How to say i love you in greek

To help you to be extra romantic we have added the language translation of I love you in 25 popular languages below…

I love you in Bulgarian: Обичам теI love you in Catalan: T’estimoI love you in Chinese: Cantonese: 我愛你 – Mandarin: 我愛你; 我爱你

love-love-loveI love you in Croatian: Volim te

I love you in Czech: Miluji těI love you in Danish: Jeg elsker digI love you in Dutch: Ik hou van jouI love you in Estonian: Ma armastan sindI love you in French: Je t’aimeI love you in German: Ich liebe DichI love you in Greek: Σ’ αγαπώI love you in Hungarian: SzeretlekI love you in Irish Gaelic: Tá grá agam ortI love you in Italian: Ti amoI love you in Japanese: 大好きI love you in Latvian: Es mīlu teviI love you in Polish: Kocham cięI love you in Portuguese: Amo-teI love you in Romanian: Te iubescI love you in Russian: Я вaс люблюI love you in Slovene: Ljubim teI love you in Spanish: Te amoI love you in Swedish: Jag älskar digI love you in Turkish: Seni seviyorum

I love you in Welsh: ‘Rwy’n dy garu di

Somtimes you need to say more than just ‘I love you’, for times like that we have a document translation service right here to help you say what you want in any language!

Say ‘I love you’ in 50 Languages

  1. English: I love you Pronounced: i-luv-you
  2. French: Je t’aime Pronounced: je tem
  3. Welsh: Rwy’n dy garu di Pronounced: roo-en-de-gary-dee
  4. German: Ich liebe dich Pronounced: isch-leeba-disch
  5. Portuguese: Amo-te Pronounced: amo-tay
  6. Scottish (Gaelic): Tha gaol agam ort Pronounced: a-gare-lakam-orst
  7. Spanish: Te amo Pronounced: tay-amo
  8. Irish (Gaelic): Gráim thú Pronounced: gr-ow-am-hoo
  9. Dutch: Ik hou van jou Pronounced: ik-how-von-yoo
  10. Greek: S’agapo Pronounced: say-aga-po
  11. Hungarian: Szeretlek Pronounced: se-ret-lek
  12. Czech: Miluji tě  Pronounced: me-loo-see-chay
  13. Italian: Ti amo Pronounced: tee-amo
  14. Croatian: Volim te Pronounced: vow-leem-tay
  15. Bulgarian: Obicam te Pronounced: oh=be-chem tay
  16. Slovak: Ľúbim ťa Pronounced: yoo-bim-ta
  17. Maltese: Inhobbok Pronounced: yin-in-ho-bak
  18. Slovenian: Ljubim te Pronounced: yoo-bim te
  19. Romanian: Te iubesc Pronounced: tay-yoo-bay-sk
  20. Albanian: Te dua Pronounced: te-do-a
  21. Serbian: Volim te Pronounced: volim-te
  22. Hawaiian: Aloha wau ia’oe Pronounced: alo-ha-vow-ee-ah-oh-way
  23. Hebrew: Ani ohev otach Pronounced: ani-oh-hev-oh-tak
  24. Hindi: Main tumse pyar karta/i hoon Pronounced: me-an-say-pe-ar-kara/i-hoon
  25. Afrikaans: Ek het jou lief Pronounced: ek-ey-jo-lif
  26. Bengali: Ami tomake bhalobashi Pronounced: amee-tomah-kay-balo-ba-she
  27. Brazilian (Portuguese): Eu te amo Pronounced: ay-oo-te-amo
  28. Persian: Duset daram Pronounced: doo-stat-der-am
  29. Thai: Phom rak khun Pronounced: pom-lak koon
  30. Japanese: Aishiteru Pronounced: ay-she-tay-ee-roo
  31. Mandarin: Wo ai ni Pronounced: wo-i-nee
  32. Vietnamese: Anh Yêu Em Pronounced: ah-noo-em
  33. Korean: Sarang hae Pronounced: sa-rang-hey
  34. Indonesian: Saya cinta kamu Pronounced: saya-shinta-ka-moo
  35. Finnish: Mina rakastan sinua Pronounced: me-neh-raka-stan-see-noo-wa
  36. Swedish: Jag älskar dig Pronounced: ya-elsker-day
  37. Georgian: Mikvarhar Pronounced: meek-var-har
  38. Inuit: Nagligivagit Pronounced: na-glee-giv-a-git
  39. Danish: Jeg elsker dig Pronounced: yi-ols-ker-dye
  40. Ukranian: Ya tebe kohayu Pronounced: ye-te-bay-koha-yoo
  41. Polish: Kocham cię Pronounced: kok-em-chay-oh
  42. Latvian: Es tevi milu Pronounced: es-tay-vee-me-loo
  43. Belarusian: Ja ciabe kakhaju Pronounced: ya-sta-bia-ka-hi-yoo
  44. Turkish: Seni seviyorum Pronounced: say-nyee-say-vee-yor-um
  45. Lithuanian: Aš tave myliu Pronounced: as-tay-vee-me-loo
  46. Norwegian: Jeg elsker deg Pronounced: ye-elsker-dye
  47. Estonian: Ma armastan sind Pronounced: ma-arma-stan-sind
  48. Russian: Ya tebya liubliu Pronounced: ya-teb-ya-loo-bloo
  49. Icelandic: ég elska þig Pronounced: yeg-ee-elska-pig
  50. Catalan: T’estimo Pronounced: t-est-ee-mo
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The Unusual Suspects

