How to scan a document

Scanning a documentDocument scanning is the practice of using scanners to convert paper documents into digital images. More businesses are scanning documents as a way to cut costs, increase productivity and improve access to their information. In this blog post we discuss the benefits of document scanning and offer tips for digitizing your hard copy records.

Why You Should Be Scanning Your Documents

There are several reasons you should scan your documents:

  1. Cost savings: Storing and managing paper documents is expensive, especially if you rely on file cabinets for document storage and retrieval. A standard four drawer file cabinet requires approximately eight cubic feet of floor space, which can represent a significant portion of your office lease costs. In addition to that, you need to factor in the cost of your time to find and retrieve your documents. Document scanning allows you to store and retrieve your documents online. This reduces your storage costs and provides greater work efficiency.
  2. Information sharing: Paper-based systems are inherently inefficient. Documents need to be printed or photocopied so several people can view them at the same time. Document scanning enables your information to be shared digitally for enhanced employee collaboration and improved customer response times.
  3. Environmental stewardship: Document scanning benefits both your business and the environment. By converting your hard copy records to digital images, you use less paper and toxic printer ink and reduce mailing processes that increase your carbon footprint. 

Should I Outsource My Scanning Projects or Do It Myself?

It is cheaper and more efficient to outsource your document scanning projects. In-house document scanning requires:

  • Buying scanners and software
  • Organizing documents and files
  • Training and/or hiring staff
  • Allocating dedicated imaging time
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By outsourcing your scanning project, you transfer costs, risks and responsibilities to a company with scanning and imaging expertise. From the initial document preparation phase to the final delivery of your digital images, the entire process is handled by dedicated, screened scanning technicians who ensure your documents are scanned quickly and securely with unparalleled quality. In the meantime, as your documents are being scanned, you can continue focusing on growing your business!

Corporate Records Management offers document scanning and imaging services for businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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