How to make money fast as a kid

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We could all use a little extra money for one thing or another. Whether you're trying to pay down debt, save for an emergency, or leave your 9 to 5 behind, here are 12 ways to make money fast!

When I say make money fast, I don’t mean like in a month from now fast. I mean like by next week, or at the very least this month!

While there are a number of excuses for staying poor and ignoring your finances, one of the main reasons I hear people say they can’t get ahead with their finances is because they don’t make enough money. Even though I don’t think that’s necessarily always the case, I do get it. We could all use a little extra money, right?

Think about it for a second. What would you do if you made an extra $200, $500, or even $1,000 this month? Would you use it to pay down your debt? Take your partner on a fancy date? Put it toward your kid’s college fund?

Well, guess what. You CAN make extra money this month!

Anyone can increase their income, most people just aren’t motivated enough to figure out how to do it. So they make excuses.

But you’re here, and that shows you have the motivation. All you need are the tools.

And I’m going to give them to you!

Here are more than 10 real and simple ways you can make extra money this month and every month.

Pro tip: Combine several of the methods below to significantly increase your cash flow fast!

Swagbucks swagbucks-best-survey-site-legitimate-paid-survey-sites

Swagbucks is one of the most widely known survey sites today. They’ve paid their members over $197 million dollars and claim to give away 7,000 gift cards per day. Members can earn points for shopping online, watching videos, searching the web, and completing surveys. Points can be redeemed for gift cards to places like Amazon, Walmart, or receive payment in the form of PayPal credit.

Sign up for your FREE Swagbucks account to start earning gift cards to America’s favorite retailers.

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American Consumer Opinion®

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion® boasts a membership of over 7 million worldwide. They’ve paid out over $30 million to members for participating in interesting surveys and research projects.

Sign up for your FREE account with American Consumer Opinion® and get your cut of $30 million.

Harris Poll Online harris-poll-online-best-survey-site-legitimate-paid-survey-sites

Harris Poll Online pays survey participants in the form of “HIpoints,” which can be redeemed for rewards after a minimum number of points. You’ll also be entered into the Harris Panel Sweepstakes for each survey you complete. An interesting feature of this site is that you can see the results of surveys you participate in and compare your answers to people like you.

Complete your FREE profile to get your first sweepstakes entry and start earning with Harris Poll Online.

InboxDollars ($5 Sign-up Bonus) inbox-dollars-best-survey-site-legitimate-paid-survey-sites

InboxDollars rewards users for more than taking surveys. You can also earn money by watching TV and shopping online. They’ve paid out over $50 million dollars to existing users. Why haven’t you started earning yet?

Get a $5 bonus just for creating your FREE account with InboxDollars today.

Other awesome survey sites:

The best way to earn money taking surveys is to sign up with multiple accounts. That way you’re never at a shortage of surveys. More surveys = more chances to earn.

I recommend you create a separate email account for your survey sites. That way you can separate your money-making side hustle from your personal mail. And once you sign up, you’ll receive a lot of survey opportunities.

Trust me, your inbox will thank me.

Rent a Room in Your House

The easiest and quickest way to make extra money is by leveraging assets you already have. In this case, your house. Renting space in your home with Airbnb can be a very lucrative way to make some extra money without a ton of extra time.

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If you have a spare bedroom, an office that can double as a bedroom, or even a couch, then you can make money as an Airbnb host. Just visit the site and click on “Become a Host” in the upper right-hand corner. You’ll need to fill out your profile, add clean and appealing photos of your space, and voila — you’re a host!

We could all use a little extra money for one thing or another. Whether you're trying to pay down debt, save for an emergency, or leave your 9 to 5 behind, here are 12 ways to make money fast!

P.S. Here’s my gift to you: $40 worth of free travel credit towards your next stay with Airbnb!

Freelance Writing

This is one of the ways I currently make money online.

I spend most of my time writing posted up on my couch or in my office, yoga pants on and tea within arm’s reach. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a pretty sweet gig.

In my first month as a freelance writer, I billed over $500 working part time thanks to the tips I got from my friend Holly Johnson over at!

Holly took her freelance writing business from $0 to $250K and was able to quit her full-time job within 12 months. That’s freakin’ insane! Now she teaches others how to do the same! Here’s how you can earn more money as a freelance writer.

If making money from home writing about things you love sounds good to you, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go read about the Earn More Writing eCourse.
  2. Scroll down to her Free Webinar. Enter your email and a pre-recorded video will be sent straight to your inbox:We could all use a little extra money for one thing or another. Whether you're trying to pay down debt, save for an emergency, or leave your 9 to 5 behind, here are 12 ways to make money fast!Holly is super straightforward in a hilariously helpful kind of way! Even if you don’t sign up for the course, you’ll still love this webinar!
  3. If it sounds like a good fit for you, head back over and choose your preferred package.

Get Cash Back on Purchases

Sometimes the whole making money by spending money thing is tempting. I don’t recommend using cash back programs to justify bad spending habits, but if you like to do your shopping online, then why not get a little something back?

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You can save a TON of money using FREE apps and programs like the Ibotta app, Ebates, Honey, and Wikibuy. With this killer app/extension combo, I’m always confident I’m getting the best deal on the web. Check out how I save hundreds per year using these three FREE simple tools.

Click the pictures below to download these money-saving apps:

save-money-shopping-online honey-logo

Become a Virtual Assistant

“Virtual Assistant” (VA) is a very broad term. It’s basically an all-encompassing title for someone who works from home providing support for businesses in a variety of ways. This could include ghostwriting, editing, email management, social media management, and so much more.

While starting your own business is a little more time-consuming and labor-intensive than using a site like People Per Hour (at least up front) it can also be more rewarding, both financially and intrinsically. High-paying clients don’t usually hang out on freelancing sites.

If you’re not really sure where to begin or what services you could offer as a VA, check out this list of 150+ Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant over on The Horkey Handbook.

Of course, you don’t have to offer all of these services. One of the best parts of being a VA is that you get to choose exactly what work you do and don’t want to do! In fact, you can specialize in only one area and make that service your bread and butter. For example, if you’re completely obsessed with Pinterest, then check out this post on How to Become a Pinterest VA!

We could all use a little extra money for one thing or another. Whether you're trying to pay down debt, save for an emergency, or leave your 9 to 5 behind, here are 12 ways to make money fast!

What are some legitimate and replicable ways you’ve been able to make a quick buck?

I’m a financial coach and author + owner of Goodbye to Broke. I love all things personal finance, money management, and healthy living. And I talk to my dog way too much, if we’re being honest.

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