How to ride a bike

These are the classes you’ve been waiting for! On-bike instruction for new and seasoned riders alike to build skills and confidence, especially when it comes to riding on the street.

Level 1: Fundamentals of City Cycling Class

wheelmill warmup roomDo you feel like you can use some practice? Looking to improve balance or focus on mastering a a particular movement or skill? The Wheel Mill’s indoor venue and the class’s small-group style allows participants to learn and practice city cycling skills in a controlled, protected environment.

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Level 2: Confident City Cycling Class


Confident City Cycling is intended for riders who know how to ride a bike, and are looking for instruction on how to operate it safely on city streets.

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1-on-1: Private Instruction

If you’re an absolute beginner, or you want 1 on 1 instruction, then this option is for you! Scheduling individual lessons with one of BikePGH’s certified instructors is a good way for you to begin biking or receive 1-on-1 instruction.

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City Cycling Forums & Workshops

City Cycling Forums are classroom-based discussions that answer the questions that come up when biking in the city. City Cycling Forums are informal and geared towards people of all ages and skill levels. Come with a few questions, leave with answers and new friends!

City Cycling Workshops cover all subjects and come in all shapes and sizes. We bring them to businesses, schools, community centers or churches. If you’re interested in hosting a City Cycling workshop, please send us an email.

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Class Descriptions

  • LEARN TO RIDE FOR KIDS, TEENS, AND ADULTSBasics of balancing, starting, stopping, and steering a bike.
  • SKILL BUILDING RIDE RODEOScanning, Signaling, turning, maneuvering through obstacles and proper use of gears.
  • STREET SAVVY CYCLISTBuild road riding confidence with a short family-friendly road ride. Ride Right: visible, predictable, and courteous.
  • TRAFFIC SKILLS 101Learn to “drive” your bike in traffic. Master street riding and basic maintenance. This is a League of American Bicyclists instructor certification prerequisite.
  • BIKE SAFETY ASSEMBLIESThis 30 minute assembly will cover the basics of safe cycling through a fun, interactive presentation and hands-on demonstrations.
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Please inquire about customized programs for schools, scouts, and other youth oriented groups.

Contact: Paul Mickiewicz, LCIBoard Member, Education Committee

[email protected]

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