How to remove a hickey

easy ways to hide hickeys and lovebites

Hickeys or love bites are purplish bluish marks that occur when lovers nibble or bite down on the skin in heat of passion. It might feel good at the time, but a hickey can be embarrassing and can even be an eyesore if it is on the neck or other prominent areas of the body. Today we will study some easy ways to hide a hickey.

3. Oils

how to fade hickeys and lovebites overnight

Many carrier and essential oils can remove the hickey in seconds. So rub some diluted Lavender, Peppermint or Tea tree oil on the lovebite. Cover it up with a bandage. Repeat application after 2 hours and continue to apply the oil until the lovebite has disappeared. You can also use coconut oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil or olive oil to lighten the hickey. Bio-Oil® or other scar fading products can also do wonders.

8. Makeup

how to cover up and hide lovebites and hickeys

Foundation creams and powder makeup are one of the easiest ways to hide a hickey. Choose a produce closest in color to your skin tone. Apply it liberally on the hickey. Choose a waterproof product that lasts all day.

14. Rub a banana peel on hickey

how to lighten lovebites in seconds

Use the inside of a ripe banana peel to rub the lovebite and get rid of it within seconds. If the mark does not fade, repeat several more times every few hours. Banana peels have special enzymes and compounds that lighten the skin and fade marks, blemishes and bruises.

18. Tea bag remedy

ways to fade lovebites in seconds

Brew a tea bag and apply it on the hickey. Press gently. The flavonoids in tea lighten the skin tone, restore blood circulation and fade the hickey in few seconds.

Try these 18 easy ways to hide hickeys and make lovebites disappear overnight!

If these tips made your life a little easier, please share your experience in the comments.

What Exactly is a Hickey?

The word “hickey” is actually a slang word that describes a bruise or abrasion created on the skin from suction applied to the surface area of the skin by the human mouth. Bite marks may also cause one. They may also be called a love bite, slag tag or a kiss mark. These marks often represents possession of one person by another, and quite often, it indicates that the recipient has been engaged in some sensual behavior. When one person applies a hickey to the neck, shoulder, arm or other area of another person’s body, they are often attempting to convey to the world that they have possession over the person. Such markings also may represent sexual foreplay and sexual activity. Sometimes, they may be inadvertently caused in the heat of passion. However, in most cases, creating such a mark requires deliberate action on the part of the giver.

A hickey is really just a simple bruise on the surface of the skin that is created by sucking on the skin. The negative force of the sucking action creates a mark in the shape of the mouth. Bruises may be purplish, pink or blue in appearance, depending on how the recipient’s skin reacts to bruising. The shape of the bruise will depend on the shape of the mouth of the person who created the mark. The intensity of the color is the result of the amount of negative pressure put on the skin. The more suction that is applied, the deeper the color of the mark. The deeper the color of the mark, the longer the healing time, in most cases. Hickeys may swell on and around the bruised area, causing a puffy appearance. Over time, they fade to a brown or tan color, and then eventually disappear.Pictures of Hickeys on a Girl's Neck, by Janek B.

Additional Facts About Hickeys

A few additional interesting facts:

  • Hickeys will be more prominent and will last longer on women than on men. This is because women tend to bruise more easily than men. Also, marks on the thighs, buttocks and upper arms will tend to last longer on women than on men.
  • They will last longer and heal more slowly when on older people than on those individuals who are younger. Older individuals’ skin is thinner, exhibits less elasticity, and is less flexible than the skin of their younger counterparts. The subcutaneous tissue in older people tends to hold less fat than those who are younger. These factors combine, which allows blood vessels to burst more easily, and marks to last longer on those who are more advanced in years.
  • Most will completely heal and disappear from view within two or three weeks. However, some skin types and certain medical issues may cause the effects of bruising to last longer on some individuals.
  • Marks located in the upper portion of the body tend to heal more quickly than those on the lower body or lower extremities.

