How to remove skin tags

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You know your skin’s appearance can tell you what’s going on internally.

Flushed cheeks may be a sign of increased blood flow, for example. Pimples or rashes could indicate a reaction to certain allergens or irritants. But what about skin tags? What are skin tags, and what do they mean? Most importantly, is there a way to remove them?

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Treatment for Skin Tags

Understandably, people sometimes prefer to have their skin tags removed. Treatment starts at the doctor’s office.

Here are your removal options:

  • Severing. With the help of surgical scissors or a scalpel, your doctor cuts your skin tag off. This method may require stitches to heal.
  • Freezing. Liquid nitrogen is sprayed or swabbed on to your skin tag. The element conveniently freezes the tissue, with little discomfort. With this treatment, the skin usually heals on its own
  • Burning. If your doctor prefers to superheat the tissue to remove the skin tag, he or she will likely use electricity conducted through a wire. The heat burns the stem of the growth and facilitates a cleaner healing process


Tagband method yields quick results and it just takes a few days to a week for the tag to drop off. This method is safe to be used on skin tags on any part of the body except for area around the eyes. Follow these steps to remove skin tag with Tagband at home:

  1. Clean the skin tag and surrounding skin with cleansing pads.
  2. Place the band on the top section of the cone and place the cone over the skin tag.
  3. Using the tag remover device push the cone gentle to eliminate blood supply to the tag until the band pops off.
  4. The band will now come back to its original size and strangulate the base of the tag.
  5. This band has to stay in place with the skin tag till it drops off with the band.
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1. Micro TagBand

The Micro TagBand is a simple and quick way to remove your skin tags. The device works by stopping the blood supply to your skin tag. The cone-shaped removal tool places a band over your tag so that it simply drops off after a number of days. The Micro TagBand is ideal for use on small to medium-sized tags, and it can remove them from any part of your body with the exception of the sensitive eye area.

skin tags how to remove at home tagband micro removalImage courtesy of Amazon Buy: Micro TagBand $10.00

2. TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device

If the Micro TagBand is too small to treat your skin tag, try the TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device. Made for medium to large-sized skin tags, its design is identical to its smaller cousin described above, but it features larger bands. You can use it in the same way as the Micro. Simply place the removal device over the skin tag and let the band go to work cutting off the blood supply.

skin tags how to remove at home tagband removal kitImage courtesy of Amazon Buy: TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device $36.95

3. Auto TagBand

If you prefer a slightly less labour intensive way to treat your skin tags, give the Auto TagBand a try. Working in the same way as the Micro and Standard TagBand devices, the Auto cuts off the blood supply to your skin tags using small bands. However, the Auto TagBand’s design allows you to use it with just one hand, which makes reaching some of the less accessible areas of your body a little easier. It’s best for medium to large skin tags.

skin tags how to remove at home tagband autoImage courtesy of Amazon

4. HaloDerm Homeopathic Mole and Skin Tag Remover

The HaloDerm Homeopathic Remover can remove up to five moles or skin tags. And, unlike many other skin treatment creams, it uses a completely natural formula, which means you can use it on your face and body in confidence. The product is even honest enough to say that it doesn’t work for everyone, and if that’s you, they offer a full refund so you can try something else.  

skin tags how to remove at home haloderm homeopathic mole removerImage courtesy of Amazon Buy: HaloDerm Homeopathic Mole and Skin Tag Remover $49.99

5. SkinPro Extreme Skin Tag Remover

By harnessing the power of salicylic acid, the SkinPro Extreme Skin Tag Remover is able to permanently remove skin tags, moles and warts. As the most highly concentrated solution on the market, it is able to work quickly and accurately to remove your skin growths. Simply apply two coats of the liquid daily and wait for the remover to take effect.

skin tags how to remove at home skinpro extreme mole corrector removalImage courtesy of Amazon Buy: SkinPro Extreme Skin Tag Remover $22.95

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