How to reset router

Resetting a router means changing the settings back to the default ones. There is time when you forget the customized password you have set for the router, or purchase the router from someone but simply forget to ask for the password they have set for the router. In these cases, you will have to reset the router back to its factory settings and then feed in the default password to access it.


What you need to change when resetting the browser Process of resetting the router mandatorily involves the changes in Router username and password, Wi-Fi username and password, and ISP username and password. You may require to alter forward ports and firewall settings as well, if these have been set up as well. In fact, you have to work on all configuration changes that have been made to the router.

Above all, you need to take resetting of router with the seriousness it deserves.

What is the process of resetting the browser To set the ball rolling, you need to locate the tiny reset button placed at the back of the router and press it for about 10 seconds, using a pin or the end of a paper clip. Change of lights on the router indicates that the device has been reset. In some routers, the lights may begin solid and change to blinking, while in others, they may begin blinking and alter to solid. When you release the reset button, the router is reset to the default settings.

What if I do not know router’s internal IP address In such as case, you may use a Router Detector to locate the device on the network. Into the address bar of the browser, type the internal IP address of the router and the ‘Enter’ key. The router interface will appear. Login here with the default username and password. If you are unaware what the default username and password are, you may browse the Internet to find these details for the model you are using.

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How do I reset a wireless router You just need to follow the process mentioned above. Locate the reset button on the router and press it using a pin,, paper clip, or thumbtack for approximate 10 seconds. Let the button off when the lights on the router alter.

How do I reset a DSL router If you have to work on a DSL router, request your ISP for the WAN password. The type of the router is mentioned on the back of the device. The user manual of the router contains detailed information on resetting the router. You may refer to it any time you have a problem.

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