How to naturally induce labor

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Are you passed your due date and going out of your mind waiting for your baby to arrive?

You probably got excited and shared your due date with everyone right?

So now that time has come and gone and still no baby!

Now your desperately searching for ‘how to naturally induce labor.’

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Induce labor naturally | How to naturually induce labour when you're overdue. Includeas all you need to know about sex to induce labor, excercise balls, nipple stimulation and more. You can do all these methods at home.

How to induce labor/ Ways to Naturally Induce Labor When Overdue

Going overdue can be stressful for modern mamas. You probably have a ton of people constantly texting and messaging you asking if your baby is here yet.

Heaven forbids you take a break from your phone and social media for a while. They will pretty much go into meltdown.

But the aim of the game is to get your chilled out bambino to make an appearance before 42 weeks.

Once you hit the 40 weeks mark, your doctor or midwife will most likely offer you a date for medical induction.

The problem is that, just like any medical procedure, induction can come with increased risks to you and baby.

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If you can naturally encourage labor you avoid going down that road. But let’s face it, you want ways to induce labor that actually work.

Sadly there are no guaranteed ways to induce labor. However, there are some good ol’ home remedies to induce labor that moms swear by.

Let’s check out my favorite ways to help you learn just how to induce labor naturally.

Disclaimer: This information is only for women who have reached 40 weeks of ‘low risk’ pregnancy. Please do not attempt this advice if you are below 40 weeks or have medical concerns regarding your pregnancy. Always discuss any plans to use these methods with your caregiver first.

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Overall, there is not a whole lot of reliable research out there on foods that can naturally help put women into labor. Most of the foods and herbal remedies we looked at are pretty understudied and there is definitely a need for more research in this area to be able to recommend them. If your mom, or sister, or colleague absolutely swears by something on our list that helped put them into labor, our advice is to go ahead and give it a try as long as there are no health risks that can potentially harm you or your little one. So by all means, sit back, relax, and sip on a pineapple smoothie, snack on some dates, or enjoy a nice warm cup of raspberry leaf tea. Even if your little babe doesn’t end-up making their their grand debut after doing these things, you still get to reap all their nutritious benefits! Sounds like a win-win to me.

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