How to play powerball

11/28/2018 4 19 59 68 69 21 PP2x
11/24/2018 11 33 51 56 58 18 PP2x
11/21/2018 7 14 23 38 55 18 PP2x
11/17/2018 6 8 20 52 68 5 PP2x
11/14/2018 7 42 49 62 69 23 PP5x
11/10/2018 5 29 34 53 57 24 PP2x
11/07/2018 26 28 34 42 50 25 PP2x
11/03/2018 15 21 24 32 65 11 PP3x
10/31/2018 7 25 39 40 47 20 PP3x
10/27/2018 8 12 13 19 27 4 PP3x

Powerball® is a multi-state lottery game with jackpots starting at $40 million. The jackpots keep growing until someone wins. In addition to the Powerball jackpot, there are eight other cash payouts. Could you be a Wyoming Powerball winner? Just maybe.

Wyoming Powerball jackpotsJackpots could grow to over $1,000,000,000!better oddsOverall odds are improved from 1:32 to 1:25!10x multiplierIncrease your winnings times ten when you add the Power Play! See rules for details.

1: Find a Retailer

Where To Play


Just ask the clerk for a Powerball Quick Pick. Or, mark the QP box on your playslip and the ticket terminal will generate random numbers for you.

You can purchase up to five plays on a single playslip. Mark your numbers with a pencil or blue or black ink. If you make a mistake, mark the VOID box. DO NOT ERASE.


When players add Power Play® (for an additional $1 per play) and match 5 white balls, they will win $2 million! The Power Play® option also offers other set prizes. When the jackpot is under $151 million, the 10x multiplier could win you up to $500,000. (jackpot excluded).


Play the same numbers for 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, or 20 consecutive drawings by marking the Multidraw box.

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Give your playslip and $2 for each play (plus $1 for each Power Play you select) to the store clerk to receive a Powerball ticket. Your ticket is your receipt. It displays your numbers for each play, the date of the drawing and the dollar amount you paid. Please confirm the accuracy of your number picks. Powerball sales are final and tickets cannot be cancelled.


Your ticket is your property, sign it. Payment of any prize shall be made as directed by the person(s) whose signature(s) appear on the back of the ticket. The Wyoming Lottery is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets prior to redemption.

Powerball drawings take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:59 p.m. MT.  Ticket sales close at 7:59 p.m. MT

It’s Fun! It’s Easy! Nine Ways to Win!

Match all five white balls (in any order), and the red Powerball, and you’re a Powerball jackpot winner! Even if you don’t win the Jackpot, you can still win cash prizes for getting as few as one correct number (the Powerball).


Powerball® Prizes and Odds | Powerball® Game Rules

The lottery is a form of entertainment. Play responsibly. Powerball is governed by state law and the rules, regulations and directives of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation. Ticket purchasers must be at least 18 years of age.The Wyoming Lottery Corporation shall not be responsible for lost or stolen Powerball tickets.

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