How to remove ink stains

How To Remove Ink Stains From Leather

This guide will explain step by step the correct procedures to successfully clean ink stains and marks from leather. Using our leather ink remover kit you can easily remove ink stains from leather furniture, car interior, clothes, handbags and all other items of leather.

How To Remove Ink From Leather - Leather Ink Remover Kit

To remove the ink stain you will need the leather ink remover kit.

It is also advisable to clean the area first using a leather cleaner. This is because cleaning with a normal cleaner removes any surface residues of ink and so you'll use less ink remover, and also, sometimes a normal leather cleaner is all that is needed. If you do not have a cleaner, use the leather ultra clean.

How To Remove Ink From Leather - Pen on Leather

A child has scribbled with black biro onto the side of this cream sofa. A few simple steps are all that is necessary to remove the ink stain.

First of all though, clean the panel thoroughly with a leather cleaner, or our leather ultra clean (recommended).

Applying the ink remover to leather sofa

Apply some of the leather ink remover onto a cotton wool bud and gently dab the ink to lift the stain.

More stubborn stains may require rubbing or more pressure to be applied, but always start off gently and then get more aggressive.

Ink stain removed from leather

Apply some ink remover onto a sponge and wipe the leather down to remove the cloud.

Then clean the area down with the leather ultra clean to remove any excess ink remover from the surface.

Lastly, apply the leather protection cream to stop future ink stains.

Advantages of Protecting Leather

Applying the leather protection cream to leather after cleaning it is highly recommended for the following reasons;

  1. The protection cream coats the leather with an invisible barrier (like scotchgard), which prevents the leather from absorbing dirt, grease & oils. Not only does this protect the leather by stopping these materials damaging the finish, but it also makes the leather easier to clean. After applying the protection cream to leather, it will wipe clean with a damp cloth since the dirt just sits on the barrier. The same applies for stains – easily removed with the ultra clean.

  2. This barrier also reduces friction caused as you use the leather. Dirt and grime, combined with daily use slowly wear away the coatings on leather. The protection cream takes away this friction and so will help prolong the life of your leather.

  3. Containing UV inhibitors the protection cream also helps prevent sun fading.

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Maintaining Leather & Recommended Products

Four Seasons Leather Care Plan: A year round plan to keep your leather in pristine condition.

Leather Care Kit: A large leather care kit representing excellent value for money.

How To Get Ink Stains Out Of Clothes

How to Get Ink Stains out of Clothes - Clean men's button-up shirt with and tie


Ink isn’t just coloring — it’s an oil-based dye delivery system. That means you’re not removing the dye — you’ve also got to tackle the oil-base, too. The type of chemical bond between the ink and your clothing depends on whether you’ve laundered the item.


As with most laundry stains, it’s easier to get ink stains out of clothes when the spot is fresh. That’s why your grandma inspected every item of clothing as she dropped them into the machine.

Life is a lot busier these days, so if you can’t make inspecting clothes part of your laundry routine, don’t fret. I don’t know too many people who take such pains before doing the wash. I keep a stain treatment stick tied to my laundry hamper to treat stains as I get undressed.

But ink stains need more than just a stain stick, especially old ink stains.


It used to be that you could use hairspray to remove ink, but modern hairsprays tend to be low-alcohol.

Know what does have a lot of rubbing alcohol in it still? Hand sanitizer! So, in a pinch, give it a try. Just remember that added fragrances, moisturizers, and colorings may make the problem worse.

Fresh Ink Stains

When dealing with new ink spots, the dye’s oil hasn’t had a chance to bond with your clothing yet. That makes it much easier to get ink stains out of clothes when the spot hasn’t chemically bonded to the fabric.

1. Blot up as much ink as possible. To do this, use a paper towel or old white rag and press against the ink stain. Lift the cloth, rotate it, then use a clean area to blot the stain again. Repeat this process until you can’t get any more ink out. It’s important not to rub or wipe while you’re doing this or you may cause the stain to spread.

