How to retrieve deleted text messages

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The iPhone device is an all-rounder Smartphone, which contains remarkable features along with a noteworthy processing system. It is the most popular device used by people all over the world. In this column, we are going to talk about the latest iPhone 8 models. In this column, we are here to address a common issue on the iPhone 8 device – How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone 8, which is regularly reported and asked by iPhone users. Most users have found fault with the iPhone’s text deleting feature. This issue has often affected a number of iPhone 8 users who have lost a large amount of their precious text messages, which were saved previously on their phones.

When faced with such an automatic text deleting situation on their devices, the iPhone 8 users have come to a blank. Some iPhone users have also tried using the spotlight search on their iPhone device to search and recover their lost text messages. But this has also produced no viable results so far. We are here to finally offer you with solace through some quick fix remedies and meticulous steps for how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone 8.

If you can relate to having experienced such a loss of text messages unwillingly on the iPhone 8 device, then this article is a fitting piece for you to find and recover your valuable text messages. This issue is pretty common. You may have lost vital text data on your iPhone 8, which may not have been backed up on the device earlier.

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Solution 2: Restore Deleted Messages From LG Bridge Backup

LG Bridge which is earlier known and LG PC Suite, is the device manager app that is officially developed by LG. With this LG Bridge, one can backup and restore device in just few steps.

So, if you have earlier backed-up your LG phone SMS using LG bridge, then below follow the steps in order to restore messages from LG Bridge backup:

  • Connect your LG G6/G5/G4/G3 to your computer.
  • Launch LG Bridge software on your computer.
  • The software will automatically detect your phone.
  • Click on ‘Restore’ tab and the backup file will be scanned automatically.
  • Finally, select the files that you want to restore on your LG phone.

Restore SMS From LG Phones Via LG Bridge

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Solution 3: Restore LG Phone Deleted Text SMS From SMS Backup App

SMS Backup & Restore App is an Android application available in Google Play Store. This is the very handy application that backup and store the text messages that is deleted on the device.

So, if you use SMS Backup & Restore app on your LG device to backup and save deleted SMS of your device then you can see the Restore option within the app. You have to just simply tap on “Restore” and then all the backed up or deleted text messages will get restored on the device.

Restore LG SMS From SMS Backup & Restore App

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Bonus Tips: Backup LG Phone Text Messages To Avoid SMS Loss

I thought that this is the right place to provide some effective tips that will help you to backup your LG phone text messages so that you don’t need Android data recovery software to recover deleted texts.

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So, what are those LG phone messages backup tips?

  • You can use SMS backup apps such as SMS Backup & Restore and SMS Backup + that you can download from Play Store.
  • Make use of LG official LG Bridge software to backup and manage LG phone data, including text SMS.
  • The best way to backup LG Phone text messages to PC is to use Android Data Backup and Restore software. This tool is very effective and powerful that backup almost all data from LG phone to PC.

Wrap Up

Since, there are various reasons for the loss or deletion of messages from LG phones, hence it is suggested that you must get prepared yourself with right solutions to get back those deleted messages. You can follow the 3 solutions mentioned above, but one of the recommended solutions is that you must instantly use Android Data Recovery software before it becomes too late.

Besides that, you must not forget to read bonus tips that will help you to backup SMS of your LG phone so that you can use that backup file to restore messages in future at such situations.

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