How to ripen an avocado fast

Promotes weight loss

Contrary to what we’ve been led to believe, you actually have to add healthy fats to your diet in order to burn your fat stores! (To learn more, read this blog: Why You Have to Eat Fat to Burn Fat & the Top 2 Healthy Fats.)

Avocados are high in healthy monounsaturated fats and omega-3’s, another reason to add them to your shopping list. In fact, avocado lovers have a lower body weight and BMI (Body Mass Index, a measure of body weight based on height and weight) and a lower risk of obesity than their non-avocado-eating counterparts!4

The high fat and fiber content in avocados also keep you satisfied longer and help your blood sugar remain steady. One study showed that eating half of an avocado with lunch significantly reduced hunger and appetite for 3-5 hours and balanced out blood sugar levels.5

So with a half serving of avocado, you can ditch being a sugar burner and say hello to burning fat for fuel instead!

How to Choose the Best Avocados When You Shop

Now that you know about some of the amazing health benefits of avocados, it’s time to make sure you only choose the best of the bunch from your local market!

Once again, the avocado makes this easy because the Environmental Working Group rates the avocado as the #1 cleanest fruit, so buying non-organic avocados is actually fine.17

However, if you’ve had a less-than-stellar encounter with avocados in the past, it may be because you ate one that wasn’t at its peak. If you’ve ever waited impatiently for your avocado to ripen only to discover that it’s turned brown inside, I’ve got you covered!

To make sure your next batch of avocados are perfectly fresh and creamy, follow these 3 simple steps:

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1. Pick up an unblemished avocado and give it a gentle squeeze. When you lightly press on the skin of an avocado, it should give just slightly if it’s ripe. If the avocado is still solid and firm, wait another 2-3 days. If your avocado feels squishy and soft, it’s well past its due date!

2. The color of your avocado also offers a clue to its ripeness. The Hass avocado, which is most common, is ripe when it’s a deep purple or almost black.

3. Check the base of the stem. There’s a small divot at one end of your avocado with a piece of brown, woody stem in it. When you remove that bit of stem, you can check the color underneath. If it’s a creamy yellow, your avocado is ready to eat! If there are brown spots hiding under the stem, the avocado is overripe.

So, there you have it! When you follow these three steps as you’re picking out avocados, you’ll increase your chances of getting the yummiest ones.

Not Ripe? No Problem: How to Ripen an Avocado in 10 Minutes!

What if you’ve checked every avocado in the grocery bin, and they’re all rock-hard? Before you give up on getting your superfood fix, try this easy trick to ripen an avocado in only 10 minutes…

  1. Preheat the oven to 200F. As you wait for the oven to heat up, wrap the avocado in aluminum foil, parchment paper, or place it in a covered ceramic dish.
  2. Put the wrapped or covered avocado on a baking sheet and bake it in the preheated oven for 10 minutes.
  3. Remove the softened avocado from the oven and put it in the fridge to cool it down.

How Does That Happen?

If you’re a science geek like me, you’ll want to know why this food hack works!

Fruits naturally ripen by slowly producing ethylene gas. In this case, the low heat from the oven causes the avocado to increase the production of that gas, while the foil or parchment traps the ethylene to speed up the ripening process.

One last tip: older ovens sometimes have a hard time holding low temperatures consistently. If your oven doesn’t seem to work, try a toaster oven instead!

Now that you have a steady supply of ripe avocados, let’s talk about how to use them!

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Now that you have a perfectly ripened, creamy avocado, it’s time to pick the best recipes to showcase it! Here are some of my favorite ways to enjoy it:

Peach-Berry Bliss Shake The avocado in this amazing protein shake adds healthy omega-3’s, fiber, and all of its healthy goodness, while also creating a rich, a creamy texture that reminds me of a traditional ice cream milkshake!

Creamy Roasted Avocado This recipe blends the fantastic flavors of a creamy avocado with garlic, salt, and lime juice, topped with crunchy pumpkin seeds for for some added texture! Yes, please!

Chocolate Avocado Mousse with Cacao Nibs This yummy, decadent avocado recipe is a perfect dessert that satisfies your chocolate cravings and pairs it up with a fellow superfood: cacao nibs. All of this yummy goodness is dairy-free and low sugar-impact, so you can serve it for breakfast or dessert!

Pico de Gallo Avocado If you’re in the mood for a fun fiesta or just want to chill out with the perfect dip, you’ll love this delicious and simple recipe that takes only 15 minutes to prepare!

Tex-Mex Burgers with Avocado Salsa The combination of a hearty, juicy burger with the fresh tangy, chunky avocado salsa makes this a great go-to recipe for your next barbecue.

So now you have everything you need to indulge in a healthy, delicious, and versatile avocado. The next time you hear someone say that great health means sacrificing yummy food, prove them wrong by sharing this post!

Thanks so much for reading! If you’re interested in finding out more about how to dial in your diet and health, please check out my online programs. They’re science-based and have already helped thousands of people feel better fast and lose the weight.

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