How to recall an email in outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a pretty famous mailing service that offers exclusive mailing facilities to the users. But there are certain features that you may not be able to access if you are not a tech-savvy person. One of the main features of Microsoft Outlook is that you can easily Recall an Email Sent in Microsoft Outlook those unread emails which are already sent by you in your exchange network. Similarly, recall email Outlook has been a common query of most of the Outlook users. In case, you are looking for the same answer, this article is surely going to be helpful for you.

Despite offering such wonderful qualities, Outlook requires its users to go through some of its complex procedures to access all of them. Keeping that in mind, our Outlook support team has come up with a few easy steps for you to help you with recall email Outlook. You can go through this article thoroughly and get all your required answers.

Recall an Email in Microsoft Outlook

Recall Email Outlook – How Does It Work?

Sometimes, we tend to send wrong emails to the wrong recipients. In that case, you can retrieve that email from the mailbox if the recipient hasn’t opened it. Similarly, through this feature, you can also replace that email with a substitute message. Suppose, you have forgotten to attach the important document. You can retract that message and send a replacement email where you can attach the required document which you have missed attaching previously.

Note: The recall email feature is only available if you have hit the Send button. On the same note, if you and your recipient both are using Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange email account, then only its possible.

To recall an email in Outlook 2010 and 2013, you require to follows the steps given below. If you need technical assistance for the Outlook mail related issues, then contact Microsoft Outlook  Support Number at their toll free number anytime, 24*7*365 + +1-800-433-6015.

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Steps to Recall an Email Sent in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Launch the Outlook instantly after you think that you have made an email error.
  2. Explore your Sent Items folder.
  3. Launch those email messages that you want to recall.
  4. Select “File” and next “Info”.  You can view various options in the right, for example “Message Resend and Recall.” Click on this alternative.
  5. You need to wait until the “Recall This Message” dialog box will appears.
  6. Select either 1 of 2 options. You can easily delete unread copies of the email and substitute them with a new message.
  7. You need to click on your preferred radio button.
  8. Opt to tick the box that shows whether the action was successful for every mail recipient. Don’t check this box if you have sent out a huge number of emails or if your inbox is full.
  9. Push “OK” after you have select.
  10. Edit the message if you select the replacement option and resend it.
  11. Go back to the message and view the message Report tab if you successfully recall the messages.
  12. You can make use of the Tracking section on the mail header to watch results for the entire recalls.

Alternate Steps To Recall An Email Sent In Microsoft Outlook

The procedure to recall an email is quite easy. In order to help you with the steps to recall email Outlook, our Microsoft Outlook Support team has provided a few steps. You can apply them on your own and check whether the procedure is aiding you.

  • Open your Outlook Mailbox and then open the sent items folder. Now, navigate to the exact email that you are willing to recall and double-click on it.
  • Take a look at the top of the window and ensure that the Message tab is open. After that, go to the “Actions” drop-down menu.
  • Now click on the “Actions” menu and select “Recall this message” from there. But make sure that you are having an Exchange account in order to access this option.
  • As soon as you choose the recall window, the system will ask you to either delete or replace the message. Choose any of the options as per your requirements and choose OK.
  • In case you have chosen the replace email option, the system will take you to a new compose mail option. There you can type your replacement message and select “Send”.

Recall an Email in Microsoft Outlook

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Required Conditions to Recall an Outlook Email Message

  1. Your recipient has not opened the email message yet.
  2. Both you and the recipient must be using Microsoft Outlook on the same server.

If these two conditions exist, follow these 6 easy steps to recall your email message.

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