love is beautiful

Love is beautiful in any language. While these might not be the first languages to pop up on your list when searching for translations of the phrase ‘I love you’, they, however, prove that the beauty of love is universal.

11. Japanese – Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu

12. Mandarin – Wo ai ni

13. Turkish – Seni seviyorum

14. Polish – Kocham Cię

15. Finnish – Minä rakastan sinua

16. Romanian – Te iubesc

17. Welsh – Rwy’n dy garu di

18. Vietnamese – Anh ye^u em (to female), Em ye^u anh (to male)

19. Afrikaans – Ek het jou lief

20. Yoruba – Mo nifẹ rẹ

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ti amo i love you

21. Icelandic – Ég elska þig

22. Igbo – A hụrụ m gị n’anya

23. Hungarian – Szeretlek

24. Hindi – Main tumase pyaar karata hoon

25. Xhosa – Ndiyakuthanda

26. Norwegian – Jeg elsker deg

27. Belarusian – Ja ciabie kachaju

28. Bulgarian – Obicham te

29. Punjabi – Maiṁ tuhānū pi’āra karadā hāṁ

30. Zulu – Ngiyakuthanda

31. China – Wǒ ài nǐ

32. Cambodian – Bung Srorlagn Oun (to female), Oun Srorlagn Bung (to male)

33. Catalan – T’estimo

34. Chichewa (Bantu) – Ndimakukonda

35.  Bengali

36.  Bulgarian – Obicham te

37. Bangla – Aamee tuma ke bhalo baashi

38. Korean – 사랑해 (Saranghae)

39. Czech – Miluji te

40.  Danish – Jeg Elsker Dig

41. Dutch –  Ik hou van jou

42. Esperanto – Mi amas vin

43. Ethiopian – Ewedishalehu

44.  Filipino – Mahal kita

45. Persian – Doo…set daaram

Love, as we know, is pure, sweet and most importantly, painful. True love, no doubt, is overwhelming.Every living thing, including animals, depend on it and it often seems like our planet would stop spinning if love didn’t exist. Love is something we strive for and something we mourn the loss of.

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46.  Portuguese –  Eu te amo

47. Romanian – Te iubesc

48.  Scot Gaelic – Tha gradh agam ort

49. Serbian … Volim te

50. Slovak – Lu`bim ta

51. Hebrew – Ani ohev otakh

52. Slovenian – Ljubim te

53. Surinam – Mi lobi joe

54. Thai – P̄hm rạk khuṇ

55. Swiss-German – Ich lieb Di

56. Basque – maite zaitut

57. Pashto – za la ta sara meena kawom

58.  Indonesian– Saya cinta padamu

59. Lithuanian – Tave myliu

60. Moroccan – Ana moajaba bik

61. Cheyenne – Nemehotatse

62. Swedish – Jag alskar dig

63. Tagalog – Mahal kita

64. Taiwanese – Wa ga ei li

65. Ukrainian – Ya tebe kahayu

66. Yiddish – Ikh hob dikh

67. Papiamento – Mi ta stimabo

68. Nepali – Ma Timilai Maya Garchhu

69. Navaho – Ayor anosh’ni

70. Sundanese – Abdi bogoh ka anjeun

While we try to learn how to use this phrase in different languages of the world, there are a few facts about love we need to remind ourselves of:

  • That it takes less than five minutes for us to decide whether we like someone or not and we also have the same minutes to create a good impression on such a person.
  • Being in love with someone has some neurological effects similar to those of cocaine. Research has proven that our hormones, interests, and upbringing all play a role in determining who we love — and who falls for you.
  • Psychologists also say that human beings are not capable of being “just friends” with members of the opposite sex because the act of falling in love is known to have a calming effect on a person’s body and mind.  This, in turn, will raise levels of nerve growth for about a year.
  • That love is sweet but at most times, very painful. Research has proven that intense, traumatizing events, such as a break-up, loss of a loved one or betrayal can cause real physical pains in one’s heart. It leads to what scientists call the Broken Heart Syndrome. The condition is often misdiagnosed as heart attack and tends to affect women more often.
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