Strategies to Hide Marks

Covering Them

Treating a hickey is similar to treating a simple bruise. There are several methods for treating the affected area on and around the mark. However, many people choose to simply hide it until the area heals.

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A turtleneck, a scarf or another strategically placed piece of clothing can be effective measures to cover marks. Sometimes, a shirt, blouse or jacket with the collar turned upward will hide the affected area. However, during summer and when engaging in certain activities, clothing may not be an appropriate or desirable way to cover. For example, wearing a turtleneck in the summer will surely arouse suspicion and make observers wonder what the wearer is attempting to hide. Luckily, there are less obvious strategies.

Make-up that is specially formulated to cover scars and skin lesions can be exceptionally effective. Brands of cover creams, concealers and foundations, such as “Dermablend,” will cover while the recipient waits for the area to heal. Dermablend and other such cover make-up is a bit pricey, but if coverage is important, the price is well worth it.

Stage make-up, otherwise known as theater make-up, that is the color closest to the natural color of the skin surrounding the affected area, is also an option for covering marks. Stage make-up tends to be dense and provides effective coverage for blemishes and bruises. Stage make-up tends to be fairly costly. However, again if the recipient absolutely needs to cover the area, the make-up is worth the cost and is very effective for covering unwanted marks and spots.

Make Sure You Use The Correct Complimentary Color

Certain brands and types of concealer may cover more effectively than others. For example, some concealers with a greenish tint are available. These greenish concealers are effective for covering the redness of hickeys. If the bruise is more purple or blue in color, use a concealer with a yellowish tint. Tinted concealers are very effective in covering the redness or purplish/bluish skin color. However, just like other forms of make-up, concealers wear off, rub off and disappear over the course of a day. If you use concealer or other make-up to cover the mark, make sure you have the concealer or other make-up with you throughout the day to reapply as needed.

When using a foundation as cover, select a shade lighter than you would use for your face if the mark is located on the neck. Skin on the neck is usually a lighter color and tone than facial skin as skin on the neck is somewhat shielded from the sun.

Other cover creams, cover sticks, concealers and foundations, such as those purchased at department stores or drug stores, may temporarily cover effectively in dim light at night. However, professional cover make-up is usually more effective and lasts longer than standard foundations and cover creams or concealer sticks.

Certain powders may be used as well. Mineral powder will lessen the appearance of reddish or purplish bruising. Powders combined with foundation, concealer or cover cream will camouflage the mark for a time. The moisture of the foundation or concealer provides a base and the powder will adhere better to the skin. However, the coverage of powders do not last for long. For a short-term solution, though, powders applied over a base of foundation or concealer will cover the mark from sight. Use loose powder and apply the powder with a powder brush for best results.

Depending on where it is located on the body, a band-aid may be used to cover the mark. Covering with a band-aid is particularly convenient for men, as they may use the excuse that they cut themselves while shaving.

While covering is only a temporary way to deal with visible marks, if coverage is only needed for a short duration around certain people then it may not be hard to conceal or cover the mark until it has healed. However, some people desire to remove them as quickly as possible. Certain topical treatments, as well as vitamins and other methods, are commonly used to hasten the healing of bruises.

Ineffective Remedies for Hickey Removal

Due to easy access to the Internet & old wife’s tails many ineffective remedies have circulated. These methods are simply misinformation, and they do not work to enhance healing or to remove the mark in any way.

Deodorant or Anti-Perspirant

One rumor that has circulated the Internet is that applying deodorant or antiperspirant, and leaving the application on overnight, will make the mark disappear. This is simply not true. There is no evidence that any of the chemicals or natural substances in deodorants or antiperspirants lessen healing time for bruises. This method certainly will not hide or remove the mark.


Another rumor is that applying toothpaste to the affected area will make the mark disappear. Again, there is no substance in toothpaste that decreases swelling, shrinks capillaries, or dissipates blood under the skin. Though mint-flavored toothpastes may make the skin feel like medicine has been applied, toothpaste does nothing to treat a bruise.

