How to make slime with shampoo

Everything you Need to Know About How to Make Slime with and without Glue and Borax Plus 15 DIY Slime Recipes

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Years of Slime Failures

Have you ever seen a really cool slime recipe?

Over the past couple of years I’ve been so inspired by some of the amazing slime activities I’ve stumbled across. Yet, when I tried to make my own slime, every attempt was a complete and utter failure.

About six months ago I went on a massive shopping trip buying every possible ingredient. I had researched the science, read so many recipes. I was determined to make slime.

But after spending over 6 hours trying, all I had was a lot of wasted materials, batches of nasty, unusable gooey substances, and a splitting headache (that powdered borax always does a number on me!).

To say I was frustrated with slime making would be the understatement of the century. I put together a lot of our lessons learned and tips on slime here.

Slime safety and tips. Everything from understanding ingredients (and how they vary) to tips about soap residue. What you need to know about slime.

When looking up a slime recipe, one of the first things I noticed was that almost all of them called for liquid starch. As a Canadian I don’t have access to liquid starch. To demonstrate my own devotion to the slime cause, I even tried making my own liquid starch using a technique from an older military man, turned prepper. It still didn’t work!

Next I turned my attention to trying it with borax powder. Failure.

Plus the Canadian government advises against using borax powder around children, and I have lung and heart conditions that borax powder aggravates. So I ditched that idea pretty quickly.

I spent hours reading labels and searching for the one, rare brand of detergent that I was promised would work. It still failed. Probably because the exact magical laundry detergent I was told to find, couldn’t be found anywhere, and the others were poor substitutes.

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It shouldn’t have been so hard. All I needed was a substance that would give the glue some stiffness and remove the stickiness. There had to be another answer. Finally I found it.

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Have you seen the green gooey material falling on celebrities during Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award? Yes, we are referring to the iconic green slime. Well, aside from being poured down, slimes are amazing toys to keep you from fidgeting. It can also help develop your children’s sensory skills while keeping them busy for hours.

Are you aware that you can recreate your own? Contrary to what you might think creating slime can be done without the use of glue. With cheap hygiene products you have at home, you can whip a DIY slime without glue in 5 minutes maximum with two to three key ingredients.

Ingredients to Prepare:

1. Baby Powder

Alternative Ingredient: Cornstarch

If you don’t have any baby powder, you can head to your kitchen and grab cornstarch or your regular flour if it’s not available. For this project, we chose baby powder because it is finer than the flour products. The baby powder is easier to mix with other ingredients because of its fine grains.

2. Shampoo

Alternative Ingredients: Toothpaste or Hand Soap

Other personal hygiene products you can also use either toothpaste or hand soap. But, for this DIY slime craft, we decided to use shampoo. In contrast to toothpaste, shampoo is more fluid, while hand soap if too fluid. These ingredients, however, also works.

3. Water

4. Baby Oil

5. Food coloring (color of choice)

There are different kinds of food coloring you can use. What we will have for this project is the liquid food dye since it will again be easy to mix. Although, water-based coloring is weaker compared to the powder dye (which you can also use).

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Whipping Tools:

1. Plastic Spoon

2. Bowl (2 pieces)

3. Plastic Folders

Making the Slime

STEP 1: 

In your mixing bowl, pour in 1 ½ cup of the baby powder. You don’t have to worry about not having enough powder since you can add more later one if you haven’t achieved the right consistency.

Set aside your baby powder for later. Make sure you place it in an area with less air since the powder is very light and will easily be blown away.

STEP 2: 

Now we work on the liquids. In another mixing bowl, pour in ½ cup of water.

Adding a few droplets of the food coloring and mixing the coloring and the water carefully.

PRO TIP: Add only a few drops of the water at first, then drop a few more if you’re not content with the color hue.

REMINDER! Water-based dye is weaker than powder. You might have to use a big portion, especially when working on the big slime.

STEP 3: 

It’s time to combine the powder and the coloring mixture!

With the powder mixture, pour in the coloring and water mixture.

Now, you have to mix the two mixtures with the use of your spoon. You need to thoroughly mix these two until almost all of the powder is combined with the water.

PRO TIP: There is no need to fret about it being too dry since you will add the shampoo later on. You can also adjust your mixture by adding water (if too dry) or powder (if too wet) as the case may be. BUT! We discourage you from adding water immediately because shampoo will still be added and to avoid a wet slime.

STEP 4: 

Once the water and baby powder are mixed, you can now add the shampoo.

Squeeze out a small amount of shampoo on the powder mix.

PRO TIP: Again, don’t pour too much shampoo to create the right slime consistency.

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STEP 5: 

With the plastic spoon, mix the shampoo and powder together until no powder grain remains. It should look and feel like a sticky cream.

The consistency and coloring in this step may now look faint. But You don’t have to worry because you can add more (see succeeding steps).


If you haven’t achieved the correct consistency and texture or color after adding shampoo, you can add more powder or food coloring. You can repeats Steps 1 to 5 until you have achieved the right slime consistency or if you decided that you want a larger slime.

STEP 7: 

Once you are satisfied with the color and texture of the slime, you add a few drops of baby oil to serve as a coating. This will help add moisture and prevent the slime from sticking in your hands.

You have to mix the baby oil properly to get the slime coated thoroughly.

STEP 8: 

Grab your plastic folder and place it on the table or floor (wherever you are working).

For the final touches, knead, stretch, fold and roll the slime on the plastic folder to ensure that everything is mixed up.

Here is a Youtube video to help you out.

Did you have fun as much as we did with this tutorial? You or your kids can enjoy the slimy goodness while you bond at home. Also, you can give this as toys to the little ones to keep them busy while you do stuff! The great part is, the project is easy and cheap.

Share some of your experiences with us by commenting below. Tell us some of the techniques you have learned and other materials that can be good alternatives to the ones we’re using.


Oobleck Slime


1 part water

1.5 to 2 parts cornstarch

Small amount of food coloring (optional)

Mix ingredients


Start with a bowl of water and slowly mix in 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water and stir to proper consistency. Check out this video for tips on how to create perfectly gooey oobleck!

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