How to make money in gta 5

How to make money in GTA 5 Online

Everyone knows Money in GTA Online is one of the most important things for causing havoc against your opponents. It allows you to buy vehicles, Weapons and more. Below we show you how to make money in GTA 5 Online.

Daily Objectives

Daily Objectives are a great way to make money. Just spending a few minutes doing the three requirements each day can earn a huge bank balance.

Game Modes Objectives

Participate in a:

  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Vehicle Deathmatch
  • Race
  • Land Race
  • Bike Race
  • Sea Race
  • Air Race
  • Rally Race
  • GTA Race
  • Non-Contact Race
  • Capture:Contend
  • Capture:GTA
  • Capture:Hold
  • Capture:Raid
  • Survival
  • Parachute Jump
  • Last Team Standing
  • Versus Mission
  • Complete a Contact Mission
  • Play a game of Darts
  • Challenge a player at Darts
  • Play a game of Arm Wrestling
  • Play a game of Tennis
  • Play a round of Golf
  • Challenge a player at Golf
  • Complete a Flight School lesson
  • Get a Gold Medal in a Flight School Lesson
  • Go for a round at the Shooting Range
  • Fly under a bridge in an Air Race

Free Roam Objectives

  • Deliver an Export vehicle to Simeon
  • Perform a Stunt Jump
  • Complete a Gang Attack
  • Hold up a store
  • Participate in One on One Deathmatch
  • Participate in an Impromptu Race
  • Kill 5 players
  • Kill 10 players
  • Kill 20 players
  • Collect a Bounty
  • Steal 5 vehicles
  • Steal 10 vehicles
  • Steal 20 vehicles
  • Destroy 5 vehicles
  • Destroy 10 vehicles
  • Destroy 20 vehicles
  • Mod a vehicle at a car mod shop
  • Ride on one of the Fairground Rides
  • Go to the Movies
  • Steal vehicle from the military base
  • Fall for 325 feet and survive
  • Parachute from 325 feet
  • Parachute from 500 feet
  • Parachute from 650 feet
  • Parachute dangerously (deploy parachute 200 feet or less from the ground)
  • Pull a parachute 30 meters from the ground
  • Have a private dance at the Vanilla Unicorn
  • Escape a 2 star Wanted Level
  • Escape a 3 star Wanted Level
  • Escape a 4 star Wanted Level
  • Escape a 5 star Wanted Level
  • Perform a wheelie for 10 seconds
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Contact Service Objectives

  • Kill a revealed player
  • Kill a player while Off the Radar
  • Bribe the Cops then cause havoc (blow up 10-20 cars after paying the cops to Turn a Blind Eye)
  • Use some Bull Shark Testosterone
  • Call a Mugger on another player
  • Collect an Ammo Drop




  • $100,000
  • 15,000 RP
  • For every seven consecutive days you complete tasks you get this bonus.


  • $500,000
  • 50,000 RP
  • For every twenty-eight consecutive days you complete the tasks you get this bonus.


  • 10th completed activity has a $10,000 bonus
  • 20th completed activity has a $20,000 bonus
  • 50th completed activity has a $50,000 bonus
  • 100th completed activity has a $100,000 bonus

GTA Online Discounts

Rockstar now does weekly bonuses for example Double GTA$ & RP when playing Extraction or save 50% on the Buzzard Attack Chopper. We update the bonuses on our GTA twitter.

Protect Your Earnings

When you complete a job or a heist the money you get will be as cash. If you have over 5k other players will be able to take some of your cash so it is a good idea to deposit some on maze bank.

GTA 5 Maze bank

Source: GTA Wiki

4 Ways To Actually Make Money Playing GTA5

Participate in Weekly Events

If you have been playing GTA 5 for a while now, you might have noticed that Rockstar notifies its users on the weekly events or updates for GTA. These announcements usually include new features that allow the players to earn up to $50,000 on behalf of the character played by them. It requires them to navigate the stunt races or adversary modes by accessing the weekly events, and it will earn them a substantial amount of money after playing a few matches. 

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Heists are generally considered to be one of the easiest methods to earn money online on GTA 5 however, it requires you to host heists with precision and accuracy so you would not lose your money. You are allowed to conduct your own heists once you have reached the level-12 on the game. You are also required to own a penthouse to become eligible for hosting your own heists. It allows your character to earn a substantial amount in the short run. 

Do you know you could actually make money playing #GTA5 video game on #Xbox or #Playstation? Here are several ways to do what you love and still make money.Work as an Associate or Bodyguard

When playing GTA 5 online, you are often required to take on several jobs which would assist you in making an income. You can consider becoming a bodyguard, and provide security to a VIP individual, which would add an extra $5000 to your character’s bank account.  

Secure a Job

If you are new to playing GTA 5 online, you can consider finding a job which would help your character in collecting wealth during the initial years of its development. The timespan of the jobs is considerably short however, these job opportunities prove vital in the accumulation of rewards and points, which help your character to thrive and develop throughout the course of the game. 

Sell Cars

If you are playing GTA 5, you are often required to hustle to help your character to make money in order to unlock the impending features of the game. You might be required to help your character find temporary jobs to secure a residual amount of money however, once your character has earned a substantial amount of money, and it wants to experiment with assorted means of earning money—it can resort to selling cars to acquire money. Your character will be required to visit the Los Santos Customs Mod Shops to sell cars for a negotiable price; however, if you sell a car to the nearest Mod Shop, it will help your character in earning more money. If your character is smart in selling the car, it might help him in earning more than $9,500 for each car sold by him.

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Do you currently earn money on GTA5 doing any of these things? Please share any helpful tips for newbies.

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