How to save a gif

You can easily save and play GIFs on your computer. But have you ever wondered how you can save GIFs on your iPhone? If you have tried to do that before, then you already know that it’s not as simple as downloading and opening. You can still save them like how you save normal photos, but when you open these images in the Camera Roll, they just show up as static screenshots, right?

Whether you have experienced this before or not, if you want to download and be able to view animated GIFs on your iPhone, just keep reading. I’m sure that this article is the only thing you’ll ever need.

I’m just a GIF enthusiast. I love to use them on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and iMessage. It’s just much more fun than using boring default emojis! And in this post, I will be showing you all the possible methods I use to save these special images.

This is where the FUN begins

[alert-announce]iOS 11 beta has been announced and happily, Apple now makes the Photos app more awesome by supporting GIF files. Yes, on iOS 11 your saved GIFs won’t be turned into a typical still image, instead, it continues to remain in its original form. No jailbreak tweaks, no third-party apps, it’s much more fun!

If you’ve already upgraded to iOS 11 beta, just open the Photos app, tap “Albums”, and you will see an album entitled “Animated”. This is the album for your GIFs. From there, you’re able to view them as original animated images. iOS 11 also lets you attach these GIFs and even save what your friends send you in iMessage conversations.[/alert-announce]

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2. How to save GIFs on iPhone using third-party apps

You can download an app called GIFwrapped for free on the App Store. This app lets you find, download, play GIFs and even sync them with your Dropbox account. If you want to save GIFs from a web page, just save it as usual and use GIFwrapped to open it instead of using the Messages app.

All your downloaded GIFs stored in Camera Roll can be found in the Photos tab of the app. Just launch the app and you’re able to see them in motion instantly. It’s much more convenient than sending a message each time you want to view a GIF, right?

If you use the Search tool to search and download GIFs, GIFWrapped will keep all these files within the app, you can then send them via Messages, e-mail or save to the Camera Roll.

How to save GIFs on iPhone using GIFwrapped

Another app for viewing GIFs I think is worth checking out is GIFPlayer. In fact, this app has more features than GIFwrapped:

  • Saving GIFs to Camera Roll
  • Playing GIFs (you can pause, move backward, move forward like with video)
  • Converting GIFs to videos and saving to Camera Roll
  • Built-in browser with a list of free GIF Sites
  • 4-digit Passcode

How to save GIFs on iPhone using GIFplayer

Besides that, if you want to know about the drawbacks, then this app has really annoying ads coming along with the free version.

Save animated GIFs from Telegram to Camera Roll

Though the official Telegram Messenger for iOS doesn’t allow you to save animated GIFs to Camera Roll, there are some third party alternatives that allow you to do so. Telepal for Telegram is one of them.

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Telepal is a simple Telegram client, which is almost similar to the official Telegram app for iOS. However, the Share menu associated with the GIF viewer invokes the native iOS Share menu, which includes (among others) an Action Extension to save the animated file to Camera Roll. The following steps will guide you through the process.

  1. Download and install Telepal from the App Store.
  2. Log in to your Telegram account and tap on a particular GIF that you want to export. It should open in a new window, playing as a video file.
  3. Tap on the Share button in the top right corner to bring up the Share menu.

Finally, tap on Save Video option to save the selected GIF as a video file, to Camera Roll.

Note: If you want to stick to the official Telegram apps, there’s another way to save GIFs from Telegram; however, it requires the official desktop client. Telegram Desktop includes the feature to save GIFs as MP4, from individual conversations, on computer, using the “Right Click >> File Save As…” option. Once saved, you can transfer the file to Camera Roll on your iPhone or iPad.

From iOS Camera Roll, you can share the animated video on any supported platform. If the file is sufficiently small, platforms like WhatsApp (e.g., 6 seconds or less for WhatsApp) can automatically convert videos into GIF while sharing them.

If your video exceeds that limit, some third party apps can help you to convert it into GIF. Later, you can share the same on your favourite messaging platform.

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