How to pass a drug test for weed

Your quick guide to the urine drug testing for cannabis use and what strategies work to beat the tests.

In most cases, urine drug testing for cannabis is an invasion of privacy and a giant waste of resources. However, until drug war hysteria is a thing of the past, it is a reality that we will need to deal with.

Unfortunately, the amount of misinformation on the internet about drug testing is astounding. My unscientific estimate is that 85% of what you read about drug tests and how to beat them is utter bullshitMany people writing about drug testing are, at best, well-intentioned but with no clue, and at worst, purposely misleading you for commercial gain.

This article will provide you with

  • A basic understanding of urine drug testing for cannabis
  • Strategies to beat drug tests that work and those that are just myths

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Let’s start with an infographic to give a quick overview:


How to pass a drug test with marijuana detox drinks

Different brands of drug detox drinks have different usage instructions. Mega Clean comes with pre cleanse tablets.

  • On the day before you want to be toxin free, take the six Toxin Rid Precleanse Pills one an hour with six 16-ounce glasses of water
  • Drink the entire bottle 1-2 hours before the test, then wait fifteen minutes refill the bottle, shake it and drink the entire bottle again.
  • Pee frequently! Maximum effect is at three hours.

Using Detox Pills for supervised or unsupervised drug tests

Detox Pills for drug test are considered a more reliable option for detoxifying the system because they use a combination of a detox drink and dietary fiber. Let me explain the advantages of using dietary fiber in a detox program.

I have used Toxin Rid detox pills a couple of times and found it to be extremely effective. You can pick from drug detox kits for 3, 4, 7 and 10 day plans using Toxin Rid depending on how frequently you have been smoking marijuana or using other drugs.

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To be doubly sure, go for the 7 day plan at least.  Toxin Rid works for nicotine and all kind of drugs: Weed, Amphetamines, Cocaine,Heroin, Speed, Ecstasy etc. Check out their official site for more info.

Naturally detoxing your body

Depending on your overall health, your metabolism and the levels of marijuana toxins in your system, you can naturally detoxify your body and remove all traces of weed in approximately 30 days. If you have the luxury of time on your hands, do not want to use drug detox kits and can abstain from smoking for that duration of time, then this may be one of the options that you can consider.

There are no surefire tips to follow here. Just eat healthy, eliminate junk food, skip red meat, exercise, drink lots and lots of water, herbal teas, lots of fruits and vegetables and dietary fiber. Grab a home testing kit and keep testing your urine to analyze your progress to the detox routine.

Saliva Drug Test or Mouth Swab Drug Test

Salive drug test, cheek swab drug test, cotton swab test…Many names, one test and an easy one to beat as compared to the rest of the types of drug tests. A saliva drug test is usually not prescribed in the United States. But if you live in Europe or other parts of the world and have been asked to take the test, then here’s what you need to know about it and some tips on how to beat the test.

How does the cotton swab drug test work?

A saliva swab test is rising in popularity due to the non-invasive nature of the test, the ease of performing the test and the time in which the results can be achieved. Believe it or not, test results can be determined in merely 10 minutes. Also, it is cheaper.

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The good part though is that it can only detect drug usage that goes back seven days at best and there are products that can alter the saliva in a way that the test kit can be tricked. Also different labs use different kits which mean that there is no standard or a benchmark that can be used to analyze the to pass a blood drug test

A swab (looks like a cotton swab or a toothbrush) will be placed between your gum and your inner cheeks near the molar teeth for a couple of minutes to collect the saliva. It may even be placed under the tongue.

That’s it. The saliva will then be analyzed and tested for drug metabolites.

How to pass a saliva drug test

Oral drug test detection times:Like I said, if you haven’t smoked weed for 8 to 10 days before the test, then you don’t need to do anything at all. You will clear the test anyway. How to pass a saliva drug test in 24 hours?

If you have a shorter notice period, then there are oral gums which can neutralize your saliva in as less as 30 seconds. This gives you a window period of 20-30 minutes to take the test and you will clear it. The advantage of using an oral gum is the fast time with which it works and the ease of carrying it with you all the time, in case the lab decides to spring a surprise and do a swab test at the last minute. For more info on this saliva neutralizing gum click here.

How to pass a drug test with mouthwash: One of the easiest ways to mask the drug toxins in your saliva is to use the Toxin Rid Rescue wash that comes with a money back guarantee. Just take a gulp and swish it around your mouth for a few minutes. The best part is that the 1oz bottle is incredibly compact and can easily be carried with you all the time. It is easy to use too. If you don’t have time to buy any of these products then I suggest you to try Listerine. Its not as effective as oral clear gum or Toxin Rid mouth wash, but still better than nothing.

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Also, abstain from smoking for at least 24-48 hours prior to the test. Drink lots of water, follow good oral hygiene and you should be good to go. For more info, check out my “how to pass an oral drug test” article.

Specimen Validity Testing

After collection of the urine sample, the first thing a lab will do is check whether it is a valid urine specimen. They want to make sure you didn’t substitute the urine for something else or add anything to it. They may check the following:

  • Color and appearance: Urine should have normal color and not be cloudy.
  • Temperature: Urine should be within normal body temperature range.
  • Creatinine: This is a by-product of protein metabolism. Low levels of creatinine may indicate that specimen is not real urine or that it has been diluted.
  • Specific gravity: This tests the density of urine. Similar to creatinine, it ensures that specimen has not been overly diluted.
  • pH: Urine should be within normal pH range, as extremes of pH will interfere with the drug tests.
  • Adulterants: Adulterants are any substance added to the urine to cause a false negative on the drug test. Many oxidizing agents (e.g. bleach) will do this. Common adulterants are now tested for by many labs, although what specifically they test for may vary.
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