How to make money as a 13 year old

If you’re ready to spark an entrepreneurial interest in your kids or are just looking for some ideas here are 16 ways for kids to make money.It’s become quite clear to me that my kids, especially my oldest daughter, have developed entrepreneurial spirits. They become super excited by just the thought of setting up lemonade stands, preparing for yard sales, selling their old belongings and even extra (not-so-fun) chores they can earn money for.

There are huge benefits to getting kids thinking of ways to creatively earn money, even at a young age.

This creativity can help them with their earning potential clear into adulthood. On top of the earning side it also helps them develop people skills, problem solve, and learn how to manage money once they’ve earned it.

If you’re ready to spark an entrepreneurial interest in your kids or are just looking for some ideas here are 16 ways for kids to make money.

For Younger Kids

Right now my kids are still young(ish) at 7 and 8 years old. These are things we do or have done for them to earn extra money.

Have a Lemonade Stand

One of the most classic and perhaps, favorite among young kids is the lemonade stand. If you have a high traffic area where your kids can sell lemonade, cookies, cakes, or really, anything this is a fun option.

As a bonus having a lemonade stand will also teach your child math and customer service skills.

Sell Old Toys/Clothes

If your child is ready to let go of some of his belongings why not have him help you sell them? Sorting, organizing and then selling can be a fun project for you to do with your younger child. (If you have an older child they can still do this and you can take a slightly more hands-off approach.)

Here are some of my favorite places to sell kids clothes.

Perform Age Appropriate Chores

Chores – they may be boring but they’re still a way for kids to make money.

At my house my kids do NOT get paid for all chores. They’re expected to do the basics like keep their rooms clean and pick up after themselves. However, when they’re wanting to earn some extra money I’ll give them extra chores.

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These chores might include:

  • Watering Flowers
  • Sweeping/Mopping Floors
  • Folding a Load of Laundry Every Night
  • Cleaning Bathrooms
  • Loading Dishwasher Every Night After Dinner

The chores and pay that you give your kids will vary depending on age and complexity.

My one big tip is not to overpay your kids. Ultimately what you pay your kids is up to you. However, if you give your kids way more money than a chores is worth (let’s say $20 for watering flowers) then that’s what they’ll come to expect from you every time they do a chore. If you pay a reasonable rate from the beginning your child will have better expectations in the long run.

Sell Produce

Grow a large garden? If so, you can set up a produce stand.

Even if you don’t normally garden you could set up a small garden this year with the help of your child and see if you get enough yield to sell extra. This can be a fun process for the family even if the garden flops.


Another tried and true way for kids to make money is by recycling! It doesn’t take much for kids to collect aluminum cans but doing so can give them a sense of pride and a way to earn a little cash.

For Older Kids/Teens

Ways for kids and teens to earn money.

Older kids or teens might not be so into setting up a lemonade stand…. However, there’s plenty more ways for older kids to make money!

If you are a teen or a parent of one here are some money-making ideas. (If you are a teen reading this please get your parents’ permission before trying any of these ideas!)

Babysit/Be a Mother’s Helper

For older, responsible teens babysitting can be a fabulous way to earn extra money. If you can set yourself up as reliable and responsible babysitter you’ll be in high demand. Parents are always looking for good babysitters they can trust.

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Mow Lawns

Mowing lawns is a great way to earn some extra cash in the summer. You can offer your services to your neighbors and have friends and family members help you locate new clients.

If you’re really dedicated to it you could some serious money with a landscape business this summer.

Shovel Snow

Along the lines of mowing lawns we also have shoveling snow. This is another service that can be offered to neighbors and family members.


Do you excel in a certain area of school? If so you can offer tutoring services. You can do this in person or online at place like Enroll if you are at least 15 years old.

Walk Dogs

Animal lover? Walking dogs or even pet sitting could be a great way for you to earn extra money. If you establish yourself as dependable and responsible you could build up a great business.

Manage Social Media for Businesses

Many small business owners are clueless as how to run their social media channels. If you’re good at social media you could make a nice income providing services to small businesses.

Sell Stuff

When it comes to selling stuff there’s really a lot that you can do.

First off, you can go through your old items and try selling them online. This, of course, will only earn you money one time around.

The second option is to help family members sell their stuff online – this is a great service you can offer to not so tech-savvy family members. (Just make sure you ALWAYS have a parent with you when dealing with and meeting potential buyers.)

Your third option is to find things at yard sales and thrift stores and try selling for a profit on sites like eBay.

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Wash/Detail Cars

If you’re into cleaning and pay attention to detail then cleaning and detailing cars could be a good fit. If you do a good job you shouldn’t have a hard time finding additional clients.

Online Options (13+ Years Old)

ways for teens to make money online

Looking for online options? Here are some easy ways to earns for kids who are 13+. (Parents’ permission will be needed for all of these!)

Search & Watch Videos with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a site that rewards it’s users with “SB.” These SB’s can be cashed in for gift cards or Paypal cash.

There are several ways you can earn with Swagbucks. You can use their search engine (just like you would Google,) complete special offers, take surveys, watch videos, play games and more.

Swagbucks is one of my favorite easy ways to earn online and is 100% legit. You can sign up here.

Amazon Gift Cards

Complete Offers with CashCrate

CashCrate is another fun and easy way to earn. With this site you can get paid to try new products and services, participate in research surveys, shop online and refer friends.

You can sign up with CashCrate here.

Become a Reviewer with Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is a company that pays reviewers to review music, clothing, commercials and more, all before they’re released to the public.

The pay you receive from Slice the Pie depends upon how detailed of a review you leave. You can also earn extra money by referring your friends. You can sign up here.

Help Your Kids Sharpen Their Earning Skills

Whether your kids are younger or older there are plenty of ways for them to earn.

By helping your kid start her own business or looking for easy ways to earn you’re helping to teach entrepreneurial and money management skills that can last a lifetime.

What ways have  you helped your kids earn money?

Ways for kids to make money. Ways for teens to make money.

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