How to pick up girls

Alarm and Reminders

We have to be honest with you guys, picking up girls at a bar is not as easy as in the movies.

Done wrong, girls will see you as a creep.

But fret not. It’s not the case if you know how to play your cards well.

Read on for our best tips so you can leave the bar with a (real, not fake) phone number of a girl.

1. Be yourself

We know what you’re thinking: “so cliché” (cue to eye-rolling).

You must think that the guy with the fanciest pickup line gets all the girls. Wrong.

Sure, think of an opening line. But if you’re thinking too much about delivering the perfect line (heads up: there’s no perfect line), you’re more likely to be nervous and tense.

Try this instead: say hello! Women are not this mysterious beast; they’re human beings.

A simple hello and a genuine smile will go a long way.

If she smiles back, even with just the tiniest movement of the lips, you’re in.

“Hey, so crowded tonight, huh?”

2. Lay off the dirty look

Yes, she looks ravishing in that tight, red dress.

But contrary to what your mates may tell you in the locker room, girls hate it when you treat them like a piece of meat.

That’s also the reason unsolicited and dirty compliments get you on the list of “creeps of the night“.

Look at a girl with interest and a hint that you think she’s gorgeous. But even if it takes your mightiest effort, avoid scaling her body inch by inch.

3. Drinks for each of the girls at a bar?

Although some girls will take advantage of the free drinks, they won’t give you their numbers.

You’ll end up looking desperado – and girls avoid desperate guys at a bar like a plague.

Pick a girl that really catches your attention. Smile at her from across the room, and then send her a drink.

If she’s with her girls, don’t send a drink to everybody – just her. Way to go to make a girl feel special.

4. Get your warm up in immediately

Try this the next time you’re picking up girls at a bar: don’t hang out nervously, eyeing every girl at every corner (see tip #2).

Instead, make a move with the first girl you see at the bar.

Say hi to the barmaid and smile to the girl waiting for her drink (in a non-creepy way, please).

The more you wait, the more you’ll overthink it. Overthinking never brings out positive results, guys.

So, warm up. You’ll feel more ready before your big game.

5. Relax and have fun

girls at a barPeople can tell if you’re making too much effort to pick up girls. And you may end up looking predatory.

When you’re stressed out about it, your confidence will take a hit.

Relax. Like what we’ve said before, girls are just people.

Have fun, make conversations, even with complete strangers. Enjoy the music and the beer.

Not only will all these help you breathe easily, but they will also make you look like you’re nice and friendly. Girls like easygoing guys.

Plus, when you finally talk to that pretty girl, you’ll have taken out the creep factor since she’s seen you talk with everybody.

How about you? Do you have some great tips to pick up girls at a bar?

We’d love to hear your stories, so leave us a comment below.

Also, whenever you’re ready to step up your game, join our Seduction University!

Be direct in clubs, she already knows what you want

 Just approach her

We have now come to the point where you arrive at the club. Now we have to enter the state. When I walk in the club, I do it with a smile on my face every fucking time. Then I stop for 10 seconds, check where the hot chicks are and look for an eye contact. When I get it, I immediately go to her. If I don’t get eye contact, I would still go to her. It is very, very important that you talk to some girl in first 10-20 seconds. She doesn’t have to be a model for you to approach her, she can even be a little fat or ugly.

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Also, it doesn’t matter what you say, it’s a nightclub where people go to communicate with each other. Nothing weird about it. When you approach a girl as soon as you come, people wouldn’t know if you actually know her or not. That’s how you take pressure off yourself. Besides, when you are in company with girls, you will get more eye contact with other women. Simple preselection.

In that first set, I usually comment her style or something about her that I noticed. Then I say I can only give her few minutes since friends are waiting and then I will try to isolate her. You should be direct in clubs, she already knows you haven’t approached her to ask what is she studying. And if you fail, it doesn’t matter since the only point of that first approach is to have fun and get social proof. Have a good time, laugh, tease, act your play. That’s why you are there.

So, don’t go to the toilet, don’t go for a drink, just open that first set, be there few minutes, then you can leave and come back later. Of course, if she is responsive and you can escalate, stay there, but this is not common in the first approach and this early in the night.

When you go for a drink, play around with girls at the bar, vibe with them, act if you need, act like you are a stranger, and then tell her you are lying. Just vibe with them. You actually see that the point of a night game is to talk to as many girls as you can in a short period of time. One thing you need to remember, no one takes night game too serious. So why should you? They have all get out that night to have fun, laugh and meet the interesting person (you). The nightclub is like a social gathering, people are there to talk to other people and drink. That’s why you need to relax and play with them. It was always interesting to me to play with their little heads, to see how they will react to different situations.

So look at it like something that should amuse you, something that you will wake up tomorrow and say “that girl’s reaction was hilarious”. Don’t take anything seriously because night game is a farce, and just play your game. Check out top pick-up techniques at the Nightclub.

It’s all one big act in clubs, where everyone wears their favorite mask.

mask for clubs

Remember, they are under temperature, and you have to be too, hug them, tell that you will be their best friends tonight, maybe a friend with benefits, make the good atmosphere around you. You could ask girls are they adventures (which means are they here to fuck).

Find some place or corner in the club where you will isolate your targets, where you can take them. She won’t come with you early in the night, but if you like her and she is responsive, you finally found someone to stay with, and then take her there. I usually have that place near the toilet.

