How to make yourself sneeze

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1. Use Some Tissue Paper:

I am sure you have seen tissue papers rolled into a cone. Some people do it when they are bored. You can do so in order to induce a sneeze reflex artificially.

  1. Take a tissue paper.
  2. Roll it into a cone. Rolling just one corner is more than sufficient to get the job done. You don’t need a large tissue paper for this.
  3. Take this cone shaped corner and wiggle it in the nose.
  4. You should be gentle while you do this.

This method simulates the irritating particle in the nose and results in a sneeze reflex. But, you need to be a bit patient. We know what happens when we insert the tissue in the nose. It gets damp. So, you may need to change the tissue twice or thrice. To make this method work faster, you can try blowing air through your mouth

22. Dust in Desperate Moments:

This is not the most recommended method, but a small quantity of dust is sure to get you through the awkward phase of “stuck between sneezing and not sneezing.” This will not only be effective for you, but also for those around you.

There’s an added benefit to this method. As you grab the duster and start cleaning stuff around you, 2 things happen:

  1. You get multiple sneezes.
  2. You get clean surroundings.
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So finally we conclude our article at here that taught you that:

  • What makes us sneeze
  • Why should we sneeze

And the most important part

  • How to make yourself sneeze!

With the impressive facts and the vital role of sneezing, we provided you essential information that we hope has blown your mind!

You have now recognized that how vital role does sneezing play in your life. Now you not only have to wait until your brain makes you do this, but you can also easily by using these simple steps make yourself sneeze at any time you want.

Especially you guys have learned that we shouldn’t stop the sneeze whether it is coming in front of the public.  Try every one of these techniques so you can have a sneeze and make yourself benefited from its great specialties that it do to our body.

The more you sneeze, the more you are going to make your body & mind fresh and relaxed. So with every one of the manual tips and tricks that we mentioned above will hopefully make yourself sneeze!

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