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Comb Treatments

Some people advise “combing” over the affected area using a standard comb for the hair. The logic behind this ineffective method is that the comb will force the blood out of the interstitial area and back under the dermis. This method is not effective and may even make the affected area more raw and irritated.

Sunburning the Hickey

Some people believe that staying in the sun long enough to cause a sunburn is a treatment for a hickey. Not only is this treatment ineffective, sunburns contribute to the development of skin cancers. Avoid getting a sunburn, and certainly to not attempt to get a sunburn on purpose. Always wear sunscreen when out in the sun.

For most people, marks are more of an annoyance than a health threat or risk. The best way to avoid dealing with the removal, coverage or treatment is to not allow anyone to apply one in the first place. Let your partner know bruises are unwanted and you will not accept the application of marks of any kind on your body.

The second method: Brush your hickey

How to get rid of hickeys fotoWell, it is a strange method, but many people swear that it works. Take a toothbrush or a hairbrush and tenderly rub your hickey and an area surrounding it. Do not rub aggressively, as you will only make a hickey larger. Rub it for five minutes and then wait 15 minutes. Redness and a swallow will become larger, but in additional 15 minutes they will disappear.

Then you have to apply a cooling compress, as it has been described above. You can repeat a procedure if you need. Depending on the size of your hickey this technique can help you or make a spot little wider. As you understand, the trick is to make blood flow faster in the hickey to remove excessive blood from tissue.

Warning: It is necessary to use a clean brush; otherwise it is a risk to get an infection.


The third method: A lucky coin

How to get rid of hickeys fotoMaybe, this way to get rid of hickeys is the most painful and the strangest. You have to stretch your skin affected by hickey. Then take a coin and begin to rub your skin with its ridge. Imagine that your skin is a toast and you have to spear some butter on it with a coin. Do not press on your skin too heavily, as you can cause another bleeding; however, you have to make is strong enough.

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Somebody affirms that this method helps to remove blood from capillaries. The rubbing will cause redness, but it will disappear faster, than a hickey. Anyway, if you need to explain, it is easier to explain redness than a hickey.

Warning: try to clean a coin as better as possible; do not be aggressive, as you can cut your skin.


The sixth method: Cosmetics to cover a hickey

A very effective way to cover your hickey is to use specialized cosmetics with tint properties:

  1. How to get rid of hickeys fotoToners;
  2. Creams;
  3. Powders;
  4. BB creams;
  5. Masking pencils;
  6. Eyeshades.

For example, you can find a special toner with green tint developed to mask redness.

Here are the steps to follow if you want to mask your hickey as a professional:

  1. Take a small brush;
  2. Apply some yellow consealer with the brush to an inner part of a hickey;
  3. Apply green toner to an external part of a hickey;
  4. They you have to apply some liquid powder to a hickey to remove an impression that you are trying to hide something.

Warning: Use only approved cosmetics. We advise you to follow all prescriptions and check yourself for a probable allergy for the components. Do not use too much cosmetics, as you can stop up your pores and have further problems.


The seventh method: Clothes or hair

How to get rid of hickeys fotoIt is another effective way to cover your hickey. Wear high collars, scarves, shirts or blouses. You can also make some experiments with jewelry to attract everybody to other parts of your body.

However, there are some tips that you should follow:

  1. Wear clothes that will attract an attention to other parts of your body, but not to a hickey;
  2. Do not wear anything interesting on your neck;
  3. It is obvious that if you wear a sweater, for example, in July, you will be too attractive.

Warning: try to get clothes that let your skin breathe.


The tenth method: Fresh potatoes

Potato is a great vegetable that has a famous curing property. It is used to get rid of different problems, including hickeys.

Here is a recipe:

  1. How to get rid of hickeys fotoCut some rounds from potato;
  2. Apply one potato round to a hickey;
  3. Keep it for 20 minutes;
  4. Then change a potato round for another;
  5. If you want, you can massage a hickey;
  6. Repeat the whole procedure for an hour every day.
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Warning: use only fresh and ripe potatoes. Green potatoes contain poison, and rot ones can contain dangerous germs.


