How to make your hair wavy

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1. Rinsing and Waving:

This is the simplest method out of many where all you need to do is to wash your hairs with a good shampoo and then condition them like any other day. But before washing, you need to brush them so that they get bodied and attain lightness. This will prevent them getting clumped and matted after the shower. Also, keep in mind that it is not a good idea to shampoo every time you shower. So if you seek wavy hairs just rinse and don’t wash.

the most effective method to get wavy hair for

Shampooing only once or twice a week are good enough to clean the hairs. Too much shampooing apart from taking the natural oils away, make them look straighter. Therefore rinsing is the best option as it not only keep the dirt away but also maintains the natural oils, giving your hairs body and waves in the right fashion. So the bottom line is while washing makes the hair straight, rinsing will give waves and curls that you require.

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Later, try not to blow them dry with the help of hair dryer. When they get dry naturally the waves will form on their own and you could see the wavy hairs after an hour or so. You can do this method and let the hairs dry by themselves overnight. In the morning you may get the required wavy hairs.

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