How to play dominoes

  1. Each Round will begin and end promptly as scheduled. For late arrivals, penalty games will be added to each violator’s accumulated score as follows:1 minute – 1 game5 minutes – 2 games

    6 minutes – The individual violator only forfeits with a 0/6 loss recorded

  2. “Rotation of pose” format will apply. At the beginning of a Round, the dominoes will be shuffled, face down. Before sitting, each player will blindly draw a single domino, and whoever draws the highest card will be the 1st poser. THERE ARE NO TIES AT THIS STAGE: 6/1 BEATS 4/3, 5/2 BEATS 4/3, 3/1 BEATS 2/2, ETC. Play will proceed anti-clockwise. “Rotation of pose” will continue in all other games.
  3. There will be no drinking, nor use of cellular phones during the play. Violators will be warned first for time wasting, then be penalized one game if repeated. Absolutely no smoking allowed in the room.
  4. At his/her turn to play, each player may only move his/her hand towards, a single domino in the holder. Once indicated, that domino must be played. No changes which could construe many different “things”.
  5. Doubles must be posed horizontally in the centre of the table, Non-doubles must be posed adjacently with the larger side to the partner. After each play is made, the space from which the domino to played was removed must remain open. The remaining un-played dominoes may not be touched.
  6. There are NO ONE-AWAYS in this format. The player who violates loses 1 game, but his partner does not. The opponents do not earn a game from a violation, but do have the option to continue that game, or abandon it. If abandoned, the next player in line will pose any domino. Not the last poser, not double six. The rotation must continue, regardless.
  7. At 1-all (that is one hand/game won by each Multiple Partner team) the set will continue. No restarts.
  8. In the event of a Blocked hand/game, the player with the lowest count wins that game for him and his partner. We are scoring by hands won. Combined count is not applicable.
  9. If the lowest individual score on one side is tied with that of an opponent, the following hand/game will be played for a 2 games win….except when one pair already has 5 games won….then the tie-breaker must be played for 1 game only.
  10. The next player in the “Rotation of pose” sequence must pose any domino, to start this and every Derby/Tiebreaker. If there are consecutive Derby hands/games, the team which finally wins after these Tie-breakers will still win 2 games only, and 1 only where 5 games were already won.
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Playing the game

The next player to the left must then place a matching domino next to the first domino. For example, if the first player started the game with double six, the next player must play a domino that has a six on it.

If the player doesn’t have a domino of matching value, they must pick up a domino from the boneyard. They keep picking up dominoes from the boneyard until they get a playable domino.

If there are if no more dominoes left, the player must pass their turn.


This diagram shows two ways to place dominoes at the end of the chain. Both ways are correct. Note that doubles are always placed perpendicular to other dominoes.

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