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It is often said that 80% of males masturbate; we believe the remaining 20% haven’t discovered it yet. Indeed, the act of masturbation is very common and is a topic boys liberally discuss. As teenagers, whenever we had a boner, we would scurry to the nearest toilet or private room and we jerked off. Worried our parents would be at the other end of the door listening in, or worst, indiscriminately barge into our room, we wanted to ejaculate in the shortest time possible. Masturbation was always a race against time.

Fast forward a few years to adulthood. We now live in our own place — or at least learned to lock our doors — which gives us the freedom to indulge in the act. We have also discovered the technique of not rushing the strokes and not masturbate as if we were trying to yank our genitals out. Masturbation has gotten more pleasurable, it seems, but is there more to it?

The answer is (oh thank God) yes! Here are some masturbation tricks you can use to heighten your pleasure.


Expunge what you know about five-minute masturbation sessions. If you want to achieve maximum pleasure as well as more powerful ejaculations, the cum-control technique is your answer. This may sound cruel, but the goal here is to keep yourself from ejaculating. Stroke your shaft to a rhythm, set yourself up for an orgasm and just as you are about to shoot your load, stop. Keep your hands free from your privates for a few minutes, and allow your throbbing hard penis to revert to its limp state.

Repeat this pattern of stroking your penis and stopping just before you are about to cum. Trust us, you will achieve an explosive ejaculation like never before. For the underachievers who have a problem with premature ejaculation, this is one great technique that will prolong your sex sessions!

Masturbate with Your Non-Master Hand

There is a myriad masturbation techniques in this world, and most of them require a lot of work. Are you stacking your pillows and bolsters just so you can place your dick in between the slit opening? Are you sitting over your shower head to derive sensation from the water squirting?

These masturbation techniques entail too much effort, we reckon. Go the easy way by using your non-master hand the next time you wank. It feels different, as if someone else is handling your manhood. Besides, it’s high time your non-master hand gets a serious workout.


Unless you have killer good looks and have been a permanent fixture on People magazine’s list of Sexiest Men Alive, it is likely you have at one point in your life experienced a sex drought. Even the self-professed Casanova does not get lucky with women that often, much as he would have you believe. So, what are you to do when your hormones are raging during a lonely night? Why, pull out your sex toys, of course!

Aptly named fleshlights — no, it’s not a handy torch — these sex toys are a single man’s savior. Essentially a hand-held device, the top of these sex toys are shaped to replicate a vagina. Sliding your erected penis into the opening also stimulates your nerves, and you will instantly feel as if you were engaged in coitus. The best news for those with a porn star addiction: many porn stars have their own line of fleshlights, which are fashioned out of their pussies. It’s almost as if you’re doing her! Get one or two for yourself now!

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