How to see who viewed your facebook profile

Facebook doesn’t provide any feature to let you know about who views your Facebook profile, but we have one trick for you which will guide you for how to see who views your Facebook profile. Also make a note that this trick only works on Google Chrome and not in other browsers.

  1. First of all, open your Facebook Account.
  2. how to see who views your Facebook profile - view page sourceView page source

    Right click anywhere on an empty area. And look for the “view page source”, click on it.

  3. A new tab will open with lots and lots of  code. Don’t hesitate its very  simple just follow the next step.
  4. how to see who views your Facebook profile- idPress Ctrl + F, a search box will open on the top right hand side. Type in “InitialChatFriendsList” and press Enter. It will take you somewhere where ID’s are present. These  ID’s are none other than the Id’s or the users who has seen your Facebook profile.
  5. Next, copy  the single ID leaving the part after “-“ as shown in above picture in blue color and paste it after the link “”.  For example: “”” and then press Enter. This will open a profile of a user, means this user has seen your profile.

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NOTE: An ID which is coming in the first place has seen your Facebook profile recently than the ID appearing at 2nd  position and the ID at third position has seen before 4th one means the recent views of your Facebook profile comes first. But this trick doesn’t reveal  that  at what particular time or day the user has seen your  Facebook profile.

So with this trick you can check who keeps coming regularly on your Facebook profile. As we informed above  also this trick only works on Google Chrome browser. Hoping that after following this article you get to know how to see who views your Facebook profile. However, you can share your thoughts and queries if you find any problem while following the above procedure.

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Friendster Failed Because It Turned Online Gazing Into Stalking

On Facebook, the term “stalker” is harder to peg. On Friendster, it was easy thanks to the “Who’s Viewed You” feature, jokingly referred to as “Who’s Watching Me.” The feature launched out of nowhere on September 30, 2005, and showed people who had been viewing them – and how many times their profile had been viewed since the beginning of that month.

In 2009, Friendster tried to relaunch. It didn’t work out too well.

Users of Facebook, on the other hand, have accepted frictionless sharing, the varied browsing tools and a news feed that keeps delivering fresh content it thinks you want to see.

If these workarounds aren’t doing it for you, and you’re really serious about finding out who looks at your profile, check out this bookmarklet and the WhoIsLive add-on.

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