determine the value of any used car. The “Blue Book Value” pricing tool on will ask a few simple questions about the vehicle, including year, make and mileage.

Answer everything correctly and honestly. Within a few minutes, KBB will provide both a Private Party Value for the car, as well as a trade-in value. This is very valuable as it will show the range of a car’s possible worth.

Just remember that any price or price range supplied to you by Kelley Blue Book or any other online pricing calculator is an estimate of your car’s value. And remember, the trade-in value of your car is always going to be lower than the private party sale value.

Of course we all want to sell our car for top dollar, but we all live very busy lives; few people have the extra time or want to go through the hassle of selling their car privately on websites like Craigslist cars. That’s why so many choose to trade in their used car.  Doing so when buying a new one is just easier, and considering the risks mentioned earlier, trading it in is definitely safer and less stressful.

Craigslist Cars vs Trade in: How To Sell a Used Car Safely Online

How to Sell Your Used Car

Selling your car to Oxmoor Automotive Group is easy!

  • First, tell us about your vehicle including the year, make, model, and condition.
  • Schedule an appointment, or stop by at your convenience to get cash for your car

It’s that easy! Bring your car in with you and we’ll buy it on the spot! Or if your car is no longer running, we still may be able to help.

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