How to make tissue paper flowers

how to make giant tissue paper flowersOnce upon a time, Jord made this amazing wall of paper flowers out of crepe paper (the tutorial for making the paper flowers is here). Even though large sheets and rolls of crepe paper is easy to come by internationally, it is much less common in the States. Which means, we often get the question, “Can I make these flowers with tissue paper?”

how to make giant tissue paper flowersSince we hadn’t tried it, we’d usually reply, “If you try it, will you let us know how it works out?” But I had the chance to make giant tissue paper flowers for Piper’s Favorite Things Party (lots… and lots… and LOTS of giant tissue paper flowers, in fact) and I am here to tell you all- it works! Tissue paper flowers = totally doable!

how to make giant tissue paper flowersThe original tutorial provides more than enough detailed information if you want to replicate this process, but I took some pictures along the way of how this looks with tissue paper as well.

how to make giant tissue paper flowersAren’t they so fun? I think a wall of these would be such a fun, whimsical addition to a wall in a little girls room (in a place that is less humid than Saipan- haha!).

how to make giant tissue paper flowersHappy giant paper flower making, friends!

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. In addition, we participate in affiliate/referral programs whereby we link to products we believe in. If you click on the link and make a purchase we receive a small percentage commission. Read the full disclosure here. I was inspired to make this Tissue Paper Flower Art Activity by some dot art books we have. If you are unfamiliar with dot art, it is where kids use dabbers that look like bingo markers to make art. You can find dot art books around that have pictures with dots inside for kids to decorate with the dabbers. I thought about how it might be fun to decorate the dots with scrunched up tissue paper instead, so I created a free flower printable you will need for this activity. You can download it here. If you are as big a fan of tissue paper as we are, then you might also enjoy these Tissue Paper Crafts and Coffee Filter Flowers made from Tissue Paper.My kids loved this tissue paper flower art activity! Comes with a free printable which makes it an easy kids activity to do.

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Tissue Paper Flower Art Activity

We used a glue stick for this project, but you can use bottled glue as well. Kids will place glue on the picture and scrunch up tissue paper and place it on the circles.Kids can decorate the flowers with whatever color tissue paper they want. My kids have been in a rainbow loving phase for a while, so they made rainbow flowers.In addition to being a fun art activity, this serves as a fine motor activity since kids will be using the small muscles in their hands to scrunch up the tissue paper squares.The circles on the flower are just there as a guide. Kids can place as many tissue paper bunches in an area as they want.If you don’t happen to have tissue paper on hand, feel free to use the flower printable with circle stickers or dot markers.One of the best resources I have found for Preschool Kids Activities are these series of eBooks from Hands On As We Grow. The DISCOVER + PLAY + ENGAGE + LEARN eBooks have a combined 20 weeks of activities that are perfect for the early years. Fun ways to get kids moving, work on fine motor, do arts and craft projects and have fun as a family! Each weekly plan includes a handy supply list and activities broken down to know exactly what to do in a simple sentence or two. Click here to learn more and find out why they are such a great value!hands-on-bundleIf you enjoyed this tissue paper flower art activity, check out:               rp_10-flower-activities.jpgpopsicle-stick-flowers-1

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