Don’t be afraid to open another set when you are already in one, because like I said, it’s all one big act in clubs, where everyone wears their favorite mask. No one gives a fuck. Heck, people even expect you to be like that. It’s all fine.

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Raise your temperature, always be doing something, there shouldn’t be pauses in between interactions, talk with a girl, it doesn’t matter what, when you don’t know what to say, dance, be physical. If you have pause more than few minutes, that means you have to practice more and that you aren’t doing club game properly. If you are that type of guy that just chills in the club, and you implement this thing I am talking about, that will be a game changer for you.

Picking up girls at a club is easy

Girls waiting to get picked up

Don’t walk through club looking for prey. Girls in the club are under temperature, and they could leave you after one hour if they choose another guy for whatever reasons.

If you decide to go out alone, you will have better chances. Girls love guys that go solo.

There is actually only one rule when you want to pick up girls at a club. Don’t let yourself be bored. If you are not bored, you won’t be boring. Make fun, talk with everyone.

All in all, when you are at the club, you should feel like you are some kind of light in the darkness. Think like “I am light, I am shining, follow me.” I know it sounds crazy, but it helps.

Alright, let’s summarize. How to pick up girls at a club:

  1. Dress well, that’s the first thing she notices, and in clubs the first impression is important.
  2. Build momentum before you enter the club. The battle starts earlier. Whatever your mind suggests you do and you think it’s a bit awkward or whatever, still do it. You are doing it to be ready for picking up that dream girl you want.
  3. When you arrive, don’t go for a drink, or to leave jacket. Open in first 15 seconds.
  4. Don’t stay too long with her, talk to as many girls as possible in a short period of time.
  5. Understand that no one takes night game seriously and that you should have fun. You can talk about anything you want; no one is going to remember you anyway. Be the light.
  6. Be physical.
  7. Choose your target. If you can pull her, don’t take her number, try to build temperature and to escalate as soon as possible.
  8. If you can’t pull, build rapport, take the number. Arrange a date.
  9. Read this 8 stuff before every night out.

That would be it. Every night you go out, you can choose whether you will be in fear that night or give love. And usually, you decide this at the start. Too good for you that so many guys are scared.

So next time you ask yourself how to pick up girls at a club, don’t waste time being scared and be different by being free.

The Truth About Dating in Ukraine

Have you ever noticed how easy things are available in our current society? With the press of a button we can now order our clothes, food for the week, prescription for the doctor and even a date for the evening.

Everything needs to be instantly available and we rather buy a book of some random dating expert claiming he is “Gods gift to Ukrainian women” that sells you every convenient shortcut possible, then doing the research ourselves.

Well, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to buy anything to learn how to date Ukrainian girls. In fact, I am about to present to you a lot of information on how to successfully date girls from Ukraine for absolutely nothing.

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“Why, you might ask?”

Not because I am such a nice guy, but because I understand where you are coming from!

You are tired of paying for dating information or profiles without getting the results that you are looking for and getting scammed left and right.

Well, good news for you as my “No Cure, No Pay” dating principle will get you access to truth for no financial commitment and all.

“Are you ready for the truth? Are you 100% sure?”

The truth is that dating in Ukraine will not be easy and you won’t be successful at all at the beginning. You are dealing with a different culture, country and mentality and there are no shortcuts to understand those aspects in life. There you go, the truth served on a cold plate called reality. You’re welcome!

“But will these difficulties cause any problems in my dating game?”

Of course not. Because now you begin to understand you need to work hard and develop and effective strategy to become successful in dating girls.

And in order to do so you will need to keep pushing and adjusting in order to find your best methods. To help you with this, I interviewed a group of Ukrainian girls and asked their opinion of dating Western men and what approach they think works best to pick up girls in Ukraine.

I am giving you a blueprint on how girls like to picked up by Western men. Not some magic book, not some secret juicy formula and definitely not article on the “Top 10 best pick up lines for girls in the Ukraine”.

Just common sense and a lot of feedback from the ladies.

“How to use this feedback to your advantage?”

Therefore we need to first read and understand what the girls are saying. Only then can you make a solid plan and start figuring out what the girl you are interested in really likes.Pick up girls in UkraineThomas interviewed a group of Ukrainian girls and asked their opinion of dating Western men and what approach they think works best to pick up girls in Ukraine.

Asking the local girls from Ukraine for advice

During my questionnaire I asked over 100 Ukrainian women from the cities Kiev, Odessa, Vinnytsja, Kryvy Rih and Lviv about their experiences with meeting men from foreign countries.

The questionnaire consisted of 15 multiple choice questions and one open question. Of the 100 subscribers,  98% answered the questionnaire. Their ages varied between 19 and 38 years old and 72% of participants were single at the time of answering this questionnaire.

Conclusion: The best method to pick up Ukraine girls & start succesfully dating in Ukraine

Ukrainian girls

As I mentioned earlier, getting feedback from local woman can definitely improve your dating game. They can give you valuable information on how to make the first step on becoming successful in the dating game. According to the data this would be the best approach when picking up girls in Ukraine.

1#) Before asking out anybody you should be well dressed and have an overall good appearance2#) Ukrainian girls can be asked out publicly, but in a straight forward matter. No fancy pick up lines.3#) It should be asked in Russian first, but explain also that it is not your first language. It is about the effort4#) Humour is key5#) When offering a meal or drink, take charge and order for her. You can ask beforehand what she likes.6#) If you can’t go for a drink right away, ask for her phone number and bring flowers or chocolates on your first date

7#) Always pay for the meal and drinks on the first date.

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