How to program directv remote

Troubleshooting Your RC70 Series DIRECTV Remote

The RC70 Series is a very simple and easy to use design, so troubleshooting is also quite the breeze. If you find that your DIRECTV Hospitality remote is not working properly, please try the processes below.

Check Your Battery Strength

The DIRECTV RC70 series remote is equipped with an on-board battery tester. When you push and hold any button on your remote, you will see the light between the “On” and “Off” buttons illuminate. A solid GREEN light means your batteries are strong. If the light BLINKS GREEN QUICKLY, it means you have average battery strength. If the light BLINKS GREEN SLOWLY or does not illuminate at all, it means you need to change the batteries in your DIRECTV remote.

To change your DIRECTV RC70 series remote control batteries, simply flip over the device and remove the battery cover. Replace your batteries with two fresh AAs, and continue to enjoy your programming.

Programming Your DIRECTV Remote

If your remote is working properly with your DIRECTV equipment, but not your TV.. your remote most likely needs to be re-programmed. This is a simple process if you follow the directions provided below.

1) Press and hold SELECT and MUTE keys for 3 seconds (until the visible green LED blinks twice)

2) Press the first digit of code.

3) Wait until green LED blinks twice.

4) Enter the rest of the code.

5) If a valid code has been entered, the green LED will blink twice.

A full listing of TV Setup codes can be found HERE.

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DIRECTV Remote Not Communicating with DIRECTV Equipment

If your DIRECTV RC70 series hospitality remote has stopped changing channels or displaying the on-screen menu, there are a few simple processes which will most likely correct or diagnose your problem. Follow the instructions below, based on the issues you are experiencing.

If you are using an IR Target, make sure it is secured to the front of the television. In many cases when a remote stops changing channels on the DirecTV receiver, it is because the IR Target is not set up correctly or damaged.

If the IR Target is set up properly and the DirecTV channels are still not changing then try taking a receiver that is working fine from another room and put it into the room you are having an issue with. If you are able to change channels then you may have a bad receiver. If you are still unable to change channels then you may have a bad IR Target.

If you are using an IR Pass Thru then make sure the cable is connected to the back of the tv and the into the receiver properly. If it is and the DirecTV channels are still not changing, try taking a working receiver from another room and put it into the room you are having an issue with. If you are able to change channels then you may have a bad receiver. If you are still unable to change channels then you may have a bad IR Pass Thru.

Remote Still Not Communicating with TV/Receiver

Your DIRECTV remote uses light to communicate with your receiver and television. If anything impedes that light, either on your remote, between your remote and equipment, or on your equipment, you may experience intermittent or complete signal failure.

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Please clean any dust and remove obstructions between your remote and your equipment. This may include tempered glass doors used by entertainment centers, tempered glass can obstruct the DIRECTV equipment’s signal communication. Turning the brightness down on your TV could also improve signal communication by decreasing light pollution.


On-screen programming

This programming method displays an easy, step-by-step guide on your TV screen.How to Program Universal Remote

  1. Press the MENU button on the remote.
  2. Select Settings & Help.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Remote Control.
  5. Select Program Remote.
  6. Follow the directions that appear on-screen.

Manual programming

Follow these steps to program your DIRECTV Universal Remote manually.

After turning on the TV and receiver, the next steps are:

  1. Look up the 5-digit code for your brand of TV. You can find a list of the codes by brand on the DIRECTV website.
  2. Find the MODE switch on the remote control and slide it to the TV position.
  3. Press and hold MUTE and SELECT buttons simultaneously. Release the buttons after the green light at the top of the remote flashes twice.
  4. Enter the 5-digit code. Look for the green light under the TV to flash twice.
  5. Aiming the remote at the television, press VOLUME UP. (If the volume doesn’t increase, try a different code and repeat steps 2-4. The DIRECTV website has a list of instructions to scan for additional codes. When the volume increases, proceed to step 6.)
  6. Again pressing MUTE and SELECT simultaneously, look for the green light at the top of the remote control to flash twice.
  7. Using the remote control keypad, enter the number 960. The same green light on the remote should flash twice again.
  8. Move the MODE switch to the DIRECTV position.
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If you need additional help, try the Help Center on the DIRECTV website. You can look up frequently asked questions, consult interactive guides and more.

Once you’ve programmed your universal remote control, start enjoying the exceptional lineup of DIRECTV programming.

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