How to reset apple id

Forgetting your apple login id & password sucks, right! you will be locked out of App store, iCloud, iTunes and literally all of Apple. It becomes impossible for you to view your files on iCloud and to download anything from the App Store if you forget your apple id. Well luckily, you are not only the one. There are many people who face this problem every day. Now, you don’t need to worry about this, because today we will discuss the best ways to reset apple id password. So, without further discussion, let’s move to the point directly. Here are the best ways to reset the forgot apple ID:-

1.  Reset Apple ID using the Website

The best way to remember your apple id and password is to just reset them. But, some people don’t even know how to reset apple id password. So, here are the steps to reset the forgot apple password:-

  1. First of all, just go to the apple reset id page at
  2. Enter the e-mail address you use whilst creating your Apple id and password and then click OK button, and you have to fill the captcha in order to prove you are not a robot.
  3. It will ask your registered mobile number, enter your trusted phone number to continue.
  4. You can reset your password from one of your other devices or using your trusted phone number (I recommend you to choose Use trusted phone number option).
  5. Now click start account recovery.
  6. Then select Request Recovery.
  7. It will send A text message with a verification code on your mobile number, enter the code and press continue.
  8. Now, When your account is ready for recovery, they will send instructions to your mobile number. You can check the status of your recovery request at

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2. Reset Apple ID Password by Answering the Security Questions

While setting up a new apple id, Apple may ask you to enter answers to some security questions to provide you better security. If you choose to answer the security questions, then here are the steps you need to follow in order reset the forgot apple id password.

  1. First of all, Just enter your date of birth.
  2. After that, Apple will ask you two questions and you just have to answer them correctly to arrive the reset apple id page.
  3. Now, Just enter your new password twice to confirm the password. Also, keep in mind that your password must have at least 8 or more characters, uppercase or lowercase characters etc. to ensure proper security of your account.
  4. Just remember that these are not only answers, you have to remember them in order to reset your apple id password in future.

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3. Schedule an Apple Call to Reset Apple ID

If the above steps won’t work for you, then we recommend you to schedule a call for an Apple tech to talk with you. Here are the steps to schedule a call to in order to talk with an Apple executive.

  1. First of all, Just go to Contact Support Page.
  2. Now select Talk to US option.
  3. Then select Apple ID.
  4. Click on Forgot Apple ID Password.
  5. Now select any option and recover your password.

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That’s it! Above are the best possible ways to reset forgot apple id to get access back on App store, iCloud, iTunes and other Apple platforms. I hope this post helped you to get the required information you are looking for. If you have any questions or doubts, then feel free to share them with us through the comment section below.

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How to Reset Apple ID Password?

Here are the simple steps that needed to be followed if you want to Reset Apple ID Password. The steps vary depending on the security and verification options you are using “Email Password and Security Questions, Two-factor Authentication, Two-Step Verification.

Resetting Password for Security Option “Email, Password, and Security Questions”

  1. Visit “Apple ID account page” and then click on “Forgot Apple ID or Password”
  2. If in next step it asks you to confirm your phone number then you must use “two-factor authentication” instead.
  3. If it doesn’t then enter your Apple ID (If you have forgotten Apple ID then I have mentioned the ID recovery steps below, kindly go through it).
  4. Choose how you wanted to reset your password:
  • If you want to select security question then select “Answer Security Questions” and follow the shown steps.
  • Select “Get an Email” option if you want to get recovery Email on your alternative Email address.
  • Use “Two-Step Authentication” or “Two-Step Verification” if you have been asked for Recovery Key.

If you have successfully followed and have changed your password then it will ask you to sign in again with your new password.

If you have forgotten your Apple ID, here are the steps that you need to follow to recover your ID.

How to Recover Apple ID:

If you are recovering your ID, first of all, you must check if you have signed in one of your Apple Devices. Depending on the device here are the steps you need to follow:

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How to Recover Apple ID from iPhone, iPad, or iPod:

Find your “Apple ID” in your iCloud/iTunes/App Store settings:

Go to Settings

Then [Your Name]

On iOS 10.2 or earlier versions:

Tap on settings and then iCloud.

Tap on Settings then give your name and go to iTunes & App Stores.

On iOS 10.3 or earlier versions

Go to Settings and then iTunes & App Stores

  1. Go to the apple menu followed by system preferences and then click on iCloud.
  2. Again go to Apple menu and then system preferences. Then go to Internet Accounts and then find the account with iCloud.
  3. Firstly open iTunes, choose account then View My Account. If you have already signed in with your Apple ID then you will be able to see Account name and Email Address.
  4. Open the App Store, select the Store and go to View My Account.
  5. Go to iBooks and then select the Store and click on View My Apple ID.
  6. Open your FaceTime then select the preferences and click on settings.
  7. Open your messages and select the preferences and click on Accounts.
  1. Go to Settings, click on Accounts and then iCloud.
  2. Open Settings and select Account then go to iTunes and App Stores
  1. Open iCloud for Windows
  2. Go to iTunes and choose Account and go to View My Account. If you are already signed in to iTunes with your Apple ID then you will see be able to see your Account name and Email Address.

So, these are some of the ways from where you can see your Apple ID through various devices and login accounts. If you still have not found your account ID then you can also check your purchase history of iTunes. If you have previously purchased something from iTunes then you can see the account ID that you had used, to find the ID follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Click one of the purchases in the library
  3. Go to “Edit” and “Get Info”
  4. Click on the “File Tab”
  5. Go to “Purchased by”, after this you will be able to see the Apple ID that was used by you to purchase the item.
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If you are still facing the issue restoring your Apple ID then you can contact Apple Support number, they will provide you the best Apple Support regarding any issue that you might face.

Resetting password with Two-Step Verification Method:

To know how you can reset your password using Two-Step Verification, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, go to Apple ID Account Page and click on “Forget Apple ID or Password”.
  2. If it asks you to confirm your phone number then you must follow steps for two-factor authentication instead.
  3. Now enter your Apple ID and select the option to reset the Password and then choose “Continue”
  4. Give your “Recovery key for two-step Verification”
  5. Choose a trusted device to receive the “Verification Code”
  6. Enter the given “Verification Code”
  7. Here, create the “new password” and then select “Reset Password”

Once you will set up your Verification code you will be asked to sign in to your account again. Please provide the updated password to sign into the account. If you still face the same issue then you can contact Apple Support Phone Number +1-800-596-2947 (Toll-Free). They will provide the best help with the most genuine and authentic solutions for your issue, as they are extremely skilled and experienced individuals who have deep knowledge about Apple and how to Reset Apple ID Password. The Apple Executives are available 24*7 (including holidays). Feel free to call any time and ask for the free assistance now.

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Apple id Support Number

Enhance the Apple ID Security

Apple ID credential is used for various Apple services therefore strong protection is must to safeguard the personal information. Following practices can be practiced to maximize the Apple ID account security:

  • Use of strong password
  • Keep answers to security questions tricky
  • Protect with two-factor authentication
  • Protect with two-step verification
  • Check for Encryption and SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)
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