How to make paper flowers

Paper flowers are beautiful and they’re such a unique way to set the tone for your big day. Not only is it better on the budget, but you’ll be able to transform the party into something with a handmade, personal touch.

If you’re a fan of texture and getting your hands dirty with craftiness, then why not create your own bouquet and floral arrangements for the big day. Whether your vision is of shabby chic goodness or bohemian dreams, you can incorporate these kinds of decorations seamlessly.

Ways To Incorporate Paper Flowers in Your Wedding

You’d be surprised! There are so many ways to nix the fresh petals and move in the paper products. From the tables to the ladies, there are so many innovative ways to save cash and create something extra-special.

  • Floral Garlands: Use them on banisters, tables, mantles, or as photo/altar backdrops.
  • Extra Large: Use them as photo props or in photo backdrops.
  • Boutonnieres & Bouquets: The entire bridal party can rock them!
  • Hanging Chandeliers/Mobiles: Perfect as backdrops or as decoration for the reception.
  • Centerpieces: Each table can have their own little arrangement of your creations.
  • Cake Accents: They’re beautiful cascading down the cake or on the dessert table.
  • Flower Crowns: You can turn those paper flowers into a beautiful headpiece for any of the ladies at the wedding to wear!

5 Fabulous Tutorials For Paper Flowers

Crepe Paper Water Lilies from Ash and Crafts


These gorgeous water lilies were formed with a little help from crepe paper. You’ll need some Elmer’s glue to get yourself started. And the entire process is so simple. Some circle shapes begin the foundation and then you’ll attach your petals in a strategic way.

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We feel as though these would be stellar on a cake, adorning the centers of the reception tables, or even sewn into a garland.

Coffee Filter Flowers from Just Bella


Coffee filters make gorgeous, lush flowers as well. They’re a bit more realistic in end design than some of the other projects. So, depending on what you like, these may be your best bet for center arrangements or bouquets.

All you need to make these beauties happen are a stack of coffee filters, skewers, florist’s tape, and your favorite pair of scissors.

Paper Dahlias from 100 Layer Cake


These dahlias are gorgeous as backdrops or even door decor. Make them larger to cover more space and add into pops of your big day’s most vibrant colors. You could even incorporate them into ceremony arches.

Grab your bridesmaids and have an afternoon filled with crafting, wine, and some delicious snacks!

Crepe & Watercolor Flowers from Craftberry Bush


You’ll get to do a bit of painting with this project. Grab your watercolors and get extra creative. Crepe paper is your best bet to get this romantic look and then you can fashion your petals after some faux flowers or fresh petals to gather inspiration for the colors you love.

These are beautiful as boutonnieres or as the foundation for some lush bouquets for you or your ladies.

Giant Tissue Paper Flowers from Uncommon Designs


You can learn how to whip up some extra large florals as well. All you need is some tissue paper to start the journey and then you can create magic at the altar or piece together a festive backdrop for everyone to take their pictures at.

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If you want to be really unique you can add some stems and carry these giant flowers instead of small bouquets!

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