How to pass a urine drug test

Cannabis pass a Drug Test

While the legalization of cannabis in parts of the United States is all well and good, this isn’t stopping thousands of businesses all over the place implementing regular and wholly unannounced drug tests. For existing employees and potential new hires alike, having any kind of cannabis in your system…even if you’ve been dry for days…can mean the difference between employment and the unemployment office. So to stay safe it is important to understand just how to pass a drug test.

Exactly how long cannabis stays in your system, is a difficult question to answer for two reasons. Being that it depends entirely on how much cannabis you have consumed and how capable and quick your body is at getting rid of the stuff. As such, it could be anywhere from three days right up to a month before it is entirely out of your system, thus allowing you to pass a drug test. Which is just fine if you have this kind of notice – the problem being that with most drug tests, you don’t! To help you determine how long you need there are drug test calculators which are worth checking out.

Dilution Method

Pass a Drug Test Dilution Method

While it’s of course a strategy we cannot directly advocate…what with being responsible and all…there is nonetheless one particular approach to taking THC urine tests that cannabis advocates do indeed advocate. It’s the classic case of providing whoever it is that is taking the test with a diluted urine sample, but in a strategic and cunning manner so that it doesn’t actually look like a diluted sample at all.

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First of all, the more water you have in your system at the time, the more diluted the sample will be naturally. As such, a couple of hours before the test, try to get approximately 2 l of water down your neck. If the test happens to be later in the day, also drink plenty of water throughout the morning. But as this will produce a sample that may return a result that confirms dilution, you also need to get hold of some vitamin B and creatine.

The reason being that vitamin B does a great job or giving urine that distinctive yellow colour that is not present should it be diluted. In addition, when it actually comes to the testing process, a distinct lack of creatine will inform those carrying out the test that the sample is indeed diluted. As such, if you pick up a creatine supplement from a health food store and use it a couple of hours before the test, there’s a good chance the results will paint a picture of a far more accurate and honest result.

What does a negative drugs test mean?

To pass a drugs test you will need to get a negative test result. A negative test could mean any of these things:

  • you haven’t used the drug that is being tested for
  • you may have used the drug being tested for, but your system has metabolised all trace of the drug
  • you have taken the drug but the levels in your body are so low that they do not reach the cut-off level of the test

What is Urine Sample Adulteration?

The most common form of drug testing carried out in the workplace is urine drug test. This involves testing a sample of urine from the donor which is then screened for the presence of one or more drugs.

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It is possible for the test to be tampered with at this stage. This is known as “urine sample adulteration”.

Sample adulteration is usually achieved in three ways:

  • Substitution – the donors urine sample is “swapped” for a clean sample of urine
  • Dilution – the urine sample is diluted in an attempt to produce false negative test result
  • Addition – masking agents are added to the sample to interfere with the screening test and/or destroy the drugs present in the urine
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