2. Place the stained part of the clothing flat on an old towel or brown paper bag. Dip a clean cloth into rubbing alcohol (surgical spirits in the U.K.) until it’s wet and dab the stain. As before, rotate the rag, so you’re always using a clean section. Again, don’t rub or wipe or you’ll risk spreading the ink — the goal is to transfer the ink from your clothing to the rag.

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3. Once you’ve done your best dabbing the stain, launder it on the hottest setting the fabric can handle. After washing, make sure there’s no stain left before you transfer the item to the dryer.

4. If the stain remains, try the method below to get ink stains out of clothes.

Old Ink Stains

Getting an old ink stain out of clothes is more difficult because by this point the oil-based part of the dye has chemically bonded to your clothing. It’s still possible, though. Here’s how.

1. Try the method above first — it often removes even older ink stains.

2. If the stain persists, head to the pharmacy (or the healthcare section in your grocery store) for a bottle of plain glycerin. Glycerin is made from animal fat and vegetable oil. It  helps dissolve the oil-based bond because, chemically, like dissolves like. While you’re there, pick up some non-chlorinated, oxygenated bleach (e.g., OxyClean).

3. Make an ink-dissolving paste. Combine one tablespoon of glycerin, one tablespoon of oxygenated bleach, and one teaspoon of liquid dish detergent in a small bowl. I use Dawn Original for the liquid dish detergent because it’s fantastic at cutting through the oil-based grime.

4. Dip a cloth into this mixture and dab both sides of the stain. Let the paste sit for 5 minutes then launder in the hottest setting permitted by the manufacturer label. Inspect the item before drying and repeat if necessary.

An Ounce of Prevention

Since it’s much easier and more efficient to get ink stains out of clothing when they’re fresh, you might want to consider keeping a bottle of colorless hand sanitizer in your purse, desk, or car. It’s alcohol-based, so you can treat ink stains with a dab of hand sanitizer and tissue the instant they happen.

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How to remove printer ink from clothes

Removing ink from clothing is only really successful if you act immediately.

Begin by dabbing at the material with a cold cloth of water to take the surface ink out of the stain. Next, you should allow the stain to dry naturally before finding an alcohol-based hairspray to break up the rest of the ink. Place a dish cloth (this will get stained too most likely so don’t use a cloth you care about) beneath the stain and apply a generous amount of hairspray to the mark. Once the printer ink stain has dried again, dab at it with a damp cloth and you should be able to get the majority of the stain out.

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If you don’t have hairspray to hand, for white fabrics use chlorine bleach mixed with cold water to remove the stain. It’s important to use cold water, as hot water will set the ink into your fabric.


No matter what tips on how to remove ink stains you use, please be careful and heed the following warning…For coloured fabrics, use a mixture of your detergent and ammonia with cold water but make sure you test on the material before applying it. Be very careful not to mix these two mixtures as ammonia and chlorine create a toxic gas when mixed.

Removing Inks stains on clothes

How to remove ink stains from your furniture

If you’re handling upholstered furniture, follow the same process as you would with removing ink from clothes. However, when treating wood you have a few more options. If you’re looking for how to remove ink from painted wood, you can use any of the following products but it’s recommended you do a patch test somewhere inconspicuous first to check that the colour is not affected.

Baking soda method

Baking soda is always cropping up on cleaning forums as the best cleaning agent of all time. Well, it will help you out when it comes to ink stains too. All you need to do is create a paste with cold water to form a fairly solid paste and rub this into the stain being careful not to sand the wood at the same time. Repeat until the stain has lifted then use a detergent or rubbing alcohol to lift the glaze that the baking soda may have left.

Alcohol method

You can either used alcohol formulated hair spray for this, or rubbing alcohol. Simply apply the alcohol to a cotton bud and use it to wipe the ink-stained patch on your furniture until it has cleared up. Wipe the area with water when you’ve finished to rinse away the alcohol.

Furniture ink stain

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