The eleventh method: Aloe

How to get rid of hickeys fotoIf you grow an aloe in your place, you are a lucky person. Cut some aloe leaves and brew it with vodka for some hours.

After infusion is ready, moisten some pieces of cloth with it and make a compress. Keep the compress on your hickey for maximum 10 minutes.

Warning: Be 100% sure that you have an aloe, but not something else. If you are not sure about a plant, do not use it for curing and ask a professional for help. Do not use any plant for curing that are not mentioned here.


The thirteenth method: Cabbage leafs

How to get rid of hickeys fotoSimple cabbage is a very popular vegetable among alternative medicine fans. It is considered as a great remover of effects of bruises and injuries. Just apply a cabbage leaf to your hickey and wait for an hour. You can repeat the procedure if it is needed.

Warning: If you are not sure that you are going to use cabbage, do not perform this method. Carefully clean leafs from any dirt before applying it to your skin.


The sixteenth method: Garlic and onion mixture

These vegetables are known in alternative medicine. They can remove swelling and redness and cure your hickey at all.

Here is the recipe of a hickey curing compress:

  1. How to get rid of hickeys fotoTake equal amounts of garlic, onion and salt.
  2. You cave to chop or powder the ingredients to get a homogeneous after mixing them. It is better to use blender.
  3. Then take a piece of cloth and put a paste on it.
  4. Apply this compress to your hickey. Don’t forget to put a cloth between a compress and skin in order to avoid burns.

If you do not have blender or one of the ingredients, you can just apply some cut onion or garlic to your skin for a short time as an alternative to the method.

Warning: Garlic and onion can harm your skin because of different substances they contain. It is dangerous to apply a compress for more than 10 minutes. Otherwise there is a risk to get a serious burn. Do not repeat this method more than once a day.


The seventeenth method: Anti-bruise medicines

How to get rid of hickeys fotoThis method is very good, as nowadays you can find any kind of medicine you need. Some anti-trauma creams can help you with hickeys. Usually they have to be applied to the skin two or three times a day.

They can remove pain (for the cases of extreme hickeys), swelling and redness. However, even this method cannot guarantee you a very fast effect, so, maybe, you will need to mix it with other methods of hiding your hickeys.

Warning: Please read all the prescriptions to the medicines. Check yourself for a probable allergy to components. Use only approved and certified kinds of medicines.


The eighteenth method: Solarium or sunbath

How to get rid of hickeys fotoIt is a good method of hiding a hickey. Your skin’s color will become equal everywhere. However, going to solarium can be an expensive way, and going to the beach for sunbathes can reveal your hickey to everyone. So we advise you to do it alone, if you do not want to answer unpleasant questions.

Warning: Solarium and sunbaths are strongly prohibited to those people who are suffering from different skin problems. If you are not sure if you have a skin disorder, please contact your doctor before taking sunbaths and going to solarium.


The twentieth method: Eat strawberries

Strawberries contain lots of salicylic acid. This acid has a strong blood fluidifying effect, so it can remove excessive blood from an area of a hickey.

How to get rid of hickeys fotoWarning: Be sure that you do not have allergy to strawberries. Anyway, do not eat more that 1 kilo of strawberries in two days, as you can get a negative reaction of your organism.

That’s how you can hide or cure your hickey. The methods are very different and they are of different nature. Some of them are proven by years and humans’ experience, others have a scientific proves. Anyway, if you cannot get rid of your hickey, you can try to alternate the methods or mix them with each other.

However, the top one method to get rid of a hickey is not to get it. Yes, we understand, that situations may differ, but you can always warn your beloved person that you do not want such proves of his or her love.

At worst, when you are caught with a hickey and asked a question about it and you do not want to tell the truth, you can explain a hickey as it is a bruise: you were hit or injured by something.


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