How to meal prep

Jump on the meal prep train and save yourself some time and energy in the morning with these healthy breakfast meal prep recipes. Prep all of your breakfasts on Sunday so come Monday morning, you can sip your coffee with ease. Breakfast meal prep is a great way to start your morning off with a nutritional meal and a little less stress.

Two of my favorite things are breakfast and meal prep, so you can imagine how much fun I had rounding up recipes for this breakfast meal prep recipes post. Not only do I think breakfast is the tastiest and most beautiful meal of the day, but I love that I don’t have to sacrifice time or taste when taking the time to meal prep my breakfasts for the week. My meal prep day of the week is usually Sunday, but honestly, any day works!

We’ve separated these out into categories to make it easy peasy for you to find the breakfast meal prep recipe you’re looking for STAT. And this is how we determine whether or not a recipe would be good to meal prep:

  • Recipes that can keep for 4-5 days (or can be frozen!)
  • Are easy to reheat
  • Can be separated into single-serve containers
  • Include whole ingredients and are packed with protein!

Now onto these delicious breakfast meal prep recipes. Happy meal prepping!

Some basic tips:

  • Do the preparation on the weekend, rather than during the week: Weekdays are rough, and you’re working to save yourself the trouble of having to cook on weekdays. By saving it for Saturday or Sunday, you have more energy, as well as more time if your meals take longer than expected to prepare.
  • Dont shop and cook on the same day: Since you’re buying groceries for at least a week, you’re going to have to spend a while shopping. You’re also going to be making enough food for a week, which is going to take you a similarly longer than expected amount of time. Unless you want to spend the entire day shopping then cooking, it’s probably better to spread these out over the weekend.
  • Look at unit prices instead of whole prices: Most price tags on shelves have, in smaller font, the price per ounce/liter/whatever the measurement is. Buy the option that’s cheaper per unit if it’s not perishable or something you’re going to use in its entirety over the week. It’ll feel like you’re paying more, but it’ll be cheaper over time.
  • Experiment, but not too much: You want to eat more than just the same five things, right? This gives you a good way to experiment with more meals, so add about one new thing every week or two. It’s tempting to always try new things, but you’re saving money and time by buying a lot of the same things and getting faster with making the same meals over time. It’s hard to find a balance, and you’ll likely fail a few times, but that’s how you learn to cook better and just how much you can explore.
  • Plan and eat before you go shopping: Grocery stores are designed to make you want to buy more things all the time. To fight that, have a definite plan for what you’re making this week, and eat something before you go. Stick to the items that are on the list of ingredients you need, and not being hungry will keep you from buying everything you see.
  • Set a hard limit on your budget: You don’t have a lot of money, so this step is crucial. Whatever it is you can afford, set that as a hard limit on the groceries you buy. Not only does this keep you from spending too much money, it forces you to be creative about what you can make, and isn’t that novelty why you love food in the first place?
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The school year has just started and you’re probably already stressed. Between work and bringing the kids to and from school and their various activities, is there even time to cook dinner? Or maybe you’re just trying to eat healthier, but time and hunger lead you to order pizza…again. But with planning and preparation, your meal struggles can be solved with a little meal prep.

Typically, meal prepping involves taking one day to make multiple meals to eat throughout the week ahead so you can have more free time after work and school. You can prep every meal or just prep one or two meals of the day so you have one or two less things to worry about—the options are endless.

If you’re new to meal prepping, it can feel a little intimidating and it honestly will probably take some experimenting to figure out what will work for you. For instance, some foods do reheat better than others, so you might want to avoid prepping quesadillas that’ll just get soggy before you eat them.

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It’s also important to keep in mind that a meal-prepping session will take more time than cooking a single meal. To streamline the process, the right gadgets, appliances, and accessories will make cooking all that food so much easier. Here are nine things you can use to start meal prepping like a boss.

1. A planner

The easiest way to fail at meal prepping is to not have a plan. It’s essential to decide your meals ahead of time and make a grocery list before you head to the grocery store.

2. Sharp knife

When preparing multiple meals at once, it’s a good idea to get all of your chopping out of the way first, so everything is ready to go when you start cooking. To avoid tiring your arm out while cutting up various vegetables, fruits, herbs, and meats, you’re going to want a sharp kitchen knife.

3. A quality cutting board

You also don’t want to use a gross, old cutting board when chopping through your ingredients—it’s probably filled with bacteria. We love a bamboo cutting board because it’s stable and easy to maneuver.

A Kitchen set of 6 silver measuring cups are nested inside each other on a black chalkboard background.

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4. Measuring cups

Find measuring cups, and spoons, in all sizes so you can get the appropriate portions for various meals while prepping for the week.

5. A food chopper

baking and roasting trays

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6. Baking and roasting sheets

Prepping lots of ingredients at once, whether you’re cooking veggies or meat, can be a lot easier when you have enough baking sheets to cook them all on. For that, you’ll want to have at least two or three baking sheets on hand that can handle your ingredients.

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7. A pressure cooker

Efficiency is essential for making meal prepping as quick and easy as possible. Electric multi-cookers, often referred to as pressure cookers, are great because they have all the functions of a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, and more. With a good pressure cooker, you can cook anything from rice to soup to chicken, leaving your stovetop and oven free for other tasks.

Woman is preparing pasta and weighs it on scales

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8. A kitchen scale

If you’re tracking what you eat or you’re really into making sure every portion is the same size, or your meal prep calls for precise baking, you’re going to want to invest in a kitchen scale.

9. Storage containers

After whipping up a big batch of meals for the whole week, you going to need some good, microwave-safe containers to store them in. It’s important to avoid containers that have BPA or other toxins that can leach into the food you’re reheating.

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